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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: FREE short blues instruction video… by Pat Cloud

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travis_towle - Posted - 02/19/2007:  18:33:58

I just got an e-mail back from Pat Cloud on my question about Blues Banjo techniques and the style to make the BLUES sound on a banjo today and here is what he said:

He has a short blues instruction video that is available for free to anyone who will send him an email asking about it. This is a great instructional video that gets down to the basic's of the blues on the banjo. It will take me a while to get it all down and be able to master this part of it, but it is very worth watching if you are into this.

Go to his site and send him an email using the link provided and he will get the link for the video to you.

Travis E. Towle
Founder of WorldwideRadio ®
Topeka, Kansas

I am LOOKING for a great condition USED Morgan Monroe Riverking and Admiral Banjo !!!

Yopparai - Posted - 02/21/2007:  00:59:37

I got mine! If you have worked with Mr. Cloud's book, some of the scales will be familiar. Its reasonably short, about 10 minutes. Starts with scales and progresses to playing a three chord (G/C/D) blues progression.

Oh, and if you haven't worked with Mr. Cloud's book, consider it. I can't say I have mastered the material, but I have enjoyed trying.

budbennett - Posted - 03/05/2007:  15:46:58

i wrote to pat cloud too and got his blues video . man that guy is total class! he explains the scales and gives some demos of playing them and i'm having a great time playing around with the ideas he gives on the video.

did anyone else write him for the video? i was really happy he wrote back because i have visited his page a lot of times and i think he's a very cool musician. he seems a very nice guy too from his email.

DeeTee - Posted - 03/06/2007:  16:15:41

Thanks again to Pat who sent email back very quickly , would recommend this to all. Nice one

gbkyser - Posted - 03/08/2007:  11:52:01

The video is well worth checking out. Thanks Mr. Cloud.


kjrman - Posted - 03/08/2007:  17:29:40

I got the video. It is a great resource!. He was very prompt in reply to my request as well.
Thanks Pat!!

snakeherd - Posted - 03/08/2007:  18:13:02

Thanks Pat!
I got it too. I need more 'thinking' stuff like this.
I'm going to get your Key to Five String Banjo book next time I mail order something.


swooper - Posted - 03/08/2007:  23:10:31

I recieved pats video and it is exactly what I needed , problem is I could not load it after a couple days ?Anyone else have that problem .
I am sure interested in his videos he is working on also ,
Way to go Pat.

Chuck in kansas

travis_towle - Posted - 03/08/2007:  23:29:53

YES, he moves the file from time to time.

I am still working on his tips. Man, great way to learn!

Travis E. Towle
Topeka, Kansas


I am LOOKING for a great condition USED Morgan Monroe Riverking and Admiral Banjo !!!

nasados - Posted - 03/09/2007:  07:42:09

I got the video the other day also. I always loved the blues and want to play it in the banjo.

chief3 - Posted - 03/09/2007:  10:06:42

Pat Cloud reminds me of the quote taken from Aristotle; "Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach". Pat Cloud knows and understands. He is a great teacher. Get his book "Key To The Five String Banjo" and you can get some great ideas on how to use pentatonic scales in the blues.

slowlybutsurely - Posted - 03/09/2007:  10:13:12

Tried to message back saying mail was undeliverable. Any ideas?

Tim Nash
"Awaiting my Huber"

staxigoe - Posted - 03/10/2007:  06:04:53

Thanks Pat for a quick response, giving me a bit of work to play with while going through your book.
Tommy Far North of Scotland.

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