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 Other Banjo-Related Topics: Clawhammer/Old-Time
 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Banjo Builder Interviews - My 60th Birthday Present.

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rudy - Posted - 10/25/2013:  05:30:32

Luke, as with everyone else in the series it was very nice to get to meet you after admiring your banjos from your website photos.  I've always liked the violin influences in your design work, and those sensibilities shine through in your banjo work.  The great thing about open back banjos is they aren't held to the strict parameters that somewhat limit the resonator banjo maker, so it is nice to see makers use the influences that they bring to the table in their designs, be that industrial design, beautiful and artful inlay work, or violin making skills.  It appears that your violin bench work has certainly influenced your banjo work, and that's a great thing in itself.

Really nice show!

frailin - Posted - 10/25/2013:  17:45:34

Productive day today!


Pulled a 12+ hour marathon today.  I'm happy to report that I've finished Wyatt Fawley's Show - the last of the 12 Banjo Bulders on Volume 4!  

Earlier, I put the final touches on John Bernunzio's conversation (an "extra" on this Volume) and George Gruhn's history lesson on Gruhn guitars (the second "extra" on Volume 4).  

George's talk was so detailed, I decided to leave most of it (versus edit).  Although it's long, I feel it's worthy.  Like John, George is an excellent story teller.  And the "show and tell" about his instrument collection is the real-deal, of course.  Here he's holding Uncle Dave Macon's banjo.  Note the original photos and artwork (cartoon) of Dave on the wall behind him.  Wow!!  big

I realize I'm biased (of course), but I find all of these programs incredibly entertaining!! smiley

The extras don't get posted on Vimeo, but if I can stay up another coupla hours, I'll have Wyatt's Show rendered.  I'll see if I can get it uploaded for pre-order viewing.  

Stay tuned.  

Edited by - frailin on 10/25/2013 17:53:35

frailin - Posted - 10/25/2013:  20:37:13

Wyatt Fawley's Interview is now at Vimeo


Fasten your seat belt!!




The one thing you can expect from Wyatt Fawley is the unexpected. This man is complex!  Most brilliant people are.  :)

Wyatt is a man of many, many interests... and boundless energy. But unlike most folks that can be a mile wide, Wyatt is anything but an inch deep. Quite the contrary. Wyatt is well versed in detail surrounding his favorite pastimes. As an artist, he moves quickly between them, not just to keep his momentum, but to keep his perspective fresh.

And his work? It's extraordinary. What Wyatt does, he not only does well... he does it as it should have been done in the first place.



richla - Posted - 10/26/2013:  06:32:04

Wow, great job. I find myself wishing I lived next to these guys. Craig, you are a talented guy to put this all together.

frailin - Posted - 10/26/2013:  11:32:34

Headin' into the home stretch...


There really isn't any part of this project that isn't fun.  approve

Now that editing is close to being finished, it's time to address audio sweetening - removing airplane noises, leaf blowers, roosters (if possible) - and assembling the DVD packaging.  So once again I'm reminded just how much of a hoot packaging can be.  Sure there's lots of detail, but just puttin' the Builder's pics all on one page reminds me the journey and gets me goosie all over again. I love these guys and this project!! big

Here's the front and back of Volume 4 of the Banjo Builder Series.  My creative, artist/packaging designer friend Eric Vevea does this magic for me.  Thanks Eric!


There may be some minor adjustments, but for the most part, this is it.  

On the inside (coming soon) will be the panel of text explaining the Banjo Builder Project and then the content of the specific volume.  Under the DVDs I like to put candid shots from the trip.  Got some good ones this time, too.  Several of the Banjo Hangout "show'd ups".  big


Edited by - frailin on 10/26/2013 11:41:08

Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 10/26/2013:  12:44:53


Just watched the Wyatt Fawley video.  I’ve always been drawn to his work, his artistry – especially the art decco-y stuff he does.

Many years ago, when I first started playing around with banjo repairs, I bid on an old open back banjo rim on eBay.  It was truly an old beater, and it was studded with about 80 shoes.  I’d never seen that much metal on a rim. 

After a few days, I see Wyatt Fawley’s name as the new lead bidder.  Recognized the eBay handle – this was when eBay was so much more interesting because you could see who was bidding on what – and sent him an email out of the blue asking if he’d be so kind as to tell me what drew him to the rim.  I knew what drew me; at the outset, it was just pocket change, but I wondered why one of the Banjo Builder Big Dogs might be throwing money at it..   

