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Gorilla Snot vs. Sticky Picks

Posted by Texasbanjo on Monday, March 17, 2014


Gorilla Snot is a non-gooey, naturally refined tree rosin. It reacts with your body's natural chemistry and heat output to retain a steady grip on flatpicks or finger or thumb picks.

When you've finished practicing or picking, separate your fingers for twenty or thirty seconds and it dissolves. It cannot stain instruments or clothing because it is entirely permeable to open air and dissipates completely.

I remember years ago hearing about Gorilla Snot and one of my pickin' buddies saying, "Here, try it", so I did. All I remembered about it was that it was sticky. I was so glad I was chosen to review this product, as now I could actually try it out and see if it was as I remembered.

The first time I tried it out, I picked up my guitar, opened the bottle and dabbed my index finger in it and got a pretty good bit of the Gorilla Snot. In fact, I got way too much! I ended up having to wipe part of it off. If you're going to use this product, you only need a tiny touch of the stuff on your index finger and then wipe your index and thumb together to get both sticky. Then hold your pick as usual. You'll find that it's very sticky and stays that way for at least an hour (maybe longer, but that's as long as I practiced with it at any one time.) I found that I had a lot more confidence in my picking, knowing that my pick wasn't going to slip and slide or I wasn't going to lose it.

I next tried it on my mandolin and found it worked just as good as on the guitar. Same scenario: use as little as possible on a finger and then swipe the index and thumb together. It works well also on my autoharp.

I also tried it on my banjo and the thumbpick and fingerpicks were solid whether I played slow waltzes or breakdowns. That felt great to me, as I've had my thumbpick slip and nearly come off while picking fast songs. It is a little more difficult to put on thumb and fingerpicks as you have to dip your finger into it and then rub it on the inside of your picks and then your finger is sticky for a few moments.

After I finished my practice sessions and put the picks and instrument down, I found that the stickiness went away fairly fast. I had wondered if I was going to have to go wash my hands every time I used Gorilla Snot and found that wasn't necessary. There was some residual stickiness on the picks, but that, too, went away.


Do you have a hard time keeping fingerpicks and thumbpick on your fingers? You need Sticky-Picks! Sticky-Picks is an all-natural solution that when dabbed on your fingertips prior to putting them on, your picks will stay secure on your fingers. The solution will evaporate when you remove your picks and leave no residue. Works with all brands and materials of picks and great for flatpickers as well!

I tried this product first with my banjo. You dab a bit of the product on your thumb, index and middle fingers and then put on your picks and wait about a few seconds or so for it to dry before you pick. This product was great! I really liked the feeling that my picks were securely "attached" to my fingers and didn't slip and slide around. I also found you could take the picks off for a few minutes (in my case, I was looking for the words to a song and had to remove the picks) and then, although there was no stickiness to be felt on the fingers, you could lick or wet your fingers and the stickiness would come back and you could again pick with assurance your picks wouldn't come off.

I took the Sticky Picks to our monthly jam and put it on at about 1:00 and picked until 2:30. We took a break and when we came back, I wet my fingers and put the picks back on and they stayed on until we left at 4:30. I felt very confident that my picks weren’t going to slip and slide or ping off into space (I’ve had that happen).

I next tried it on my mandolin and it worked as good on a flatpick as it did on fingerpicks and a thumbpick. I also tried it on my guitar and it felt comfortable picking and I wasn’t worried about losing the pick. I tried it on my autoharp and it also worked well on that instrument, too.

I tried both products for a month and both products worked as advertised.

I prefer the Sticky Picks for the banjo because it is so easy to use. The bottle has a sponge-type opening that you just dab on your fingertips - no mess, no fuss, can’t get too much of it, and then put your fingerpicks and thumbpick on and you’re set to practice, jam or go on stage.

I prefer the Gorilla Snot for flatpicking, whether it be the guitar, mandolin or autoharp. It is a little stickier than the Sticky Picks and, to me, I felt more in control of my flatpicks.

4 comments on “Gorilla Snot vs. Sticky Picks”

Old Man Says:
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 @4:17:08 AM

Pick stuff by John Pearse is the best I have found .

carrieb Says:
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 @12:23:56 PM

Though I don't use pics on the banjo, I do use pics on the dulcimer when strumming or flat picking. Gorilla Snot works like a champ for me, just my two cents. Very good review by the way! :)

Texasbanjo Says:
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 @1:20:33 PM

Thank you very much for your comment. Always nice to hear people like your reviews.
Do you also play autoharp as well as dulcimer? I play autoharp and play it in my lap using a flat pick.

carrieb Says:
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 @2:24:11 PM

You're most welcome! No autoharp, just the dulcimer, Native American flute (as it is a perfect combo with the dulcimer) and now the banjo. Going to Palestine in about a week and then Shreveport. Going to do some vids of dulcimer, NA flutes and banjo, ought to be fun to see what the result will be! Lots of friends that play dulcimer sometimes hold it in a guitar like fashion, guess it all depends on a person's comfort level or body ergonomics! But gorilla snot is VERY much used in the dulcimer community. Was hard to get there for awhile. Had a friend in NY that I had to send some of my surplus too! Glad to see it came back! Duct tape just didn't work quite as well.............LOL!

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