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Solo Clawhammer Classics, Episode 4: "Fortune"

Posted by Josh Turknett on Thursday, April 9, 2015

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Clawhammer Core Repertoire Series

Season 2 - Solo Clawhammer Classics

Episode 4: "Fortune"

by Josh Turknett,


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As I mentioned in the introduction to season two of the Clawhammer Core Repertoire Series, this season is all about classic solo clawhammer tunes. Not surprisingly, many of these classics also happen to be my personal favorites. 

And "Fortune" is no exception. 

In fact, it just might be my "desert island tune." In other words, if I were forced to play one tune for the rest of my days, it just might be this one. And it's one that once I get started playing, I find a hard time stopping. My wife can verify this.  

I hope you have the same experience. 


Step 1:  Know thy Melody


According to the cardinal rule of tune learning, we must first ensure that said learning is irrevocably imprinted into our sonical memories before proceeding with the business of playing it.

So, first take a listen to my final arrangement played in the video above. After that, take a listen to the version on fiddle linked below by Tommy Jarrell. Fortune is one of those iconic tunes from the Round Peak tradition, so who better to listen to for inspiration than Mr. Round Peak himself. 

Fortune by Tommy.mp3


Step 2:  Find the Melody Notes


After you've listened enough times for sonical imprintation, now it's time to find those melody notes on the banjo.


Fortune is traditionally played in the key of D, so get thy banjo to double D tuning, aka aDADE, and then see if you can find the essence of this tune on your banjo. We're just looking for the basic notes right now, so hold the bum ditties for later.


Here's what I hear as the basic core melody of Fortune:  Finding Fortune.mp3


And here's how that looks in tab:



Step 3 - Add Some Clawhammery Stuff 

Now, full clawhammerization may commence. Let's take that basic melody above, add in a "ditty" stroke after our basic melody notes, throw in a few syncopated embellishments with the odd pull off and hammer on, and we get something that sounds like this:  


Clawing for Fortune.mp3


Nothing too fancy here, but it sounds mighty fine already. Here's what that version looks like in tab:




Step 4: Embellish to Taste


At this point, see what else you can do with this tune. Play it whatever way suits your ears best. In my version from the video, I've added a few more fretting hand embellishments, as well as the occasional drop thumb. Notice also that I like to move the melody lower in measure 14 for a little change of pace.



Notes on the tab: Drop thumbs are noted with a "T" underneath the tab. Notes with a shaded box around them are "skip" notes, in which you move as if you are going to strike the string with your picking finger, but don't actually do so (i.e. you "skip" over the note).


Also, feel free to sing a verse or two. There are several floating around in the old timeyverse, including those I sing in the video.



About the Author

Dr. Josh Turknett is the creator of the Brainjo Method, the first music teaching system to incorporate the science of learning and neuroplasticity and specifically target the adult learner (more at


5 comments on “Solo Clawhammer Classics, Episode 4: "Fortune"”

ironhead Says:
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 @6:42:27 PM

Super job as usual Josh! That tune sticks in my head. I'm going to get to work on it! Thanks!!!

George Wills Says:
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 @6:56:42 PM

I'm privileged to have access to your sound and to your systematic method. I love Round Peak style and have been working through Brad Leftwitch's book. I am happy to find out whether or not Fortune could be my desert island tune as well. My wife is amazingly tolerant in spite of my learning processes and I look forward to adding your methods to my sources. I'm 72 and have been learning for six years.
George in Melbourne, Australia

guitarpapajo Says:
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 @11:38:51 PM

Great!!!Thanks a lot

arkred Says:
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 @7:17:05 AM

Nice. Is that a Deering/Vega you're playing or a Reiter? Nice sound.

zevio Says:
Thursday, April 16, 2015 @12:34:33 AM

Josh...Once again played sung and taught with great flare and drive.. love the opening scene too. you don't need to be rescued. Keep them coming. thanks ..

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