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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: TOTW 11/11/11 - Home With The Girls In The Morning

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J-Walk - Posted - 11/11/2011:  15:39:07

This is a short TOTW post -- I'm substituting for the person who (apparently) forgot it was his turn.

The tune is Home With The Girls in the Morning. It's a modal tune that's fun to play fast or slow. With a fiddler or solo. Fortunately, I found a very comprehensive write-up at the Fiddle Hangout. So just go there to find out about it, and watch videos, etc.

Tab by Mike Iverson.

I just started learning it a few weeks ago. Here's an early attempt to play it along with a recording by the Atomic City Rhythm Rascals.


VIDEO: Home With The Girls In The Morning
(click to view)


vrteach - Posted - 11/11/2011:  19:13:32

One of my favorites, which I learned from the album by the Deseret String band mentioned in the Fiddle Hangout TOTW. Lately I often pair it with "Mike in the Wilderness" which I learned in TOTW No. 161.

Edited by - vrteach on 11/11/2011 19:26:45

Came Home With the Girls in the Morning


mikey5string - Posted - 11/13/2011:  08:57:09

whoa. cool tune!   definitely learning this one. big fan of mike iversons arrangements as well. thanks!

cmic - Posted - 11/13/2011:  12:00:42

Strangely, this reminds me of "Kitchen girl" by Dwight Diller...

But I do like it however.



stigandr5 - Posted - 11/14/2011:  10:55:24

That's a nice sound! Well done.

Julian44_4 - Posted - 11/15/2011:  01:13:46

Three part TablEdited by David K  Marshall, mp3 by Robert Hokenson.;v=18324

Coming Home With The Girls In The Morning


orangikan - Posted - 11/15/2011:  12:16:02

Great tune! And a new one to me. The low part sounds a bit like the low part of Wilson Douglas's Boatin' up Sandy.


Sounds especially good on that Bowlin 1865.

YorkshireWannabeOldTimer - Posted - 11/15/2011:  15:07:13

This is a great tune, so thanks for introducing me to it! Excellent versions posted above too. Here's my own attempt at the tune, played on a fretless mountain banjo (made by John Peterson); I've based it on the very helpful slow 'Basic Tune' sound file on Ken Kolodner's website.

Home with the girls in the morning


majikgator - Posted - 11/16/2011:  18:19:39

OK J-Walk makes me wish you would cover for more people, a great tune and a great save can't beat those Mike Iverson tabs, what an arranger,player and teacher.

dmar57 - Posted - 01/16/2012:  05:48:55

Is it considered bad etiquette to revive old TOTW topics? Apologies if it is. Anyway, I learned this tune fairly recently and it's one of my current favourites so I decided to upload it a few minutes ago. I sometimes play it slowly when I'm in that kind of mood but generally prefer banging it out quickly which is the way I've heard it played by groups live.

Anyone know any good driving band versions of this I could listen to?

mwc9725e - Posted - 01/16/2012:  09:55:48

Love it, I especially like how you get those nice clean single notes. Great work.

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