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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: I Always Knew the Banjo Causes Brain Damage

Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link:

robmc - Posted - 08/03/2013:  17:56:19

banjoy - Posted - 08/03/2013:  17:59:24

This is Eddie Adcock, a very well known banjo picker undergoing brain surgery to restore his ability to play.

You should educate yourself to this story, and you may want to change your thread title. That sounds pretty insulting IMO.

dmiller - Posted - 08/03/2013:  18:18:21

Eddie is one of the best.  A national treasure (if you will).  That surgery was done on him to help restore his picking ability that he used to have, but lost due to the tremors that took over his hands.  He was awake and alert during that surgery, and playing banjo so he could tell the surgeons what was and what wasn't working (for his picking ability) with whatever they were doing.  


robmc - Posted - 08/03/2013:  18:40:44

Lighten Up Banjo Boy, Its obvious you have No Sense of Humor.

robmc - Posted - 08/03/2013:  18:42:31

No Disrepect intended to Mr. Adcock

Deaf Lester Crawdad - Posted - 08/03/2013:  19:54:49


Originally posted by robmc


Lighten Up Banjo Boy, Its obvious you have No Sense of Humor.


Banjoy 1

robmc  0

robmc - Posted - 08/03/2013:  20:12:54

yea ok, crawdad

dmiller - Posted - 08/03/2013:  21:12:56


Originally posted by robmc


Lighten Up Banjo Boy, Its obvious you have No Sense of Humor.

robmc - - Where is the "humor" in making light of a major surgery that an internationally known musician was going through to attempt to regain lost motor skills that have been his "bread and butter" for the past several decades?  

Tam_Zeb - Posted - 08/03/2013:  22:22:01

If this is meant to be funny, then it's in very bad taste. Franks right, go get yourself and education.

jwoods - Posted - 08/03/2013:  22:32:12

What a d**k...


robmc - Posted - 08/03/2013:  23:22:33

First of all, I had no idea who this person was in the video. Like I said, no disrespect to him, but a hypothetical question to all the name callers here. If he had not been Eddie Adcock, would you all still be Pretentious and and so Self Righteous ?  Now go get a life.

robmc - Posted - 08/03/2013:  23:29:46

Furthermore for all you name callers, take a look at the Web Page, They are the ones displaying this as a Funny Video, not me. If you have any complaints, or you are Disgruntled, take it up with the People who posted this video and classified it and labeled it as a funny video..

banjoy - Posted - 08/03/2013:  23:33:39

Try reading the comments included in the video you yourself posted to ... (You will have do do a little work, you know, such as scrolling down on that screen).

Those folks posting comments there seem to be more respectful overall than you have been and express far more grace than you have (except the the occasional clod, thats to be expected).

Brain damage is no laughing matter. As I said, educate yourself.


Edited by - banjoy on 08/03/2013 23:39:05

Dingoman25 - Posted - 08/03/2013:  23:44:59

We can celebrate both JJ Cale (RIP) and Eddie Adcock in this clip.

robmc - Posted - 08/03/2013:  23:55:46

Those of you who who keep saying I need Educated Know NOTHING about about My Level of Education. I am absolutely positive I am Much More Educated than You. I also am absolutely positive I hold More Academic Degrees as Well.

banjoy - Posted - 08/04/2013:  00:04:03

You can be highly educated and still be quite ignorant. You've pretty much demonstrated that right here for all to see.

Edited by - banjoy on 08/04/2013 00:06:10

robmc - Posted - 08/04/2013:  00:15:46

Banjoy Why Don't you Go and Get Yourself a Life. Like I said, Go Complain to the Web Page who Posted This ok ?  Don't keep making Derogatory comments toward me about an issue I had nothing to do with. I did not Post this, In fact You are the One who is Quite Ignorant, did it ever occur to you that Eddie Adcock, (at least from what I can see) did not seem to mind one bit about himself being filmed during Brain Surgery, and I am sure he also knew that this film would be posted on the Internet for the Whole World to See.  After saying this Banjoy, all I can say to you is; who is the Ignorant one right now, for everyone here to see, certainly not I.

shamsterdam - Posted - 08/04/2013:  00:24:12


Bill Rogers - Posted - 08/04/2013:  00:30:22

Indeed it is.  Locked.  For better or for worse, bad taste is not against BHO rules.  But the moderators do have discretion about ignoring it--or not.

Edited by - Bill Rogers on 08/04/2013 00:32:58

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