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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: blocked photographs

Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link:

Helix - Posted - 10/27/2021:  05:11:11

It was suggested by a moderator that I delete these blocked photographs. It seems this website won't let me.

It's just two pictures of a Black Walnut Helix rim with a tubaphone and a longneck with a Ranger-esque peghead as requested by the customer. Only I used a champher on the headstock They wanted varnish on the rim, but hated the smell of the finish, so I took the rig back and refinished it. I lost a lot of money and time.

How can a banjo be so threatening? I think hatchet jobs are not truly representative of the kind of communications presented here.

Somebody, the owner, got to a programmer with the skills and ability to block any photographs.

I've had several urban myth experiences with my trademark rim by jamming with "real" banjos.

It is never the form of these banjos, none of them, it is the SOUND of them, the content.

My perfectly good build, now refinished, got flipped for the real Seeger thang. Form. I protested in the post about the guy actually still owing me money, I delivered, then specs changed during the build, we know how that goes.

I have lost contact with this Midnight Zephyr #002, there are 25 of them. Since it got flipped, it hasn't surfaced again.

The reason I wanted to relocate the banjo was personal, offering warranty services outside of the original owner, I build them and I can do that if I want to.

But the carcass has been tacked to the barn wall as an example to others not to step out of line? If not, then what is the reason?

So would someone go into my home page and release the hostage. the banjo is completely innocent of these charges and can prove it if given a fair chance.  And since these were blocked some time ago, can't the builder be eligible for some kind of parole.

For all the new young people coming here to experience new banjo stuff: Let's open up and play, no sticky side stories from the voiceovers in Houston.

The customer used the term "Banjo Porn."   Is my banjo that good that no one can see it?  Censorship?  What a distinction. 

Click to Enlarge

Helix Midnight Zephyr #002

Move Left Move Right

Click to Enlarge

Helix Midnight Zephyr #002

Move Left Move Right

Can't click, can't enlarge, can't delete, so please, open back up.  Page 6, not hard to find, they are the only ones blocked.


Edited by - Helix on 10/27/2021 05:41:54

Texasbanjo - Posted - 10/27/2021:  06:36:19

FYI: We moderators do not have the authority to go to your home page and delete your pictures. Only the administrator can do that. Hopefully, Eric will see your post and take the appropriate steps.

Helix - Posted - 10/28/2021:  06:09:40

Thank you, moderator Sherry, we all know this, Hopefully this time, you might suggest this to him. And Sherry this isn't one of the "countless times" I've contacted moderators, this is just a thread and a website and a desire to see better fair play.

My sins could be corrected, if I knew what they were.

Is there anyone else with blocked photographs? And why?

I play by the rules, don't snark and don't tangle,  (I try)

Now, I hope others would be interested in a Black Walnut Longneck,  that one #002 you can't see, not allowed

But I see so many photos with real Vignette and other graphic artist's ideas of floating banjos for dreaming about, and, and real, I said, and real sound files from different types of hardware and surface cosmetics.

Note we have never seen a blocked sound byte.  Nope, you can't hear THIS banjo because somebody got pissed off. (irritated.)

I'm just making a suggestion for improvement of the experience.


Otherwise remembering the flame wars typical of a startup interest group that took place here.  

Sherry, we have invited you, and you know about the open stage tonight, you have musical skills that are gifts, and I hope you can find the joy to share some of those with us.

"If you can't stand the heat."  Is your quote.  

Me, my music and my instruments do just fine thank you.  One is unfairly locked up due to a simple misunderstanding, but she is missing in action, come on.  A tubaphone with a bracket band from an import, oooooooooooooh.

And no, I'm not going to just reload those pictures, I paid 2% for this privilege. 

I'm asking for business-like conflict resolution, it's been years, I get more business, frankly.  The internet is not music, the electric world doesn't dream. 

I'm a writer, I have enjoyed writing here on this forum, the heat in the kitchen is better if we are "cookin'."

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