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 Other Banjo-Related Topics: Clawhammer/Old-Time
 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Banjo Builder Interviews - My 60th Birthday Present.

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J-Walk - Posted - 12/03/2012:  16:16:56

Am I the 1,00th reply?

Marc Nerenberg - Posted - 12/03/2012:  19:29:36

Originally posted by J-Walk

Am I the 1,00th reply?

My arithmetic says yes.

[I too am going to wait for the DVDs to watch. And then do so one episode per evening. That's how I watched the two earlier series, and really enjoyed doing it that way.]

rudy - Posted - 12/04/2012:  04:37:46


Originally posted by J-Walk

Am I the 1,00th reply?

 No, but you were the 1,000th!

frailin - Posted - 12/04/2012:  13:06:52

Gettin' Ready!


The packaging artwork is due today, programmed DVD masters this Thursday then dropped of at duplicators by 5P

Here's close to 100 envelopes, addressed and stamped... standing by.  big  

pjxndvm - Posted - 12/05/2012:  05:12:57

Ok...time to place the order...

frailin - Posted - 12/05/2012:  05:39:20

Final Artwork - Check!





frailin - Posted - 12/13/2012:  14:15:55

Christmas came early.  approve


They're here and...


All existing orders shipped TODAY!  Merry Christmas everyone!!  big


Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 12/13/2012:  14:31:22

Looks colorful enough to double as Christmas Tree decorations.

cmox - Posted - 12/13/2012:  17:38:36

Yippee! Hey on December 6th Taj did a solo concert in our town. What a thrill. His voice is strong as ever. Merry Christmas, everyone.


BNJOMAKR - Posted - 12/13/2012:  19:01:18

Yea! Thanks Craig. Now I know that there is a Santa Claus!

YorkshireWannabeOldTimer - Posted - 12/14/2012:  00:11:03

Bravo! That's great news: early January promises to be even more banjo-tastic. The 60th birthday gift that just keeps giving! cool

pjxndvm - Posted - 12/15/2012:  12:24:15

DVD's arrive....Oh My!

BackDraft307 - Posted - 12/15/2012:  17:32:13

That is totally AWESOME... Once again Craig serves every"ONE"  with a special gift....  Thanks Craig for all you have done...


Now I'm going out side to camp out at my mail box.... So I can be first in line for Monday.... cheeky


dougtape - Posted - 12/16/2012:  16:55:57

craig, you are THE MAN!!!! I was wishing for these a week and a half ago when I had the plague (err flu), but streamed two instead on my slow connection... now that I have a new daughter that likes to every few days become nocturnal after her feedings I can watch these on low to stay awake with her..... THANKS!!!!!


Pine Cone - Posted - 12/17/2012:  21:35:04

Got mine in the mail today.

Thank you, thank you thank you for volumes 1, 2 & now 3.

Who knew where this was headed when you first posted on March 17, 2011.  Such a long, strange trip it's been!

Thanks for giving us a chance to come along on the ride.

BNJOMAKR - Posted - 12/18/2012:  02:46:32

Got mine in the mail yesterday. 

My wife Said, "Why didn't you tell me you wanted that... I could have gotten it for you for Christmas!" I then explained to her that I paid

for it many months ago, and that It wasn' t due to be finished till next year, and that it came early. Sooo, thanks Craig for the early Christmas!


BrittDLD1 - Posted - 12/18/2012:  07:19:07

Got mine, yesterday, too!

Thanks, Craig! I've enjoyed ALL of the videos so far.

I do have a variety of comments, additions, corrections -- as well as some 'alternative views and theories' -- about certain items mentioned in the Historian Interviews, and the "Extras". But I'll save those for the "Banjo Historians Smack-Down*" Video Series. ;-)

Hope the Holidays are good to everyone! -- Best-- Ed Britt

* (Also known as "The Banjo Collectors Gathering".)

Edited by - BrittDLD1 on 12/18/2012 07:29:09

frailin - Posted - 12/18/2012:  10:47:09

Ha! I'm hoping the messages delivered by all these folks make for years of fun, lively, happy conversation. :)

Winged Words - Posted - 12/19/2012:  04:03:36

Vol 3 safely received here in the UK. Thanks Craig - but this isn't the end surely?
Best wishes.

emsechs - Posted - 12/20/2012:  07:29:33


thank you so much, the new set has just arrived in Germany! Just in time for the holiday season.

You do an amazing job.

All the best,


atleson - Posted - 12/20/2012:  07:34:06

thanks, Craig, for all your effort putting these three dvds together.  The process seems to have been enriching and great fun for you as well---good for you.  I plan to open and view them on those bad winter days.



Bastertone - Posted - 12/21/2012:  07:35:44

Plain brown envelope in the mail today "banjo porn" Thanks Craig!

neillconnor - Posted - 12/21/2012:  11:01:45

My adult material also arrived today, can't wait until the wife's in bed and I can view it discretly ......

Thanks again, what looked to be another boring Christmas will be a lot more entertaining now.

frailin - Posted - 12/21/2012:  11:56:38

Jeez!  You guys keep this up and my wife's gonna ask to see what I'm putting in those plain brown envelopes!   big

Ron Ortegel - Posted - 12/21/2012:  14:41:27


I can't say enough how much i enjoyed every bit of the series. It started out great and continued to amuse, entertain, inspire and educate me about the banjo.

