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Posted by Banjophobic on Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everything in it must be taken as gospel, or so it seems.

7 comments on “MOTFS Book”

ronhan Says:
Friday, July 26, 2013 @3:28:07 AM

Hey John, What is a MOTFS book?

From Greylock to Bean Blossom Says:
Friday, July 26, 2013 @4:03:43 AM

Masters of the Five String Banjo by Tony Trishka. It has interviews with some of the greatest players.

Banjophobic Says:
Friday, July 26, 2013 @7:10:17 AM

I was just tired of folks taking any and all quotes from the MOTFS book and making it endorse one position as 'gospel'. If A well known player in teh book said "Never use chords", then you'll get the predictable quote from a newbie who argues against using chords, since "X" player in that book said not too. They don't have enough comprehension of the the real intent of the book to know how to find 'context' for the quotes.

jwoods Says:
Friday, July 26, 2013 @10:50:30 PM

Except no one in MOTFSB ever said 'never use chords', so I'm not sure what that even means.

That's the one thing MOTFSB doesn't do is preach gospel. It documents each master's approach to the instrument. No one talks down anyones approach to learning or playing the instrument...just what they've done to be successful.

If one of the master's says that they don't practice scales, then that is a documented fact. The book has already been's there for everyone to see.

I think you are under-estimating a newbie's intelligence.

Banjophobic Says:
Sunday, July 28, 2013 @8:33:55 AM

Here's how I see your comments from the context of that thread. You have made some assumptions about how professional players think. Those assumptions are based on heresy and ignorance( and we are all ignorant of things at times, so that is not a slam). You assume that all professional players in MOTFSB have a shared 'policy' on all things banjo-they do not. Your comment:

"However, I have never read about, or heard, a nationally known pro talking down someone else's approach to learning the banjo".

Just because you dont see or read about it doesn't mean its not happening. Does this mean that is YOU have not seen or heard something in the whole wide banjo world, its not happening? Do you really assume that all 'nationally known' players agree about how to teach? Do you assume that all players agree that beginners need to use tab, or that all must learn theory, or that all must play a flat head banjo or a certain brand. maybe you assume that all 'nationally known players' send out a monthly newsletter with an opening manifesto of "we all believe this..", lol. Sorry but you would be dead wrong. The reason that you dont see it is most likely you are not privy to private conversations between players who are like minded. There are many of those 'nationally know players' who don't use tab, or teach theory, etc,etc and they do agree on that,. But there are just as many who Do like those things and those players agree on it. Then there are just as many who fall into the center who use some of both but not exclusively. Lok at a 'nationally know banjo teacher', Mrs Murphy Henry, who does not use tab, verses Any other 'nationally known' teacher who sells learning materials who does. This kind of blows your assumption out of the water.

Assuming that nationally famous and or having teaching resources out, means they all align is very inaccurate, obviously. As far as you 'hearing no pro player talking down someone else's approach'
thats most likely because they act professional in public, which means you don't say negative things about your fellow pro players in public or on forums. And besides, disagreeing with someones approach is a long way from 'talking down' about it. But I have had many conversations over the years with other professional players, who unlike me have 'nationally known names', and I can assure you that they do not all agree on these topics ,and some are vehemently opposed to others methods, but its never personal in nature, just personal viewpoints from their own perspectives as players and teachers. Having strong opinions in your profession is quite normal. But you seem to like to look through rose-colored goggles. We are all human, banjo players too.

Finally, your constant clinging to the MOTFSB and this 'nationally known players" mantra is actually disrespectful to the hundreds of professional players on the BHO, current or former, who inhabit this site. There are players on this site who are just as accomplished and technically gifted as any you can name. We are all just 'guys on the internet' on this website when we post. But you also say with your comments that those great players here, some I can mention off the top of my head now like John Kuhn, Royce Burt, Dave Jack, Laurence Diehl, John Steele, Doub Pierce, are somehow 'inferior" and that their comments have no merit or value. This you infer quite plainly since they are not as "Nationally Known" or we listed in some damn book,haha. I'm going to get real here and just say that all you show with this line of 'thought' is that you have no clue how the professional music field exists in the real world. all you have are these virtual constructs of yours.

Whether or not you think my advice is any good or not is fine with me-thats what a forum is about. But even though I dont have a 'nationally known' name as a player or teacher, or was listed in the 'book', I have played just over 30 years professionally with national touring acts, and played famous venues and festivals from here to Europe. Am i saying this to brag, no in the slightest. There are other players on this site who have done the same and who also didn't mange to meet your bloated criteria,lol. All those guys and myself, are contributing advice to help others, from personal professional learning experiences. And I'll say that none of those guys here on this site 'ram it down anyone's throat'.

Im not underestimating anyone's intelligence, but I am pointing out when they don't see that book in its full 'context' and when they starting handing out advice 'fo'r or 'against' anything to be learned, based on how 'pro's think'-especially when they are ignorant of it. While you keeping saying 'not' based on those assumptions and some kind of MOTFS book worship, 'internet guys' like me and other are basing it on real experiences as teachers and professional touring musicians.

Like I always say, I don't rate myself above anyone here-we are all BHO members. But in terms of this who 'pro/book' stuff you write, please dont count me in with you, as you did in that comment 'me you and Dave'. We apparently are completely different internet 'guys',lol.
Nothing personal but I have to be real on my blog..its why the blogs are here. Again i will ask you or anyone else 'why not learn some scale theory'. If your only reason not to learn something is based on what some 'nationally known player' has said about HIS journey, you have missed the boat. That is why I used the hyperbole and said if "X" told you that he/she never learned chords, then you shouldn't either. You thought that is was extreme, but its exactly how you are thinking about scales. Take time to realize that just because someone is nationally famous or in a book, you;'ll eventually have to decide to be your own player and learn what the heck you want to learn. Sonny Osborn might hate Dunlop Picks, but I'm not throwing mine out anytime soon despite the huge respect I have for him...wink

jwoods Says:
Sunday, July 28, 2013 @12:20:50 PM

You have a knack for drawing conclusions from things that were never said or written, twisting what was said or written to fit your claims, and creating controvery where none exists.

The thread (and all the posts) are still there for anyone to read.

I think folks on BHO are intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions and "be their own player", without your rants.

Banjophobic Says:
Sunday, July 28, 2013 @2:21:44 PM

call them rants if you want but i stand by everything i said. its my blog and i say what i feel. You can quit reading it at any time sir.

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