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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: TOTW 4/15(ish)/22: That's my Rabbit my Dog Caught It

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WVDreamin - Posted - 04/16/2022:  17:43:20

Sorry I'm late, long story...


This tune appears to be a variation of the TOTW posted here: 

My experience with it was as the tune: "That's my Rabbit my Dog Caught It" and learned via the Millner/Koken collection area of Slippery Hill.  This particular recording features some of my favorite band arranging.  Turns out this was a happy accident (according to Guthrie Meade as quoted in the Tune Archive).

The instrumental breaks, which add variety and intensity to the performance, were actually an accident brought about by a misunderstanding of procedures during the recording. The cue for beginning the number was picked up prematurely by Draper Walter (the fiddler), while the rest of the band, believing his entrance untimely, held back, and then joined in one by one during the next few bars of the tune. When the lights come on, supposedly indicating a false start, the band again dropped out with the exception of Draper, who continued playing. The other instruments joined in sporadically as before and the recording was completed with the whole ensemble. Amazingly, the item was accepted and released.

Another C tune, and if its scarcity on Youtube is any indication, it doesn't get played often enough.  I couldn't get a recording together in time. - Walter Family - Paul Kirk's TOTW w/Stephen Rapp - Matt Bell - Joe Macheret & Sean Geil

It has a nice groove and you can dance to it, enjoy.

- Billy

Edited by - WVDreamin on 04/16/2022 18:05:41

Don Borchelt - Posted - 04/16/2022:  19:28:27

This is a good one Billy, and I've been looking for another C tune. My C tune list is up to 70 tunes or so, but it hasn't had more than one or two new ones in awhile. Busy with the holiday, but I'll take a shot later in the week. You should have yours up by then. ;-) Thanks for putting it up.

Edited by - Don Borchelt on 04/16/2022 19:32:47

Jimmy Sutton - Posted - 04/17/2022:  01:07:43

I'm sorry but I don't buy the "accidental" arrangement story, never have since I first bought the vinyl re-issue. It would appear that the Draper Walter group were pro's that regularly played theatres. I am sure that this was a well rehearsed number put together for their live appearances. It's too smooth for an accident.

JanetB - Posted - 04/18/2022:  10:24:15

Here's my go at it from the 1930's Walter family recording. The B part could be the singing of the title. Did you choose it because of the Easter bunny connection this week? The only bunny I handled yesterday was a foil-covered chocolate one. The 1-year old at church kept putting it in his mouth after opening the plastic egg, so I unwrapped it and he had his very first chocolate ever.

WVDreamin - Posted - 04/19/2022:  18:56:10

Very nice and true to the source, Janet! I am particular to the coarse part with its repetitive groove

I think Paul and I will be able to get together this week and get something recorded.

Don Borchelt - Posted - 04/20/2022:  19:58:19

Great job, Janet, it's all in there. I've been fooling with this since Saturday, and it's definitely grown on me. Here is what I finally settled down and recorded.

Stephen Rapp - Posted - 04/21/2022:  12:25:20

From a couple years back on Paul's front porch.

WVDreamin - Posted - 04/21/2022:  16:10:19

Don, love the slides and your three finger stylings. Stephen, I used yours as an example! laugh

Edited by - WVDreamin on 04/21/2022 16:10:40

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