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pweller - Posted - 03/19/2007:  20:24:21

Does anyone know of any good books which feature Dixieland tunes for the banjo? I've always loved the New Orleans sound, but I've never found any books for tenor in jazz. Mel Bay's method is a joke, and I can't seem to find any others. Any luck?

banjovy - Posted - 03/20/2007:  00:19:45

Are you serious? There has to be some jazz tenor banjo books. I'll help you look.

banjonz - Posted - 03/20/2007:  01:24:01

There are a number on Elderly Instrument's site.
especially the ones on Harry Reser's playing.

New Zealand

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jon - Posted - 03/20/2007:  11:27:44

I would just put on a Dixieland CD and play along. C,F,Bb,Eb are common keys and the songs most often follow the circle of fifths. It's alot of fun.

pweller - Posted - 03/20/2007:  13:51:06

Thanks, guys. Yeah, I mostly just sit down with a CD and figure out the chords. It seems there's a lot of intro to tenor, but five-string pretty much occupies most of the titles in any banjo method.

tocotodo - Posted - 03/21/2007:  00:15:15

Dave Littlefield has a bunchuvem here:

jmesplay - Posted - 03/23/2007:  00:10:45

Maybe this guy can help you.


banjofanatico - Posted - 03/26/2007:  00:16:30

The only book I've found that's any good for this is the Tim Allan book : ("easy arrangements") . They actually aren't that easy, but he has the chord diagrams for the tunes, not just a fake book. It's great. You can see Tim Allan play on this utube video:


Bruce Weeks - Posted - 03/28/2007:  09:35:33 join it and listen to Jazz Banjo Radio you can do a search for dixieland jazz on there and it will give you the free radio stations to listen to. Get tuned up and play with them. It will help ya alot. Bruce "How many people does it take to make good Cajun Music? Two, one to play the accordion and one to make the gumbo".

pweller - Posted - 03/28/2007:  14:55:24

Thanks guys, I've been trying to learn dixieland in addition to Irish because I'm trying to get into a jazz band here. Thanks for the help!

Bruce Weeks - Posted - 04/17/2007:  07:51:20

Learn the chords, order the D-Cup Dixie Chords from and start looking around the antique stores for old Dukes of Dixieland albums recorded by Audio Fidelity. I started buying these old albums a couple of years ago at thrift stores not knowing that I was going to fall in love with the dixieland music. I took my Dukes of Dixieland albums and digitized them and make practice cds out of them. I did the same with Al Hirt Pier 600 albums and the Pete Fountain albums. These guys were all playing in New Orleans and play these songs the way they are suppose to be played. A book is not going to give you the ear training involved in trying to learn this type of music. Only listening to it over and over and learning all the chords that are available to you, then you can start putting it all together. Bruce "How many people does it take to make good Cajun Music? Two, one to play the accordion and one to make the gumbo".

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