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Banjo as Pettiness

Posted by Joanchek on Saturday, July 21, 2007

Two stories.

I administer a small (150 member) message board for my trivia forum.  We have game info, a discussion section, and a half-dozen or so ongoing text games there.  It's a tiny cubby on the Internet.  And today, some idiot hacked it.  Instead of the usual interface, all we saw ways "HaCkeD    by    [Dex]."   Well, thanks, Dex.  I lost a couple of hours and 24 hour's worth of posts to your salute to yourself and your uberness.  I'm impressed.  You posted your  name on a message board that almost nobody visits, that is of no import to anyone but its own members.  You wasted my time, my family's time and the time of the support folks I needed to talk to to get the board back up and running.  Yay Dex.

I have a friend who went to his local bookstore tonight to pick up his copy of the last Harry Potter novel.  He had his voucher in hand:   "Your Ticket On the Hogwarts Express!"  He waited in the parking lot for a bit to let the pickup line wind down, and as he was leaving the store, book in hand, 4 high-school aged kids in an SUV drove by yelling spoilers to the crowd.  My guess is that they have no idea what really happens in the book--kids who pull those sort of stunts aren't generally readers.  My friend was very, very angry.  I don't blame him.  We salute you, kids in the SUV.  You've made your mark on a couple hundred people who have anticipated a happy reading experience for 10 years now.  You are powerful and important.  You can drive around dashing hopes of little kids and Potterfans.  Yay Kids in the SUV.

What's the point?  Why bother?  If you want to make your mark, if you need to be remembered, do something that's worth your time.  And mine.  Create something.  Plant something.  LEARN something.  Build your own message board.  Read your own book.  Keep your mischief out of my neighborhood.  Which is, ultimately, your own neighborhood.  Even a dog doesn't crap in his own backyard.



2 comments on “Banjo as Pettiness”

stanger Says:
Saturday, July 21, 2007 @6:37:58 AM

I agree, Joan. But some folks simply don't have the ability to be constructive, and they tend to run in packs. Those spoilers were just the same as a pack of vandals. Most people build, some destroy- we all have both in us.

Joanchek Says:
Saturday, July 21, 2007 @11:26:04 AM

If somebody can't be constructive, why can't they just choose to do NOTHING?  That's what I don't get.  Idiots.

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