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I had an awesome lesson Wednesday, 2nd of January 2019

Posted by Boadicea on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Thanks for the welcome back to all the folks! @Judith511 @hoodoo @AndyW @pickn5 @dbrooks and @WayneConrad! It is great to be back and I really missed you all! @Judith511 @hoodoo @AndyW @pickn5 @dbrooks and @WayneConrad
So we did:
F shaped G, C and D chords
D shaped G, D and C chords (both at the top and the bottom of the fret board)
A shaped G, D and C chords
I had a great lesson yesterday. My banjo teacher's knowledge sometimes blows me away. I asked a question about the F shaped G, C and D chords, and it went into a lesson where I was not only doing the F shaped G and C, and D chords but also the D shaped G, D and C chords both at the top and the bottom of the fret, as well as the A shaped G, D and C chords. So I had to do those, and then a little bit of jamming with them as well. So it was great. I learnt so much, and at one point thought that my brain might explode. My concentration within my lessons is improving so that is good. I am able to take more information in at times. So that is an improvement.
So the D shaped G could go to the D shaped C at the 12th fret and the D shaped D and then two frets lower, or it could go from the D shaped G (between/on the 7th - 9th fret) to the C chord (which is trickly really a D shaped cord but the nut at the top takes the place of the first finger) then to a D shaped D (from the second to the forth fret) I am guessing you will all know what I mean. That is the way I am explaining it for now.
Then we worked on a couple of bars GroundHog - with some jamming and playing along. I am still nervous of doing this, and feel really unco-ordinated but really I just have to go for it! So my teacher is pushing me along and I am getting there a bit more. I was resistant to doing the jamming and playing along because I thought I would need to be a much better banjo player to do that, but the thing is that you have to just do it to become a much better player as @WayneConrad said to me in my previous blog post. So I propose to be braver and sit more with those uncomfortable feelings this year! Goddamn it I am not fond of those uncomfortable feelings. ***shakes fist in half hearted comical fashion***
He is testing my memory more and said play Cripple Creek and then pointed out how the D shaped D is actually in Groundhog in the second part of the first bar so if I look up and see the D it gives me a clue on not only how I would play a backing track but also how the chords are part of the melody that I am playing. (Yes I need to do a lot of backing track practice!) But as he points things out to me it is really useful in how to see things. I am so lucky to have such a great banjo teacher.
He has pushed me to not be so dependent on tablature. I thought looking at the tab was a way of guarding against mistakes, but you actually have to look at other people when you are playing so you can keep in time and also enjoy playing with them. So you have to be physically present in your body and in the room that you are playing! Such radical ideas! So I was using the tab as a bit of a security blanket for awhile and my banjo teacher is well and truly over that, and he just says don't look at it, just go back to the basics in "Cripple Creek" or something else, so he is pushing me off that one. I resisted for quite a while, and really should receive medal for my diligence in this arena(winks cheekly and ironically). I just have to get over my insecurity around not playing looking at tab, and get it off the page in onto the banjo straight away as I have recently read @AndyW and others talking about. I have to let go of that anxiety over getting it wrong, get it wrong, learn from it, and keep on going. I had the cart before the horse, thinking I could learn it perfectly then learn how to play with others. You have to make the mistakes to learn how to learn with others.
It is time to step up my playing like @AndyW is and really move along a fair bit more.
It is an hour lesson but I was there for two hours, and my banjo teacher laughed said it was time to pack up and go home. We did go to finish the lesson a few times but then he would explain something more to me. I have to bake him something or get him another present. He is allergic to a lot of foods so I have to be careful, but he can eat pumpkin scones. I did make them for him once. I need to get him perhaps a banjo book. I did buy one for him, but I can't remember which one it was now. Anyway something to think on. 
It is really hot and sweaty in Australia, we recently had a storm and we were without power for 4 days. That hasn't happened to us before. The climate is really weird here, so much so the chicks are dying because they are being born before the right plants have seeded. It is a worry. 
Anyway "Keep Calm and Banjo on Folks!"

3 comments on “I had an awesome lesson Wednesday, 2nd of January 2019”

SR65 Says:
Thursday, January 3, 2019 @10:56:50 AM

Hi @Boadicea! I really enjoyed reading your description of the banjo lessons! Great fun to learn new concepts and ideas for the instrument. good luck in the new year!!

AndyW Says:
Friday, January 4, 2019 @1:21:30 AM

It's great that you are back and are clearly enjoying your banjo.

Judith511 Says:
Friday, January 4, 2019 @8:35:25 PM

Sounds like a super lesson! You are lucky to have found a great teacher! Enjoy :)

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