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it s been a while since my last banjohangout visit but bought a banjo finally

Posted by krispicking on Sunday, February 15, 2009

hello banjo lovers

It has been quite a while since my last entry and visit to the website.

my mama passed away january 12th and had been very ill before that ( braincancer) I ve been taking care of her, and haven t been to involved in other activities,
I miss her a lot but for her this is so much better, a lot of suffering she doesn t have to go through anymore and it would ve gotten worse,in a way I am happy for her

I finally have a banjo . I really anted to buy a deering goodtime but was given an old banjo that will do just fine until I get a bit better on it , If I am any good on it I ll have time to save up for a better one

the one I got is a hondo. I know this is probably not the best banjo in the world but it plays fine and sounds not so bad and I am happy with it. someone bought it for me and I am very gratefull for the wonderfull gift, it was the most thoughtfull thing to do, because he knew I was in a gap after my mama s passing and need some distraction. after all I have been caring for others ( I ll save you the story , it s a long one) for the past eight years and all of a sudden I find myself in the house, doing laundry, and being alone when kids go to school and husband to work.

today I start rehearsals with the band again for the first time since mum died. I think it ll be good for me
have learned to play my first banjo tune, will the circle be unbroken from youtube with a free tab ..and for an absolute beginner I got it down pretty fast, started it yesterday evening and can play it pretty fast allready, such fun! the only thing with this guitarist is ..I am a total looser with those fingerpicks. and play with my fingers and probably to many fingers haha, I really had to get used to the fifth string being a higher note, but am getting a grip on that too now

well I d better get reading up a bit because I ve missed months of writing here

much metta to all


4 comments on “it s been a while since my last banjohangout visit but bought a banjo finally”

dpete210 Says:
Monday, February 16, 2009 @9:50:24 AM

Kris, I am sorry to hear of your mother's passing. I lost my mother 2 1/2 years ago to cancer, so I can understand some of the loss and sadness you feel. My mother was one of the people I most looked up to (respected), and I really miss her. One thing that really helps me is that my mother had a strong faith and I believe she is in a much better life now. That is a huge comfort to me. Good luck with learning the banjo. I have never played a Hondo but with a good set up it will serve you well until you can get the one you want. That was so kind of the person who gave you that gift. I have found the banjo to be more challenging to learn than guitar, but it has been fun and very worthwhile - a wonderful journey. I am beginning to catch on after a few years of wondering what the heck I was doing :) Too many years playing guitar, I think :) Wishing you all the best! Dave Peterson

krispicking Says:
Monday, February 16, 2009 @10:45:49 AM

thanks so much Dave
my mother was not only a mum but also my best friend. I am lucky to have a great man in my life who knows what I need to distract my mind from some of the sadness, I must say the banjo is quite captivating haha, once you start you can t put it down my pickingskills on the guitar serve me well now. and I must say I ve been trying some beginners versions of old tunes and am handling it not so bad

I love to play guitar but mostly because I have such a nice littel band to play in and to acompany myself singing. I m not that good haha

I do find the banjo very challenging and my fingers strat hurting cause I ve been playing so much. I am aware my banjo is a starters banjo and will start saving up for a deering goodtime . but to start of with this banjo does serve me well, my first guitar after all was a very old guitar with a hole in it and it got me started just the same.( my thoughts wander of to willie nelson now with his old guitar with the hole in it ..he seems to be perfectly happy with his) I must say I moved up a bit since than and now play a nice guild guitar.

who knows what happens when I keep playing the
no banjo teachers in my district though, so must learn all from dvd and computer for now



Paul Roberts Says:
Monday, February 23, 2009 @6:17:38 AM

Kris, One of my favorite things about BHO is the participation from people all over the world. It's great to have you here; we're looking forward to hearing more of you music and reading more of your comments and posts. I'd like to communicate with offline if you could get in touch, in a way that I can respond directly; which I can't seem to do through the BHO email form). PauL

krispicking Says:
Monday, February 23, 2009 @8:30:27 AM

hello paul

I did get your email , sent you an email back and that should give you my email adres :)

thanks for your very warm welcome here on BHO

love kris

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