I didn’t know Wyatt from Adam.  He very graciously wrote back explaining he fished for parts and this was a good haul of shoes.  He offered me some tips on what to look for on eBay, and we began an email and telephone conversation about banjo stuff that lasted for some years now.  I count myself among his 950,000 closest friends (insert smiley face here). 

So it was nice to see this much about the man in electrons, enshrining his modest character, his great creativity and skill, and his devotion to getting it right. 

Again, thanks for your well orchestrated video interview.



frailin - Posted - 10/29/2013:  14:51:32

The Complete Banjo Builder Series


Ha.  I love this.  Eric Vevea my packaging pro put this together.  

Video editing is now complete.  All 14 Shows are finished.  I turned the files over to Sam, my sound tech today (for audio tweaking).  When he's finished, it's on to duplication.  big

Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 10/29/2013:  15:25:18

We ALL love your work.

frailin - Posted - 10/30/2013:  12:40:15

Project Next:  Autism 


Are there any banjo players at Whole Foods?  Seriously.  I'm looking for a contact inside Whole Foods, preferably someone in marketing that I could talk to about autism.  

Any referrals appreciated!  Write me here at BHO.  

Craig (frailin) Evans

C Nyal de Kaye - Posted - 10/30/2013:  17:15:34

This has been (IS) a great project Craig and I am grateful to you for doing it.

frailin - Posted - 11/09/2013:  12:07:06

100,000+ Views!


Whoa!  Musta passed through this milestone a few days ago.  Thanks, all... for your ongoing interest in these amazing folks (the Banjo Builders).  I'll have an update on the delivery status of Volume 4 shortly.  big

frailin - Posted - 11/12/2013:  10:05:20

Trailers... comin' up!


I'm now working on 3-4 minute trailers for each of the Banjo Builders on Volume 4.  They'll eventually reside here:

Once they're finished also I'll put links to each of them from this thread.  smiley

frailin - Posted - 11/13/2013:  11:57:04

Volume 4 Banjo Builder "Trailers!" 

Here's a sampling of each Banjo Builder's Show.  Enjoy!  



Patrick Heavner - Pisgah Banjo Company -​


So here are the young guys responsible for me coming back to film Banjo Builder Volume 4. The energy level in their shop is electric, not to mention the solar powered machinery. They've established Pisgah Banjos - a company based on quality, affordable instruments made of sustainable woods (and more).

It's a compelling story, hopefully one that will be around for a long, long time. Based on their ages (all pretty much 20-somethings), that could happen!



Jeff Delfield - Deep Creek Strings Banjo Company -


Jeff Delfield is a typical banjo builder... which means he's anything but a typical human being. Nothing like finding an English major librarian in the fold to redefine your boundaries for just who makes these incredible instruments. And like ever other builder in this series, Jeff's instruments are incredible.

Jeff is big into big design. Local banjo player and friend Frank Lee has played into what Jeff feels is best in a banjo, but that's only a part of his story.

This is good stuff. I hope Jeff keeps using his creative energies for a long, long time.



Jeff Kramer - Cloverlick Banjo Company -​


Jeff Kramer is deliberate and intense. His banjos are as powerful as his approach to life. And his soulful collaboration with Dwight Diller has resulted in the Cloverlick Banjo Company.

At first blush, one quickly recognizes Jeff is not satisfied with the "status quo" of banjo-making. So there are at least a dozen things he makes from scratch because he couldn't find anything to his liking. Jeff is practical and clever in his innovations... and his banjo's reflect his deep reverence for the instrument.

One more thing... Cloverlick banjos come with history and tradition built-in (you'll see).

Cloverlicks rock. 



Randy Cordle - Blue Stem Strings -​


For years, "Rudy" as he's known on Banjo Hangout (BHO), has been supplying banjo builders of all ages and abilities with sage advice and documentation on just how to go about building a proper 'jo. It was great to finally meet the man behind the mystique.

Randy Cordle is quiet, unassuming and quick with a smile. He's also an innovative engineer at heart. You can see his "problem solving" approach in just about everything he does. And this interview is a perfect example.

Thanks to BHO (and the WWW), Randy has probably positively affected more banjo building than any one else this century. Thanks Randy!



Glenn Carson -


Jeez this guy is exciting fun!

Talk about somebody that can "do it all"... Glenn Carson is at the top of the list for someone capable of doing all the hard stuff associated with a high-end banjo. And rather than just accomplish those tasks, Glenn is also most likely to have fun along the way. He's a bundle of creative energy.

