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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Improvising on the 5 string with 21 techniques

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mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 03/22/2018:  07:01:05

Improvising is a subject that comes up many times on this site so I'm going to take a shot at trying to help. I have a chart that shows 21 techniques that are commonly employed in bluegrass, blues, etc. styles of music. Some people who know theory will get the idea from just looking at the chart, most will be very confused. So my plan is to apply the chart to the 5 string for a more concrete experience. I will give the example in every key progressing up chromatically from A, Bb etc. Some of these keys are very rare but you learn a lot by trying to fit the licks into them. Many will never have been used in a song because a capo was used to keep it in a more friendly key. As I post the tabs I will fill in the list below which eventually will give you an arsenal of material for your improvisations. Please try to apply what you see and hear to the master chart in the PDF.

Feel free to ask questions! Rick

p.s. mix up sections of licks, add syncopations by stopping and change 16th slides to 8ths etc. I’ve added a set of files to demonstrate.

1. slide from 2 to b3

2. slideupfrom6to1

3. hammeronfrom2to3 

4. pullofffrom3to2

5. hammeronfrom5to6 

6. pullofffrom6to5

7. pullofffromb3to2

8. boogie woogie on 5 and 6 

9. add blues with b5 to 5

10. add blues with b3 to 3 

11. add blues with 6 to b7 

12. add blues with b7 to 8

13. walk down 8 6 5 3









Edited by - mmuussiiccaall on 05/29/2018 20:24:14

Mooooo - Posted - 03/22/2018:  11:17:51

This is a great Idea Rick, I can't wait to see more.

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 03/24/2018:  11:15:20

I've updated my post

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