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Not Sure What's Next

Posted by dgill on Thursday, August 11, 2011


It has been a bit over 2 years since I started out having fun with the banjo.  I am still very much in love and having a good time, but not really sure what is next.  I would like to learn to jam with others and become more confident when I try to record vids.  I think that would help me feel better about where I am at with the banjo right now.


  What would be some things that you would offer a friend that is not real good, wants to get better and most of all wants to have a good time along the way?  Now, raise those guns, aim and take your best shot.

15 comments on “Not Sure What's Next”

Bilbo1 Says:
Thursday, August 11, 2011 @5:48:33 PM

Well Donnie, I know how much you love the banjo and going on the last videos you posted, to say that Your not very good is horseshit!! From what I can gather , You've got a couple of great pickers close by that you could hook up with and jam with so go for it. What's to loose?!

VancePants Says:
Thursday, August 11, 2011 @6:27:02 PM

DG: i think it just comes from within our make-ups... "inspiration"... motivation... "musicality", etc. Find tunes that really speak to you... study the vids that are out there...and then pick it out as best ya can and practice like a dog... and when you think you're close, start recording your practices until you think it's "purty good"... then upload. If you keep doin' that, you WILL improve, without question.
OR... if you have the time and resources, take lessons! My schedule/lifestyle doesn't lend itself to lessons... and i guess it's obvious i'm completely self-taught... but... I'VE BEEN HAVIN' FUN! I also had a band that i played backing tracks and melody leads, but all the music was NONbluegrass... but again, great fun! FIND yer niche buddy... that's what it's all about. CHeers friend.

erikforgod Says:
Thursday, August 11, 2011 @6:28:56 PM

Donnie - I know what yah gets old just sittin and pickin at home with no one to branch out and jam with. Not sure where in the SW corner of Indiana there is to jam. I went to a few jams in southern Indiana ( back when I played the mandolin ) but it was like 7 or 8 years ago. One was near Loogootee in Martin county, and if my memory serves me right...the other was near Bedford IN. I was staying for a few weeks with my uncle near Bloomington and while I was there I hit a few jam spots. Maybe putting an add in the paper saying you are looking for S Indiana pickers to jam with? IN the emantime I think there are CDs you can get of rythym tracks of full bluegrass bands, you can stick em in your stero, turn up the volume and jam along with em ( my wife would probably through me out on the street though!
I think your pickin sounds great..nice and clean...I just think you are ready to get out and mix it up and jam with others...seems like the next step..I think thats what you are aluding too.

RatLer Says:
Thursday, August 11, 2011 @6:42:14 PM

Donnie, wish you were closer to Dayton. I've got a jam once a month I thought was dying out but it showing a little life right now. See how it goes next Saturday. Definately go find a jam, play in the background till you comfortable. But don't be afraid to push yourself a little. Maybe you could get with a guitar picker that knows some tune you're familar with. That always helped me, in fact I wish I had good guitar picker now.....Go ahead, take the next step!!!

copron Says:
Thursday, August 11, 2011 @7:39:17 PM

Well.....I just went back through your videos to see if you were actually as crappy a banjo player as you thought you were. After running exhaustive tests and analysis from the Cray MK 47 computer I have come to the same conclusion as Bilbo1......equine fecal sound damn good and you have made vast improvements from your first video to your last so keep doing what your doing.

rickshunter1 Says:
Thursday, August 11, 2011 @8:20:17 PM

Donnie I just got back from a jam and I told myself I wasnt going back because they have a lot of amped instruments but guess what I went anyway and I had a great time they welcomed a Banjo because they dont have anyone in the jam who plays Banjo and I actually had people coming up to me saying how much they liked my playing I thought I sounded like crap but on a few songs thought I did pretty good. Well what I am trying to say is you just gotta find a local jam in your area now Southern Indiana there has to be one somewhere and start going to it. Just follow the guitar player and roll through the chords.

christy65 Says:
Friday, August 12, 2011 @4:36:05 AM

donnie i have being playing 6 years and have never played with anybody and still get nervous
when recording but have watched your videos and your coming on brilliant and dont forget my
friend your tme will come and it may not be far away keep injoying it donnie

kevinwholmes Says:
Friday, August 12, 2011 @4:45:47 AM

Donnie, I felt (and still do to some degree) the same as you until late last year. Making and watching my first video was instructive and revealing to me. Unexpectedly, it actually GAVE me more confidence in myself (I'm still not great, but the video convinced me it didn't matter that much). I've since posted LOTS of video and audio here on BHO and YouTube. If other people don't care for it, that's fine and understandable, but I like it and find the whole process enjoyable and as I said, self-instructive.

joemac Says:
Friday, August 12, 2011 @6:10:24 AM

Hello Donnie. Listen to an ol' campainer mate. Its not about video's or jamming with others, well not totally anyway. Sometimes when we get to the two year mark our sub-concious tells us we should be doing better than we are, for example we listen to other players who we feel are doing a lot better than we are and it makes us wonder. Well Donnie we all suffer from it. You love your banjo Donnie, never forget why you got it in the first place. You can always Skype me for a chat and a little pick, find yourself a new tune to get your teeth into, but most important, keep playing, just love it...Joe

alfiedog Says:
Friday, August 12, 2011 @6:10:56 AM

Yep you Sound mighty fine to me Donnie, shame there are no local Picks Mate, it realy builds up your confidence Playing with others.

picKen Says:
Friday, August 12, 2011 @6:53:48 AM

I'm right with ya on this one Donnie? Sounds like Joe's got it figured out.

dgill Says:
Friday, August 12, 2011 @3:45:06 PM

I thank each and every one of you. You really make a guy stop and think. I will do my best to put your advise to good use.

dannnjo Says:
Friday, August 12, 2011 @6:20:10 PM

listen to your favorite artists over and over, over , and over and over
it will start to rub off on you
Alsoplay as often as u can, i am retired now now prctice and play more and more

dgill Says:
Sunday, August 14, 2011 @1:45:05 PM

OK, I found a little piece of whats next this weekend. I had most of this prior, but decided to add to it. Let me know what ya think. It will be posted soon as a photo on my home page.

blamethebanjo Says:
Sunday, August 21, 2011 @7:01:35 AM

Donnie, I just listened to a bunch of your videos and you are a mighty fine picker! Way yonder better than me! Gooood, extry good!!

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