Glenn has a keen eye and a remarkable hand. There's a reason most of the pro-level builders ask his for his specialties: Heel carving, metal engraving and inlay. But don't let his expertise in these difficult area stop you from asking Glenn to build a complete banjo from scratch. I know of few capable of making not only the mechanics work, but creating such a tasteful (heirloom) instrument.

And Glenn REALLY knows how to pick an office (you'll see).

You go Glenn! 



Mac Traynham -


Mac is a cabinet maker by trade. You might think he's just a quiet fellow, likes to go about his day in a private manner... then you notice the twinkle in his eye. That eye appreciates everything that's goin' on as well as every detail he chooses to address.

Mac sees his work in a very practical sense. With his background in wood working, he knows the ingredients to a successful instrument. What's remarkable is how his beautiful, simple designs can be so powerful! Being a ribbon-winning, natural musician also plays into the mix.

And then there's that lifestyle thing. Ask protege Greg Galbreath about it. Having learned banjo building skills from Mac, it's no surprise Greg's banjos are as great as they are, too.

Plus, who else can build most of the buildings on their respective farms.



Luke Mercier -


Take a gifted 18 year old artist/musician from a family of builders and woodworkers, teach him how to restore precious old instruments and then turn him on to traditional Americana music and what do you get? Luke Mercier!

Luke is a versatile change-agent. His work shows exploration/expansion based on history and the tenants of both violin and banjo making. He lives way up in Ontario... but oddly enough, he's found himself in the middle of a culture that deeply respects music and the instruments that make it.

We can expect great things from Luke for many years to come!



Ken LeVan -


Hands down, Ken wins the "farthest off the grid" award for Banjo Builders. "Hermit Thrush" is a glorious place... a wonderful, inspiring home to LeVan Banjos.

Ken is part designer, part mad scientist and full-time advocate for the instrument that has captured his heart. You sense his enthusiasm throughout every aspect of his work.

Oh, and Hugo the singing dog makes a cameo.



Dan Knowles -

Oh my this was fun.

If you've not yet met Dan Knowles, you're in for a treat. In addition to being a full-time Banjo Builder, Dan also makes his living as a banjo performer and teacher. As an artist, he's livin' the dream!

Dan is also a sensitive guy. It's not only one of his gifts, it plays into every aspect of his banjo life. Hearing him tell the story just confirms what a fine human being he is. But you'll figure that out within the first few minutes.

Dan is one more confirmation of what a unique group of individuals these north American Banjo Builders really are.



Noel Booth - Old Fiddle Road Banjo Works -​

What do you get when you cross a rocket scientist with a mathematician? A Banjo Builder of course! Oh! And he majored in German, to boot!

There's no predicting what uniqueness makes up the incredible species we know as Banjo Builders. The good news is, with as diverse as their backgrounds, their instruments are also destined to be originals. For instance, Noel Booth is making banjos out of crocks! It's based on his solid understanding of luthiery and the instrument. But there's no telling what this creative energy could end up designing.

Good banjo things come out of North Carolina. Noel is at the head of the pack. Oh, and don't miss how his creativity manifests in getting maximum use from the world's smallest banjo shop.



David Ball -


David Ball was on my radar as an incredible banjo performer years before it occurred to me that he actually made the amazing banjos he played. What a sound! I've now been to the mountain top and have seen how the "internal resonators" are made... and there are some surprises!

But the biggest surprise was David Ball the human being. HE is amazing.

David's Tennessee and old-time roots run very deep. He knows the instrument, its makers and innovators and the music genre as well as any one person I've ever known. Sure wish he lived closer. And his astonishing intellect and recall have amassed quite a reservoir of banjo-related knowledge (aka: trivia). I saved a bit of that as a surprise at the end of his Show.




Wyatt Fawley -


The one thing you can expect from Wyatt Fawley is the unexpected. This man is complex! Most brilliant people are. :)

Wyatt is a man of many, many interests... and boundless energy. But unlike most folks that can be a mile wide, Wyatt is anything but an inch deep. Quite the contrary. Wyatt is well versed in detail surrounding his favorite pastimes. As an artist, he moves quickly between them, not just to keep his momentum, but to keep his perspective fresh.

And his work? It's extraordinary. What Wyatt does, he not only does well... he does it as it should have been done in the first place.




