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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Ragtime banjo

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townie - Posted - 04/11/2007:  17:17:04

I recently bought Fred Sokolow's book of Ragtime and Blues for 5string.
It used to have a cd for it but I hear it's no longer available - at least in the uk.

Also, Fred did an lp of early ragtime stuff some years ago.

I'd be really grateful for any information.
Judging by what I've seen, if the Hangout don't know, nobody does.

Many thanks in advance for you thoughts


bjango53 - Posted - 04/12/2007:  12:23:40

Hi Townie, Can't answer your question but just want to welcome you to the hangout. Have fun with that banjo.

I just love the smell of banjo in the morning

banjonz - Posted - 04/12/2007:  23:26:44

I also have that book but didn't know there was a cd available.
You may want to contact Fred direct and ask him.

New Zealand

All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

townie - Posted - 04/14/2007:  12:14:52

bjangoman many thanks for the welcome.
I'd been lurking for a few months and thought it was time I came out of the woodwork.

nz - can I call you nz (brit humour - sorry)?
Many thanks for the link - I hadn't been able to find a contact.
I'll do as you suggest and post whatever I get back.

This is an interesting place to be. I've learnt lots.


banjonz - Posted - 04/14/2007:  16:00:04

Hey Townie, this is a GREAT place to hang. Good that you decided to stop lurking.

New Zealand

If you can't be a good example, then be a horrible warning!

billybob - Posted - 04/15/2007:  07:36:37

hello Townie,

you can find some ragtime banjo cd's at

good luck


townie - Posted - 04/16/2007:  05:58:55

me again

billybob that's an excellent link

nzbanjoman I emailed Fred, he replied in less than an hour - and I found what I was looking for. Thanks again for the pointer.

So I'm a happy man. For a minute I thought I'd run out of things to buy!

The internet is a wonderful place, not least because it brings together good people who do things just as a kindness.

speak to you all again soon


townie - Posted - 04/16/2007:  06:01:03

yet again

did I blow protocol?

Didn't notice your signature, Wayne

thanks again


Bruce Weeks - Posted - 04/17/2007:  07:43:34

There are some ragtime, jazz tunes on I been playing a staccato style banjo for sometime now that I found was very closely kin to the right hand piano playing of ragtime. One drawback of trying to play ragtime on a stringed instrument is that you have to make a choice which set of lines you want to play. Ragtime players such as Joplin had both hands going in different directions most of the time. Listen to Fats Waller who combined ragtime and blues and came up with an incredible jazz feel in his music. I love playing this stuff on the banjo, but its not some of the easiest music to play. Ofcourse I use the 5 string sometimes alot different than other folks. Bruce "How many people does it take to make good Cajun Music? Two, one to play the accordion and one to make the gumbo".

townie - Posted - 04/23/2007:  16:05:22

Bruce , many thanks for the comments.
I take your point about it not being easy. Fred's arrangements aren't too hard and I think they still manage to sound very ragtime.


townie - Posted - 04/27/2007:  05:24:56

for nzbanjoman
I emailed Fred and got a reply about an hour later, ordered what I wanted on 16 April & it arrived here in the UK 10 days later. Great service!
So thanks again for the link - and to BH for making it happen.


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