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1/20/10 Continuing Adventures in Banjo Nirvana

Posted by Rindill on Wednesday, January 20, 2010

yes, I still  read and check in! - although it has been the music search and jukebox - I have become a rabid clawhammer fool - (although it's interesting since thanks to Clawdan  I can read tab -, or regular - pick up tunes by ear - or write them down if I hear something gotta have! Jukebox junkie -hear it play it -

Interesting to listen to different claw styles - I am lazy and bring my fiddling,  and hammered dulcimer style into it -  - so I tend to lean toward clean rythmic notes, and althougth I can slide,  - I sound more like a hammered dulcimer -

LOL! back about 5/6 months ago, one thing I really had fun at was a tune my old (decades ago) banjo player friend wrote, and I finally realized that

I played the banjo too!  (yes, an epiphany!)- So i worked out the fiddle part on the banjo -

It was the perfect tune (and loved) - to learn to play up the neck, and use the chord/melody  inversions so one wasn't all over the fretboard -

It was kind of amazing to realize that as a baby beginner, that "advanced moves" come naturally when you  are in the zone, and  just Gotta  get the tune down - I was often surprised at my hands doing something I had no knowlege of knowing how to do! (which is where it gets ~SOOOO~  good and you know you are on the right road! (ie, the path thru banjo nirvana!

I play and read for almost any instrument I can get my hands on - yet the banjo was one I simply never arrived at - so I must have been secretly running from it all my life - and then WHAM! Finally in your face -I am so addicted/hooked/ this was made for me!  (I always had that secret scared/lust for it going on)

That's a whole story - when I first met one face to face, I, who could conquer any instrument, was aghast at how can you learn this thing? You are always changing the tuning? Arghhhh!  (Gee - and it seems so simple and straight forward now!

I also laugh at myself for "knowing the little bit I knew, and when something new was thrown into the mix, (or something I had no clue about yet) I'd get so irritated! LOL! At least I am thru THAT newbie stage to where the best adventure starts with an idiotic grin - and I playee a liddle bit - but don't know nothin, really. I do know how to drool though! And I ain't skairt of no tuning no-how!

3 comments on “1/20/10 Continuing Adventures in Banjo Nirvana”

thecowpokepicker Says:
Wednesday, January 20, 2010 @5:54:16 PM

Hi Jenny,

Have fun picking! If I love it this much, I'm sure you're enjoying it, too!


Rindill Says:
Wednesday, January 20, 2010 @11:44:40 PM

Oh Yeah! Got Dan's Festival Tunes book, and am already writing/adapting my (don't laugh) choral & folktunes to it - It is perfect for anything it seems - (also one of Mozart's operas! LOL!

Thank you for sharing this with me - hope it made you chuckle!

Renorover Says:
Monday, April 26, 2010 @3:00:58 PM

What's better than clawhamerin' through life! :) Bouie

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