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Improperly strung up banjo

Posted by NJKatwoman on Monday, September 21, 2015

Hi gang.  I recently purchased a nice Morgan Monroe five string banjo, but as any new banjo off the rack, it needed a proper setup.  I also purchased two "D" tuners off of Ebay to be installed.  I took it to a local music store, and the fella who did the work is a talented musician, and plays the fiddle, five string, and the mandolin, and gives lessons.  I thought my banjo would be in good hands, and I'm pretty perturbed that the tuners seem to be improperly installed, and the banjo isn't strung up right.  I live in King, NC.  

I know of some players who have the B string tuned in the opposite direction, meaning that when you turn the peg towards you, (counter clockwise) the note goes up as opposed to down.  I don't personally care for it that way, and the last time I got a banjo back from this feller, he had the B string backwards.  Now, I get the banjo back, and the D and the G strings are backwards.  Arrgh!!

I paid him $75.00 for this work, and I get my banjo back all fubared, and the brand new set of phosphor bronze medium strings that were in the case have disappeared also.  

 Originally, I'm from NJ, and I moved down here 6 years ago.  Is it possible that this gent (who I have always thought very highly of) hates Yanks?  Or is it possible that he is just that inept?

I am in need of a good banjo setup person.  I'll bring my banjo back to his shop today, and hope that he will do the right thing by me, but if not, does anyone have any suggestions for a good setup person in the Winston-Salem area of NC?  I drive a truck all week, and only usually get home on Sunday, I'm off Monday, then back out on the road.


I would welcome any suggestions, thank you!




3 comments on “Improperly strung up banjo”

a g cole Says:
Monday, September 21, 2015 @8:54:16 AM

Yes! John Boulding, in the Mt. Airy area. He is a long-tine BHO member who enjoys an excellent reputation for his teaching and set-up skills, as well as his playing and luthier work. By the way, I believe the fact some of your strings are placed on backwards should not greatly affect the sound, but is a little aggravating. I believe that even most novice banjo players know the tuners should be turned toward the outside when installling strings. Please contact John; you'll be glad you did.

a g cole Says:
Monday, September 21, 2015 @10:21:26 AM

Christy, I also believe you were overcharged for the job. I have installed and reinstalld D-tuners. It wasn't that difficult. My failing eyesight now makes restringing slower. However, I bleive I could have installed your D-tuners AND restrung your banjo in less than an hour. I would probably have charged you nothing. I can understand the guy charging something, but it seems his charges were above what the work justified--doubly so since he wound some strings in the wrong direction.

NJKatwoman Says:
Monday, September 21, 2015 @12:45:58 PM

I will absolutely look up John Boulding!! I'm not far from Mt. Airy at all! Thank you, a g cole, for your responses. I did go back and see this fella today. He's really so nice, that I can't be mad at him. But I'm really not happy with the way it's strung. I will google John and see if I can't find him and contact him in some way. Thank you, again! :D

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