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Caleb Meyer - Gillian Welch & David Rawlings & Practising Saturday 2.12.17

Posted by Boadicea on Friday, December 1, 2017

Caleb Meyer - Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

This is such awesome song writing, and the ways in which the song echos various hymns and prayers is such powerful intertextuality, and so very clever. Stunning stuff - exquisite lyrics.

This is stunning as well. Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings - The way it will be (Live @ Jills veranda)‌ 

I had another great lesson this week.

My banjo teacher gave me a heap of homework that is really hard for me to do, but hey I will do it. I never thought I would ever go anywhere near actually learning to improvising or any of the crazy arsed ideas that he floated at the beginning like going to jams or performing with others, so I just have to go with what he says and trust what he says I will be able to do, I will be able to do it. I don't think he gets how much I don't know sometimes, but then he just nails it with differentiation and a nuanced approach to assist me get around a particular problem or issue. He keeps bringing up singing so I guess I will do that as well, because whilst I resist it now, he seems to push through whatever I resist anyway but in a really constructive and supportive way. He challenges me on multiple levels. It is great. But sometimes my brain is very tired at the end of my lesson, like my brain needs to go out and get some fresh air and have a period of rest time!

I was thinking the other day I could write a book "The Wisdom of Steve" LOL!

So teacher in me is fascinated by his teaching strategies, and he has deep knowledge. I made one quick aside comment at the beginning of a lesson, and he did a whole lesson on just that thing. I was blown away. That type of experience happens on some level at each lesson. I wish I could go twice a week, but I don't know if I could take in that information. I mean I guess I could if I wasn't doing so many other things. And in 2018 I won't be doing all the things that I did in 2017, I have already put the breaks on, and I am giving people notice I won't be around to do what I have been doing. And my banjo teacher's touch is to push you but also support you at the same time. I can take that into the classroom with me.

The funny thing about growing up not being aloud to say the truth or speak up, it means so much goes underground, and my musical journey with my banjo means so much is shifting inside of me. It is really interesting. I am growing as a person.

It was four weeks since L committed suicide, and I rang to check in with a few people, not surprisingly they are not doing well, and I decided I will write a forthright letter to the CEO and state exactly what I think, and how poorly the support has been given, and how they have not only a duty of care, but an ethical obligation to take care of their people properly. Head office hasn't made one follow up phone since the farce of the memorial. I kept my mouth shut because there were too many vulnerable people there, that day, and that was the right thing to do. But I will have my say, and it will mean I won't get any contract work next year, and that is just fine by me, because if I don't call it, then no one else will, and it will just happen again. Even if I have my say it may happen again, but you know I am a citizen of a democracy, and not a consumer in a market place, and there is a lot in the world I can't do much about, but I can make an impact on this one. I cornered the CEO who gave me the usual pap about EPA being so great and all the staff are being wonderfully supported, well just minutes before I had been talking to the head of HR who almost started crying because the EPA had been appalling, and hadn't followed any of the given instructions. I said the HR person to jump ship and not go down the drain hole, and their spouse had said exactly the same thing a few days previously. I just wish she had talked to me, talked to anyone, I know in head she was feeling that there was no way out, no options, only one way to stop the pain, her brain was lying to her, and I wish I could have got her to talk to me. We just have to start talking about suicide more, because if we don't we lose people. Anyway I listen to the strength in the lyrics of the songs I am listening to and I draw from that, and it helps. 

So I started practising this morning with doing a 12 minute guided audio of The Alexander Technique. Then I did some jamming, some noodling, and went through my pieces, it was great. I got some good practising. I do need to be careful not to be online reading and writing about banjo playing than actually playing but I have learnt a lot which is helping my playing.



3 comments on “Caleb Meyer - Gillian Welch & David Rawlings & Practising Saturday 2.12.17”

Northl Says:
Saturday, December 2, 2017 @4:57:12 AM

This is such a deep post on so many levels that I am not sure what to say. Do you trust the direction your teacher is pushing on you when you day you resist? Does his teaching match your learning style? What does he say about all of your pain while practicing?

WayneConrad Says:
Saturday, December 2, 2017 @6:29:25 AM

Your experience with your instructor reminds me of mine, and about something I learned about how to take a lesson. I don't know if this is helpful to you or not:

My lessons sometimes feel overwhelming now, but they were very overwhelming when I started taking them. Once I got the confidence to tell my teacher to slow down, that helped a lot. I often feel inadequate when the lesson goes faster than I can keep up, but when I admit I'm not getting it, things go better. A bit of feeling overwhelmed is good for me. I take lessons in order to be pushed, so if my instructor doesn't sometimes leave my head spinning a little, he's not doing the job I'm paying him for. But he needs feedback from me in order to be able to pace the lesson, so I have to let him know when he's leaving me completely in the dust.

Boadicea Says:
Saturday, December 2, 2017 @12:06:02 PM

Yes my teacher is awesome Northl. He is very kind, as well as very talented as a teacher. He definitely is able to match me in my learning style. My physical pain is an ongoing issue for me, and now I am learning how to be with my body in a different way, which will result in less pain in the long run. It sometimes takes a long time to get on top of these things. Not only is he a good teacher for me musically wise and banjo wise, he is also inspiring for me on a personal level, and also on a professional level, as I retrained as a teacher last year.

I do trust the direction that my banjo teacher is teaching me and pushing me. Even if I didn't end up focussing on Scruggs style, and switch to Clawhammer style it would be worth having him as teacher because I learn so much about music from him, as well as about banjo playing, and his techniques for getting you to learn or explore are so nuanced and refined. My lessons are challenging for me in a really good way @Northl.

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