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Revolutionary Response to Corona

Posted by nechville on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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Music's Future from Tom Nechville’s compilation “the World Over”

During and after the Corona outbreak, Government and populations across the globe underwent drastic change. So here I sit in the future recounting the socially created phenomenon that helped save the world. It set us thinking about higher priorities and creative pursuits.

It wasn’t until Obama’s last year in office that the world economy began to re-boot under a more streamlined operating system. Advancing technology, free access to information and entertainment fostered a new cross-cultural participation in arts and music. People’s insatiable appetite for the latest personal smart devices not only stimulated the economy, but has incorporated time saving technology into most aspects of life, making it possible to work less, and play more. It wasn’t until the world economy shut down in 2020 that we started to realize that we can survive fairly well without work. But now however we were living in a world that had changed.

The financial rewards once known in the recorded music industry became ever-more scarce after free access to musical data became prevalent in this century. Since access to all kinds of music and music education is virtually free, more and more people have discovered the joy of becoming active musicians, despite any monetary motivation. Once the handheld revolution gave everyone high fidelity recording studios in their palm, normal profits from recording diminished, yet music creation, and the sharing of it abounded. Musical instruction exploded into the world’s first worldwide industry not based solely on the profit motive. The secondary effect, however, of this roots music boom was the proliferation of artisans to meet the blossoming demand for musical instruments and accessories, as well as the growth of infrastructure to support the travel and accommodation of musical events and gatherings.

New businesses emerged, based on the ever-growing power of the internet and the personal ways which we can interface with it. Many old school businesses have had to re-think how they do business. The music and entertainment industry has grown exponentially as people are discovering their latent talents and were finally able hone their artistic skills during the mandated increase in leisure time during the epidemic. 

After all travel bans were lifted across the globe, government’s heavy-handed control on the airlines nearly caused the shutdown of the Airline industry. The public finally got fed up with inefficient terror and virus protocols.  For international leisure travel, people began taking ocean cruise ships because they can play music or partake in their passion of choice while enjoying comfort and friendship without being stuffed in a flying sardine can.

The economies of Greece and Italy have risen through bolstering of its tourist industry. Owing largely to their ideal Mediterranean climate and picturesque seascapes, they have built a music festival empire where once the economy was in ruins.  Participants in the Mediterranean’s coastal mega fests are setting fashion trends with fine Grecian made festival attire. Musicians and tourists arrive all year long on board their burgeoning fleet of ocean going cruise ships. 

How it came to be that the world opened up again to travel was in large part due to the creativity of artists in our world. They were the first to advocate “Fly at Your Own Risk” airlines. Ironically the social distance we once kept has created bridges of understanding and sharing among peoples without regard to geographic limitation. Music enthusiasts, as well as hobbyists of all kinds have expanded their networks internationally. These connections have enabled the small businesses and artists of the world to be able to compete and cooperate on a worldwide scale, so that by the time trade and travel restrictions were lifted, the economy snapped back in exponential proportions.

As the international free flow of data, products, services and travelers is so essential to the new world economy, I try not to take any of our freedoms for granted.  It is imperative that we often remind our senators and congress people of the need to keep this flow alive. For every right initiative it seems that there is an alternate view brewing in the mind of some ambitious candidate who thinks they can run against the freedoms that have coalesced since martial law once had us confined. In every story there is a bad guy. The enemy of the future is our lack of forethought and imagination today.  Tom Nechville 2020



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