Recognized for their artistry, craftsmanship and performance, these 12 Builders are among 38 included in the North American Banjo Builder Series. Filmed entirely on location by Craig Evans, there are four volumes in the DVD Series: Banjo Builders East of the Mississippi (Volume 1), Banjo Builders West of the Mississippi (Volume 2), Conversations with Banjo Historians (Volume 3) and More Conversations with North American Banjo Builders (Volume 4). Smithsonian Folkways has created the "Instrument Builder Collection" to permanently house the Series for posterity.

For more information or to order the Banjo Builder Series, go to:

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Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 11/13/2013:  14:42:36


Have we seen some of these photos on the bulletin board in our local post offices?

CW Spook - Posted - 11/13/2013:  16:45:09

Put my order in for Vol 4 today! Looking forward to adding it the others, and looking forward to replaying the Brooks Masten interview from Vol 2 when I get home from AR, as I just picked up a Brooks minstrel banjo today at JDMC. If you're ever back down visiting in the CR area give me a call and we can annoy John Fischer (BIL) with multiple banjos!!

pernicketylad - Posted - 11/14/2013:  16:12:01

Wow.....I can't wait to see the Glenn Carson episode. I've seen his work close up......a true master. A masterful player and composer of tunes too, on both banjo and fiddle.
I haven't even ordered Volume 3 yet so I'm looking forward to bingeing on them during the Christmas holidays Breaking Bad style!
I'd still love to see an episode on Smakula Fretted Instruments too. Be interesting to hear the repairman's take on things too...maybe a Volume 5?

frailin - Posted - 11/14/2013:  18:13:00

All 38 of the Banjo Builder Previews (3-4 minute trailers) in ONE PLACE!  


Ok.  If you just wanna graze through the Series or stop back in and revisit a favorite builder (to whet your BAS), here 'ye go!  They're even in ORDER (as they appear on the Volumes)!  Yee-ha.​

Oh.  I'm not responsible for any additional banjo purchases (but Christmas IS coming).  big




Edited by - frailin on 11/14/2013 18:19:17

frailin - Posted - 12/02/2013:  15:35:11

12/2/13 - Volume 4 Shipped!  


Yee-ha!  There's over 130 Volume 4 DVDs in here!  Europe, Canada and Japan, you're in here too.  There should be plenty of stocking stuffers in time for the big day now!  

And if you're missing a Volume (to complete the Series of 4), I've got extras on hand.  

Use the buy it now button at  - If you buy more than 1, I'll ship in one package and spot you back a couple bucks for freight charges.  

Merry Christmas everyone!!  smiley


Edited by - frailin on 12/02/2013 15:38:22

frailin - Posted - 12/03/2013:  10:57:54

Available at fine retailers!  


I love this!  Thank you Chris and Stan!


Winged Words - Posted - 12/03/2013:  13:22:25

A strange silence over banjoland.

Well I'll start the cheering -

3 cheers for Craig. Hip hip

C Nyal de Kaye - Posted - 12/03/2013:  14:58:20

I'll support that. Hooray!!!

Todd Treadway - Posted - 12/06/2013:  19:52:46

"Hooray!!"  from me, too! Just received Vol.4 a couple of days ago and am loving it!

BNJOMAKR - Posted - 12/07/2013:  04:29:56

I got mine a couple of days ago... actually I got two! Evidently, I had pre-ordered one

and had forgotten, and re-ordered another. One will be a Christmas gift! smiley

kwl - Posted - 12/07/2013:  08:56:45

Mine arrived yesterday. It's going to be a few days before I can find the time to sit down and start watching it.

R. Blakeslee Gilpin - Posted - 12/07/2013:  10:22:20

Looks great Craig - mine arrived two days back! I watched the extras (Gruhn and Bernunzio) because I'd already seen all the episodes as you finished 'em. Loved it as with the other volumes...Especially enjoyed John's story about the legendary Irving Berlin Tubaphone-Whyte Laydie, which wildly, John just listed again on his site. Check it out for some serious drool on the keyboard:

BNJOMAKR - Posted - 12/08/2013:  10:42:03

The same as the last three DVDs... GOOD JOB, CRAIG! I'm enjoying the interviews tremendously! yes yes

Winged Words - Posted - 12/12/2013:  09:10:11

Mine arrived in the UK today and am glad I held off from watching the previews. I can indulge now. Many thanks Craig and here's to vol 5 whatever it might be.

bricklifter1 - Posted - 12/12/2013:  10:10:58

just watched-----as good as the previous volumes

Bobby Branton - Posted - 12/14/2013:  19:35:00

Mine arrived very quickly. I really enjoyed the interviews. I only have the Historians to watch now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking on this project.

frailin - Posted - 12/29/2013:  15:11:36

House Concert Presentations of the Banjo Builder Series


Folks, I'm going to float a test balloon, here.  Would LOVE your feedback!  


