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Facing Facts (The Cold Hard Truth)

Posted by blamethebanjo on Sunday, March 16, 2008

I realize much of what I have written hasn't always directly been banjo related.The truth of the matter is this.I am not nearly as accomplished as I once was and my situation has made it nearly impossible for me to find myself in a jamming or gig playing position.You see, I am fairly new around these parts and even if I knew a thousand pickers just waiting to fire up a rousing rendition of Cripple Creek my health won't allow it.

These truths are self evident and sad but even harder to admit.Now I am not finished totally by any means at this point but I am in a position to come to terms with that often menacing worry wart called reality.I find myself having trouble convincing myself that I really need a banjo of the caliber of which I own.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my banjo with all my heart but I would be better served by stepping down a notch or two.I can't believe I wrote that out loud.I can see clearly the day in rural Kentucky the UPS truck rolled down my dusty driveway delivering the banjo that I had dreamed of for so long.I was excited beyond words! Yes, I bought it sight unseen.I talked to the good people at Morgan Music on the phone and had faith in their word.True to their word the banjo I took carefully out of the shipping box was everything I expected.

I will never forget when I opened the case and pulled off the silk cloth that was covering the Earl Scruggs Standard how it rang out loud and clear as if saying "Hello new friend! Here I am!" It was one of those moments when everything seems to slow down, surreal and foggy. A somebody pinch me type event.There are far to few of these in life.D-Tuners and all,it was my dream come true.I looked at the beautiful inlay, how the light danced around with every movement.The wonderful detail and the Mastertone block on the fret board.There was Earls' signature on the headstock.Yes it was real.

I was almost too shaken to play it the first time.But play it I did and then I would just sit and look at it.I would leave the room then hurry back to make sure it was really there.There it was.So many times came the temptation to part with it when finances became tight but my dear wife would always say no.Many of you here helped us through a terrible time by sending money so that I would be able to keep it.Not only keep the banjo but a roof over our head and something for our stomachs too.You don't forget those things.That was another Somebody pinch me event.In tears I thought "God,forgive me for doubting and thank you for your children."

I am at another plane now and will cast the bread upon the waters and trust God to guide me and not think me frivilous to concern Him with talk of banjos.Never the less,I believe He loves them too.I have spoken with a company in Indiana about the possibility of trading my Gibson for a Morgan Monroe Appalachia and some boot to help pay taxes.

The Morgan Monroe is such a beautiful instrument to me and would do well in taking the sting out of letting my banjo go. I love the way it looks.They sound good too.It is easily a better banjo than I need or deserve at this point.I also would like to see the Scruggs banjo thrill someone else.Someone who would take it places and show it to people.To play it for people and make them happy as it has me all these years.Wish me luck my friends and pray that I will be able to do what is needed.It is hard to accept the truth but something wonderful might just come our way in spite of what is on the horizon.

I think it would be thrilling to hold that Appalachia too.Maybe I have one more Pinch Me event left in me after all.

6 comments on “Facing Facts (The Cold Hard Truth)”

Dwain Says:
Sunday, March 16, 2008 @9:12:47 PM

The cold hard truth is your going to pick the Banjo right up to the day God calls you home. It mite as well be the Banjo you already love. Have a wonderful life Darrell.

kcjc69 Says:
Sunday, March 16, 2008 @9:16:29 PM

Keep the faith Darrell. I'm sending you a PM.

blamethebanjo Says:
Sunday, March 16, 2008 @9:32:10 PM

Dwain and Kc many thanks for the thoughtfulness.You have brightened my day.

rinemb Says:
Monday, March 17, 2008 @12:02:32 PM

Darrell,   you have mail.  Brad (RHB)

BryanWB Says:
Monday, March 17, 2008 @2:31:38 PM

Hi Darrell - Well, I'm 72 this year, and have had ups and downs too numberous to mention, but if you just have a word with God, then leave Him to it - He knows how to sort things out much better than us mortals  - and no matter how dark things seem, He always brings us through when we have faith - leave it to Him - he's a clever guy. (And I'm sure he loves banjos too). Maybe just a little prayer from me and other BHO guys and gals might help a bit too. Carry on being the nice guy you are - I've every confidence that things will turn out ok. Best wishes from the UK. Bryan.

blamethebanjo Says:
Monday, March 17, 2008 @3:31:43 PM

Thanks Bryan, your words are true and I will trust in God to work things out.He has never failed.I continue to give thanks for his forgivness and love and his children who listen to his voice.I am wealthy beyond words with the friends I have here.


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