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BAS attack

Posted by ruraltradpunk on Sunday, August 5, 2007

What, me obsessed? So in my spare time I find myself trying to figure out how to get money together so I can get a second banjo. I'm pretty sure I should be able to do it by the end of the year at the latest. Of course the sensible side of me tells me to hold off and wait. I'm halfway through a degree course in Animal Behaviour, and once it's finished there's a high likelihood that I'll end up back in the States, as careerwise I just have more options over there. And of course when I'm once again Stateside, I can indulge myself in vintage tenor banjos to my heart's content! See, I have to keep chanting that to myself or otherwise I'll do something rash like put my mandolin up for sale! Downloaded the Angelina Carberry & Martin Quinn CD the other night. DAMN! I forgot that only having crappy dial up internet access would make this an ordeal! In the space of 2 hours I got about half of the CD downloaded and then got disconnected. I was too tired at this stage (2am) to get real mad about it, as it least it meant I could finally go to sleep! Finally managed to download the rest of it the following day (another 2 hour stint mind you...) I really like it, particularly The Green Groves of Erin/Burnes and Col. McBain/Roll Out The Barrel. The sound of her banjo is quite similar to my lovely Stromberg. Maybe it's the short scale/open back/clear head thing. Finally getting a decent case for the Stromberg this week, as the one it came with is so knackered, it's like not having a case at all. Saw a lovely case for an open back tenor online from a shop in Tennessee, but by the time you account for shipping and any customs charges on this side then it ends up being pretty pricey, so it looks like I'm just going the route of getting a tenor case and having to make foam inserts to make it snug fitting. One last random thought - for some reason my dogs HATE the mandolin, but don't mind the banjo as much. They're still not chuffed about it mind, but it doesn't have the same instant "run for cover" effect that the mandolin has. I had an old Staffordshire Terrier for years who was very musical, arrived home once to find him crashed out asleep on the couch, flanked by my two roommates, one of whom was playing the accordion and the other a guitar. He was a great old dog - used to go on tour with my punk band, his favourite thing in the world was to pile into the van with us. Speaking of dogs, gotta go feed mine! More rambling later...

1 comment on “BAS attack”

stanger Says:
Monday, August 6, 2007 @1:13:01 PM

Hi, Jill... BAS hits almost all of us sooner or later. The thing about it is that most often, it fades fast if you don't go with the impulse. You have an especially sweet banjo right now, and it's a rare one. Play as much as you can and get as deep into it as you are able. The BAS will fade as you connect with the banjo's capabilities.

I think dogs don't like the mando because the double strings are often slightly out of tune to each other. Dogs are sensitive to this.

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