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Jug band Seder

Posted by jrjenks on Monday, April 20, 2009

I had a blast at the jug band Seder thrown by my friends (and fellow Hump Night Thumpers) Fran and Skip.

Here are some selected photos from the ones I took at the Seder. That's me in the black fedora, pin-striped suit jacket and Mountain Dew T-shirt.

2009-04-11 Jug band Seder 018

2009-04-11 Jug band Seder 015 2009-04-11 Jug band Seder 002 2009-04-11 Jug band Seder 035 2009-04-11 Jug band Seder 033 2009-04-11 Jug band Seder 016 2009-04-11 Jug band Seder 034 2009-04-11 Jug band Seder 017 2009-04-11 Jug band Seder 022 2009-04-11 Jug band Seder 020

Here's a quick summary of the haggadah for the event, with a excerpt from each song. The songs are set to (more or less) jug-band-style tunes.

CandlelightingLighting the Candles
(This Little Light of Mine)
Ba-RUCH a-TA Adonai Elo-HAI-nu MElech ha-o-lam
a-SHER keed SHA-a-nu b-mitz-VO ta-a-av
Intro to the SederGod and Man
So man made an image and he gave it a name,
But this man-made god brought nothing but pain.
Man started shouting "God! Where can you be?"
"I'm right here man, inside of thee."
Intro to the Seder
by Petrie Fishman
Hurry Down to My House
(Richland Woman Blues)
Come on over to my house, It's Passover time.
We'll ask the four questions and then we'll have some wine.
Oh hurry down to my house, where youll relax and recline.
You know relaxing is royal, to recline is divine.
Four Cups of Wine
by Jacob Fishman
Let Us Drink Four Cups of Wine
(Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear)
We dont drink that whiskey
Whiskey is way too rough
We dont drink that Vodka
Sweet wine is the kind we love enough!
Dip Karpas in Salt Water and
Explanation of the Seder Plate

by J.R. Jenks
Good Ol' Seder Plate
(Good Old Mountain Dew)
Some herbs are bitter, you bet,
Like maror and chazeret.
They really do not taste great.
But dont be a quitter
Recall that slavery was bitter
So these herbs are on the Seder plate.
Hold up Matzo
by Ruth Weinberg
Passover Still Lives On
(Battle Hymn of the Republic)
As slaves so long in Egypt, Jews know not where to turn.
They toil for the Pharaoh and for their freedom yearn.
The bitterness of bondage tonight is what we learn.
The lesson still lives on.
Break the Afikomen and
Find the Afikomen

by Jonathan Nachsin and Fran Landt
Hide the Afikomen and
Find the Afikomen
(Eentsy Weentsy Spider)
Take the afikoman and hide it in a chair.
Take the afikoman and hide it by the stairs.
You can even hide it underneath the pears.
But YOU need to be sure that you remember where!
Four Questions
by Richard Stowell
Why Is Tonight Different?
(Soul of a Man)
Tonight we eat no hametz
Its matzo all the way
Grandma was in a hurry
She had no time to bake
Four Children
by Michelle Weinberg
The Four Children
(Teach Your Children)
What, Says the Wise child?
Is the meaning of
All these ceremonies?
Thou Shall, explain to him
the laws and rules,
down to the last one
Telling the Passover Story
by Fran Landt
Retell The Story
(Jug Band Music)
We were down in the delta and beginning to swelta
As we slaved in the hot Egyptian sun.
When Pharoah started dreamin that the Hebrews were a schemin
And that hed be the targeted one.
So he sent out an order from border to border
Hebrew baby boys would all have to die
And every year since then, we retell this story
To remind us how we all survived.
The 10 Plagues
by Fran Landt
Ten Time Loser
(Two Time Loser)
First the water turned to blood,
And then there were frogs.
Oh Pharoah cant you see that things are goin to the dogs?

Youll be a ten time loser.
Youd better let us go,
Cause the plagues are gonna get you,
And youll be sorry you said no.
Crossing the Red SeaOh Mary Don't You Weep
If I could I surely would
Stand on the rock where Moses stood.
Pharoahs army got drownded
Oh, Mary dont you weep.
The Passover Symbols (matzo)
by Michelle Weinberg
Bread of Affliction
(Sitting On Top Of The World)
This Bread of Affliction
That our ancestors ate
they didn't have time
for their bread to bake
And now I'm free, I don't worry
Because I'm sitting on top of the world
Open Door For Elijah
by Fran Landt
Open The Door For Elijah
(Walk Right In)
Walk right in, set right down, Elijah wont you drink some wine?
Walk right in, set right down, Elijah is it finally the time?
   Everyone is waiting for the messianic age,
   Come on, help us turn the page,
So walk right in, set right down, Elijah wont you drink some wine?

Also in the haggadah were some straight-up songs: Dayenu, Welcome Table and a song that was a family tradition for the singer: A Bar Lach In Vald.

Cross-posted at J.R. Jenks' blog

2 comments on “Jug band Seder”

nick556pm Says:
Monday, April 20, 2009 @5:22:44 PM

shalom from Scotland. nick.

Brentk5s Says:
Monday, April 20, 2009 @7:19:21 PM

I want to come to YOUR seder!

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