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My Brother In Law and His Unfortunate Friend.

Posted by blamethebanjo on Friday, January 4, 2008

When I first met my wife Cathy.She lived with her mom and dad in Eureka Missouri.Also living there was her  younger brother.He was a funny kid always cutting up and joking around.My wife found his antics less than entertaining most of the time but I liked him from the start.He was only fourteen years old then and still had a lot of growing ahead of him.We became close immediately even though he was four years younger.He was a joy to be around. I like to think he looked up to me.I know he enjoyed my company as I did his.

Through these many years we have found ourselves living far from each other for most of our lives.I moved around a lot never staying anywhere very long while he moved from Missouri and has been in Indiana for over thirty years now.He is married to his high school sweetheart and they have two lovely daughters.The oldest recently married while the youngest is in school and at home.

They have a very nice home,nice cars and he has a huge pole barn made into a garage/party house.It also houses a big Harley motorcycle.His favorite toy.Several years ago the story made a turn and it saddens me to say it is all too true.You see,my brother in law has always needed to be needed by friends.A few have been loyal and some are hangers on there for the free beer and fun.Though older He still likes to be the comedian,the guy everyone likes but  they usually add some comment about his insanity.Half seriously.

One of the so called friends brought along a fellow party animal type one night promising a great time to my brother in law.Always ready to make a new friend this newcomer was invited in and at first he seemed to fit right in and actually made the party a hit!

The problem was the "friend" decided to stick around.Before long the rest of the family couldn't tolerate this moocher much more at all.It started slowly and before long large amounts of money went missing.Several hundred dollars would just disappear and he always seemed to be suspect.My brother in law acted out of character with this guy constantly insisting he party at the most inapropiate times.His daughters were becoming disgusted to see dad be taken advantage of so terribly.

Recently under unbelievable pressure his wife ask him why he had become a stranger to her and the kids.He stayed in his barn all night every night and all day when he could.Right there with him all the time was his friend.The wife finally ask the question that must have been on both their minds for some time.Do you want a divorce? Glancing at his new companion he made a feeble reply,yes,he said.Yes I do.Nearly thirty years of  being happily married about to end because of this hanger on he invited in just once.Now this guy had taken over and was about to destroy everything they both had worked so hard for.

He couldn't even get away by going to work because now the bum went right along with him.Everywhere.Every day.Soon supporting this undeserving jerk  was the most important thing in his life.It got so far out of hand that the FBI knocked on their door to ask questions.You probably wonder why he didn't just run this guy off. He is not able to.

You see this unfortunate friend who has ruined his life has a name.His name is Meth.From that first meeting Meth took control and has him down.So far down.I sit here in tears feeling helpless against this monster who is killing someone I love.

Please,if you read this and someone offers you something that will make you feel great,don't try it.Not one time.Your life is so much more important than this poisoness killer.You end up hurting everyone around you while killing yourself.This trash drug is home made poison.A mind killing deciever.All drugs are killers.Don't let a "friend" destroy you. I beg you,please don't do it.

8 comments on “My Brother In Law and His Unfortunate Friend.”

clawfootcurt Says:
Friday, January 4, 2008 @4:35:51 PM


Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law.  My brother has a monkey on his back also.  It's hard.  I hope it's O.K. if I pray for your family.

u k sandra Says:
Friday, January 4, 2008 @5:32:35 PM

Darrell, if only one person reads this and thinks twice, you`ve done a good job. I hope he gets help before its too late.

twayneking Says:
Friday, January 4, 2008 @8:55:26 PM

I lost a nephew to that kind of stuff.  He did meth, cocaine and marijuana, but the big hook in him was huffing paint.  It killed him.  They found him face down in a pond with paint stains around his mouth.  We identified him by his fingerprints from prison...  Wasn't much left of his face.

His mother isn't the same...

That stuff is a bad monkey

blamethebanjo Says:
Friday, January 4, 2008 @9:07:36 PM

Clawfoot,please do pray for him and his family.I know God can save him.

UK,Thanks for your support and friendship.I still love the Leroy Troy records.

Twayne, I pray my story ends differently and my heart goes out to all involved in the sad ending for your nephew.

dmiller Says:
Friday, January 4, 2008 @10:00:09 PM

Darrell -- I'll be praying for him too.  I don't know what else to say. Twayne and your stories remind me that this world needs prayer like never before.  Sad though it is --- thanks for sharing.

David (aka FiddlePicker -- at the Banjo Mafia site)

blamethebanjo Says:
Friday, January 4, 2008 @10:13:04 PM

Thanks Dave. It seems surreal that this is happening within my little close knit family group.It seems to be widespread.Most of his coworkers are on it including his management.It is totally out of control and scary.These otherwise normal people are throwing their lives away for this trash.It is so sad.

Shorty Says:
Tuesday, January 8, 2008 @5:32:50 PM

 Hey Darrell, I can't imagine why some People can get so overwhelmed with this kind of Stuff,  I can tell you that young Man will become a member of my Prayer list every day just as you are, you know I Love you Man and that seems the very least I can do, The Lord Can Change Him !

blamethebanjo Says:
Tuesday, January 8, 2008 @9:15:32 PM

I believe that Shorty.He sure needs God right now. Sadly it appears his family is falling apart because of this terrible killer.His wife of thirty years has had all she can take and is moving out.She fears for her and her daughters safety.It is a very sad situation and we feel helpless to do anything to help.We are praying for them.Thanks for doing so also my friend.

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