I'm thinking about applying for a grant from the MN State Arts Board that would allow me to make 1-2 hour live presentations of the Banjo Builders Series to small, outlying communities here in the great state of MN.  I have to admit, I LOVE talking about these guys and feedback from the libraries where I've given a few presentations locally has been most encouraging (we've packed the joints).  smiley  

But as long as I'm visiting around the state, why not take the Banjo Builder talk national... if not international?  After all, why NOT share the pure joy these craftsmen emote as they're talking about their favorite art form?  But as you all know, there's so much more to the banjo story.  Consider:  In addition to the Builder's "follow your gifting/heart" messages that inspire and encourage other artists to follow their creative calling, there's the overall message of hope and joy that the banjo itself represents.  The history behind the instrument - as presented by Greg Adams, Laurent Dubois and others -  is incredibly compelling!  I'm also thinking of possibly adding in some of Jim Carrier's remarkable video about Dena Epstein (The Librarian and the Banjo).  What a wonderful evening's program!  Frankly, I'm  really jazzed by the idea!!  Ok, let's take it a step further. 

In traveling across the country filming the Banjo Builder Series, I LOVED meeting and being a part of the communities that have formed around the instrument (and OT music).  It also showed me that House Concerts are alive and well throughout the US!  What if the evening started off with a Banjo Builder Presentation and then became a concert or simply a community jam where we could all play and talk more about our favorite subject?  This really excites me!!  I'm hoping I'm not alone in this.  smiley


So... before I get any more lathered up about this idear, here's where I'd like your feedback.  Could you please take a moment and comment on the following questions?  


1 - Would a live presentation (by me) on the Banjo Builder's be a performance you'd be willing to attend (either for free or a small fee to cover some expenses)? 

2 - Would you find a House Concert setting of a Banjo Builder presentation followed by either a performance or a jam more compelling than an auditorium?  If so, would you be willing to participate in the concert or a jam afterwards?  

3 - Would you be willing to offer up your home as a venue for such an event?  If so, please let me know.  


That's it.  And as always, thank you so much for your thoughts on how to help spread the joy of this Series (sharing our love of the banjo and the people that build them).  You know I listen to you.  smiley



Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 12/29/2013:  15:41:23

Might be even more compelling if you were able to find some local instrument builders in the MN communities you visit and have them featured in some way at the gathering -- a "show and tell" for local builders of stringed instruments, for example, combined with the film showing, the jam and/or house concert.



northwoodspicker - Posted - 12/31/2013:  16:30:32

Just want to say that the painting of the Edmund Fitzgerald on page 46 is amazing- where did you find it?

maryzcox - Posted - 01/01/2014:  18:04:19


Originally posted by neillconnor

Excellent video, greet down to earth bloke like the majority of the other builders you've interviewed. Looking vat the picture of Mary Cox, I'm just wondering where her chainsaw is , as them boots look like tree climbing spur boots


Ordered those boots a few years ago from the Sundance catalog--they were shown as the perfect boot to wear while riding on the back of a vintage Indian motorcycle.  They are the most comfortable pair of boots that I own and are wearing quite well. When my husband saw them--he got this strange look in his eyes and the next day he rode home from work on a new Vulcan (the one with the reproduction look of the vintage Indian. )  We really don't ride the bike all that much these days--but the boots still look nice with jeans.  :)

Happy new year,

Mary Z Cox

ps. My daughter doesn't think my boots are all that wonderful--and she gave us chucks to wear instead :) she assures is that we are not very fashionable :)

Bob & Mary Z. Cox


rudy - Posted - 01/30/2014:  15:10:54

Any additional house concert series information or news?

frailin - Posted - 01/30/2014:  15:52:01

No new news, Rudy.  Will let it sit for a while. 

Thanks for askin'!


frailin - Posted - 02/14/2014:  11:08:37

Smithsonian Folkways acquisition of the Banjo Builder Series (an update)

Had a nice chat with the good folks at SF yesterday.  The contract is still in the works, just takes a (long) while.  Until then, you can still get copies from me.  