Thanks you, thank you, thanks you for doing this. Your dedication to this project and thoughtful approach is truly amazing.

Honestly I keep trying to think of superlatives to describe it. It can only serve to feed everyone love and fascination with our favorite instrument.



Marc Nerenberg - Posted - 12/21/2012:  17:55:43

Both our kids now grown and both are out of the house for the first time this year.

And they have each already received their Christmas presents early from us for various reasons.

Given that it will only be the two of us, my wife and I agreed not to bother with giving each other gifts this year.

But now that this has arrived today, I really feel like I just got my Christmas present, (even though I ordered it myself).

Maybe I had better go and get something for my wife after all!

CW Spook - Posted - 12/27/2012:  18:11:51

Watching Disc 1 of Volume 1 with my wife tonight.  Fantastic job, Craig!  I know what we'll be doing for the next week.

frailin - Posted - 01/02/2013:  16:30:38

Banjo Builder Preview Channel


As usual... I'm having trouble letting go.  blush  Decided to throw in one last project (of deliverables) from the Banjo Builder Series... PREVIEWS!  

Over the last year, many of the Builders asked about the possible use of the Banjo Builder footage to help them deliver their stories (for those that haven't yet seen of or purchased the Banjo Builder Series).  I think that's a fine idear.  So over the course of the next month or so, I'll be preparing 2-3 minute highlight/teaser reels (from their shows) for their websites.  You can take a look at the first few I've toyed around with (Mark Platin, Bart Reiter and Doc Patrick Huff) HERE.  Or follow this link:

No password needed.  For you that have not yet experience these fine folks, this should whet your appetite some (or get you thinking about your next banjo).  big


frailin - Posted - 01/04/2013:  14:35:13

Greg Galbreath, Jason Burns and Bob Flesher 3+ minute Previews are now up:

Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 01/04/2013:  14:45:45

Nicely done.

Thanks for sharing.

So we've got the three DVD volumes, the teaser reels, and all the extras.

Now we can work on translating the interviews into a variety of foreign languages, doing the dubbing for overseas markets, etc.

Take care,




frailin - Posted - 01/07/2013:  10:27:21

Chuck Lee and Brooks Masten Previews added this morning:

Dang these guys are good!!

frailin - Posted - 01/08/2013:  11:29:23

Bill Rickard, Jason Mogi and Kevin Enoch PREVIEWS added today.  big

BNJOMAKR - Posted - 01/08/2013:  14:57:45

Makes me want to go back and watch my DVDs again!

frailin - Posted - 01/09/2013:  10:55:29

Marvin.  I can't tell you how much fun it is to revisit these conversations.  big

Here are two more PREVIEWS for today:  Will Fielding and Mike Ramsey.

frailin - Posted - 01/10/2013:  10:11:40

Jeff Menzies and Jim Hartel added this morning.

15 done, 11 to go.  

Shawn Hoover - Posted - 01/10/2013:  11:04:49

I just started another pass the other day. I'm not sure if it's my third or fourth time through smiley

frailin - Posted - 01/16/2013:  13:56:39

Four more added:  Bob Thornburg, Doug Unger, Greg Deering and John Bowlin.  These are so much fun to go through again.

Have fun Shawn!  smiley

Edited by - frailin on 01/16/2013 14:05:59

frailin - Posted - 01/16/2013:  17:58:01

I snuck Colin Vance in, too.  big

frailin - Posted - 01/17/2013:  17:20:42

And 3 more today:  Lo Gordon, Pete Ross and Chuck and Tanya Ogsbury.

Only 3 more to go.  smiley

frailin - Posted - 01/18/2013:  13:22:34

The last 3:  Jason and Pharis Romero, George Wunderlich and Kevin Fore are now posted.  Preview reel project complete:

Let the weekend begin!  big

pjxndvm - Posted - 01/18/2013:  13:59:51

Craig, I can only envy you, with all the footage you see that doesn't make it to final cut. Maybe someday you'll think about a director's cut!


Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 01/18/2013:  14:00:57

Or an "outtakes" reel. 

frailin - Posted - 01/18/2013:  14:08:42

Stop it...temptresses. :)

pjxndvm - Posted - 01/18/2013:  14:34:45

Ha Ha Ha....!!!!

frailin - Posted - 01/19/2013:  06:13:13

Trivia of the day:  Identify this highly-heralded banjo builder.   big

Delfield - Posted - 01/19/2013:  07:18:32


Originally posted by frailin

Trivia of the day:  Identify this highly-heralded banjo builder.   big

Bart Reiter?

frailin - Posted - 01/19/2013:  07:23:47

Dang!! Yer good! :)

the-fish - Posted - 01/21/2013:  11:42:04

man that used to be a healthy set of hair!

frailin - Posted - 02/14/2013:  08:47:40

Bye bye Banjo Builder Project.  Thanks for the fun ride!  

And thanks for coming along, folks.  smiley

BNJOMAKR - Posted - 02/14/2013:  12:21:23

Thanks for your hard work and dedication!

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