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Quickly Losing Faith in BHO Readers!

Posted by yellowdog on Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Thanks for checking this blog.  - Especially if you read my recent post under "Banjo Setup and Repair" which explains how to improve the volume and sound quality of your banjo with a simple paper business card and some Scotch Tape to stick it to the side of the banjo's prg head.  An simple explanation of why it works was included.

Not surprisingly, readers of the post were highly skeptical or thought that I was crazy, even though this is such an easy thing to prove at very little expense, even if one doesn't already have a business card and the type of tape required.  ( The tape is Scotch Brand High Gloss Transparent Tape which probably cost less than $3 at your local supermarket or hardware store).  The post was dated 29 Nov 2022 if you want to read it.

The post was based on a recent (largely accidental) discovery of mine, probably hundreds of experiments. my six patents related to musical sound, my BS from West Point and MS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California,  several years of teaching Mechanical Engineering to West Point Seniors, 26 years of experience as a professional solo tenor banjo entertainer and 73 years experience playing the tenor banjo,  (I'm 85).

My last post on Nov 39, 2022 was my final explanation and, as before, almost all comments were negative and absurd expressions of disbelief with very few questions.  It is no wonder why banjo players in general are portrayed as lacking common  sense.

I've decided not to waste my time posting  my future discoveries on BHO.

Frank Geiger (yellowdog).

8 comments on “Quickly Losing Faith in BHO Readers!”

NotABanjoYoda Says:
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 @3:00:24 PM


Your resume is why I gave you the benefit of the doubt. A link from an old article about one of your old amps also backs your experience. That link was just posted minutes ago by a bho member on your thread. I have found in any post made on bho, you just have to ignore 75% of the replies and some knowledge will be gained. Same as anywhere.

Texasbanjo Says:
Thursday, December 1, 2022 @4:42:23 AM

If you are going to be on the internet and on a forum, you'll have to get used to the naysayers. Some people only post to cause problems and provoke members.

Hopefully, you'll stick around the Hangout and just ignore those who troll.

yellowdog Says:
Thursday, December 1, 2022 @6:39:42 AM

Thanks for your encouragement and advice above, guys. I've cooled down now and your comments helped a lot.

I can certainly appreciate BHO readers being skeptical because surface acoustic waves (SAWS) can't be felt, (except for very low frequencies such as earthquakes and tsunamis), smelled, or heard. They are well known in hearing devices. A Georgia Tech Electrical Engineering Professor who uses them told me that as far as he knew I was the only one doing experiments with them on musical instruments and I don't doubt it. I feel like Louis Pasteur trying to explain the existance of germs!

NotABanjoYoda Says:
Thursday, December 1, 2022 @7:41:37 AM

Was this pprofessor Mark Richards? Hes exceptionally bright in the rf wave world.

yellowdog Says:
Thursday, December 1, 2022 @1:09:26 PM

No, NotABanjoYida, The Georgia Tech Professor was Professor William Hunt. He came over to my house with a student about four years ago as a result of my searching the GT faculty for somebody doing SAWS research, preferably in Mechanical Engineering., He seemed very knowledgeable about them from his work involving electromechanical hearing devices.

Georgia Tech had a Professor who played the violin, which would have been ideal since I was working on a violin device, but he was assigned to Georgia Tech's branch in France before I could make contact with him. I wish he was still here because I have had very good results with my latest SAWS violin device.which I'm writing a Provisional Patent for now. And am-going nuts trying to make drawings with Apple's new "Pages" software which is almost unusable! - Very frustrating ! Apple, without my permission, converted all my Old Pages drawings to their unusable new Pages drawings and also deleated Old Pages software from my Applications file! (I have to scan a jpeg file drawing and then add to it!)


NotABanjoYoda Says:
Thursday, December 1, 2022 @1:48:08 PM

I use solidworks...especially for patent work. Then you can simulate the device too. GT charges us 425 per hour per person. Feel special if they do anything for free!

banjoak Says:
Thursday, December 8, 2022 @10:35:22 AM

I went ahead and made some A/B tests as audio files for you... so you and others can blind evaluate the differences. Pretty easy to do. Feel free to link them.

yellowdog Says:
Friday, December 9, 2022 @8:46:28 AM

Thanks, Banjoak. I heard them yesterday and really did like the last one a lot. Very impressive!

I'm getting ready to try posting a photo (I'm a new iPhone user) of a small (1-1/4 inch diameter) octagon cardstock harmonic amp with a small steel rectangle timbre brightener taped to the side of my Gibson Tenor's peg head. The octagon gives much better sound quality than a rectangle because it causes more SAWS intersections, and the steel brightens them a lot. Now I need to learn how to use a new "Focusrite" digital interface so I can post a recording of it.
Thanks for all of your posts.

Frank Geiger

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