That is all.  smiley

Edited by - frailin on 02/14/2014 11:09:06

frailin - Posted - 03/29/2014:  08:26:16

Ok. It's semi official. Here's my announcement on project next:


frailin - Posted - 06/13/2014:  14:04:29


I've been copying and transferring files since January.  I'm happy to finally announce I have 6.5TB of Banjo Builder movies (on 5 hard drives), along with another 40 pounds of Banjo Builder records, CDs, notes, calendars, articles, release forms, correspondence and more securely packed into 4 boxes... all heading to Mr. Jeff Place (Archivist) at the Ralph Rinzler Folklife Heritage Center in Washington DC.  

Smithsonian Folkways, here they come!  Yee-ha!  

dbrooks - Posted - 06/13/2014:  14:51:46

Congratulations on closing the deal, Craig.  And congratulations to Smithsonian Folkways on having the wisdom to acquire such a fine collection.


rudy - Posted - 06/13/2014:  16:10:08

I just finished backing up 30 gig of hard drive today and thought I had really accomplished something.smiley

Way to go, Craig!

R. Blakeslee Gilpin - Posted - 06/13/2014:  17:11:49

Looks like a nice Enoch there Craig! What else you frailin' on these days? Congrats (on the Smithsonian)!

Will1717 - Posted - 06/13/2014:  21:30:42


Congratulations are definitely in order! What's in the plans for the coming 65th. landmark??  Your going to have to start now if you ever hope to come even close to outdoing the 60th! An amazing job!


Bill Rickard  yesyessmiley

olpete - Posted - 06/16/2014:  19:39:41

Congratulations Craig!

Dogfeathers - Posted - 06/17/2014:  08:02:57


It was a bit different in content, but Bill Evans had a series called "The Story of the Banjo" where he and an assistant, Jody Stecher was one, talked about the history of the banjo and gave demonstrations on about ten different banjos showing the evolution of the banjo from its African roots to modern times and all the different playing styles that accompanied each banjo. I have seen the show several times in house concert venues and in small halls and he packed them in at every show I have been to. I was about one third lecture, one third demonstration and one third concert and all great. He may have some feedback on your proposal.



rudy - Posted - 06/17/2014:  11:38:40


Originally posted by Dogfeathers


It was a bit different in content, but Bill Evans had a series called "The Story of the Banjo" where he and an assistant, Jody Stecher was one, talked about the history of the banjo and gave demonstrations on about ten different banjos showing the evolution of the banjo from its African roots to modern times and all the different playing styles that accompanied each banjo. I have seen the show several times in house concert venues and in small halls and he packed them in at every show I have been to. I was about one third lecture, one third demonstration and one third concert and all great. He may have some feedback on your proposal.


Bill's 15 minute "short version" of the video lecture is available at Fretboard Journal:


frailin - Posted - 09/18/2014:  13:41:25

I'm always delighted to learn of new builders!  When you folks send me info on someone doing great work, it makes my day.  Thanks for that!   big


Here are a couple names that have been sent to me over the last few months:

White Mountain Banjo -

Charles - Charles is formerly a family practitioner (20-some years), now a painter.  His website doesn't show any of his banjos, but you can see them here, at Gryphon Strings.  

Jay - Home of the Hornbeam Special

Lee Sproull - Couldn't find a website, but here's an old BHO thread with some great pics 

Frank - Frank is an enigma in American folk for many reasons.  He even has his own Wiki.  

And UK-based Flatfoot Johnny is comin' on strong with all sorts of interesting offerings -


I keep telling people, what a great time to be a banjo player!  big

Edited by - frailin on 09/18/2014 13:48:52

cmox - Posted - 09/21/2014:  20:34:27

Craig - I've got a Lee Sproull that I love. Connie

frailin - Posted - 01/13/2015:  07:30:15

Here's another fine builder that came to my attention this morning... Matthew Arcara.  His website shows amazing guitars, but his personal, player banjo - now for sale at the Music Emporium - tells another (compelling) story.  

Check out these sound files and this video with Lucas Poole playing.  Nice!  

PS - Lucas is on the list of interviewees for the "Conversations with Old-time Performers" Series. 



frailin - Posted - 05/24/2015:  18:01:03

Hi Folks.  I've got some exciting announcements coming up!  But first, if I could ask a favor...

I've prepared a VERY short survey looking for feedback on the Banjo Builder series.  This will help me in making future shows.  

If you've PURCHASED any of the Volumes, please give me your thoughts on the series.  Here's a link to the Survey Monkey Questionnaire.  It's easy.  :)

And as always, many thanks for your input!  




tiband - Posted - 05/24/2015:  18:43:18

Congratulations Greg,  Your work is and will be helpful for thousands of players and builders . 

Those moments are now part of the banjo history.


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