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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: TOTW - Wounded Hussar

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strokestyle - Posted - 08/20/2010:  12:07:23

The Wounded Hussar – also known and pronounced as The Wounded Hoosier.

I would love some help here if anyone knows more about this tune. My best guess is that the tune morphed during civil war time.
When I first heard this tune I really enjoyed its solemn quality. The Original Skirtlifter’s recorded it on their “Fire Alarm” cassette long time ago. Fire Alarm can be found on Billy Mathews Website The liner notes simply say civil war tune. Skirtlifters recorded it with a drum as the tune is a march.
The fiddlers companion book attributes the tune to a Scottish poet Thomas Campbell in 1825. You can read more about it here

You have to go to my homepage and look for the tune under Wounded Hussar:
Here is an MP3 of Billy Mathews playing this tune on his fiddle

Here is an MP3 of me playing the tune in EAEAB on my JB Schall Orchestra Banjo 28” scale length nylgut minstrel strings

The definition of Hussar can be found here
1. A horseman of the Hungarian light cavalry organized during the 15th century.
2. A member of any of similar, ornately uniformed European units of light cavalry.

The tune is very old and there is a you tube video of Barney Mc Kenna and Tony Mac Mahon playing a tune by this name, but it is not the same tune I know as Wounded Hussar

Marcus Martin is noted as playing the tune He has recorded it on one of his cd her

vrteach - Posted - 08/20/2010:  14:26:00

Cool, It occurred to me to do this tune for a TOTW. But, I haven't really played it on banjo so I didn't.

The session has a page on "The Wounded Hussar", but I don't think it's the same tune. At least after moving the ABC to MIDI, I didn't think the melody is the same. But, it could easily be related.

I have an embarrassing fiddle version on my personal site which I recorded in March. At that point I had a messed up version of the B part in my head. I title it Wounded Hoosier, maybe I'll change that.

Edited by - vrteach on 08/20/2010 14:48:12

jojo25 - Posted - 08/20/2010:  14:43:01

Nice Christine...very nice

ramjo - Posted - 08/20/2010:  14:54:25

Nice. This is one of those you seem to hear all over the place--in sound tracks, within medleys on recordings, at festivals. I really liked your deep-tone setting on the long banjo, Christine. Nice playing.

Martin Fox and Jeff Winegar also credit Marcus Martin for the "Wounded Hoosier." They also state that the tune "may be related to the Irish air, "The Wounded Hussar."

tfaux - Posted - 08/20/2010:  15:47:19

Wow Christine, nice choice. Sounds really ba%$sy on that big banjo.

strokestyle - Posted - 08/21/2010:  07:54:43

Hey thanks everyone. That big banjo can hit that bottom range, I am still trying to tame it.
Vrteach thanks for the link to both your music and the session. So this tune has all those names, but when you listen to the You tube video when Barney and Tony that I linked above sure sounds like a different tune to me.
Ramjo thanks for the link. I am glad people play this in jams. I had never heard it before Billy introduced it to me recently.
Thanks tfaux and Jojo25.

jojo25 - Posted - 08/21/2010:  09:08:11

for some reason this tune reminded me of "The Battle of Aughrim"...not that its a related tune...other than the feel

I love those tunes about death and dark themes

RG - Posted - 08/21/2010:  23:58:49

Great choice Christine...really cool on that Schall...check out Edden Hammon's "Queen of the Earth and Child of the Skies" and compare to this mentioned, I love Marcus Martin's version of "Wounded Hoosier" on "When I Get My New House Done"...

Edited by - RG on 08/21/2010 23:59:50

ELWOOD - Posted - 08/22/2010:  16:36:57

Love that down , how low can you go Big string long scale sound...........Just great sounding......ELWOOD

strokestyle - Posted - 08/24/2010:  14:08:46

Thanks again. The night before I was responsible for the TOTW I played this tune with my drummer friend Mike Klein. Nuts encouraged me to post the recording we did of the drum and banjo together. Mike had not brushed up on the traditional drum style for marches but he sure does a really great job. So I posted that version under my music also

Since this tune is a march it is very fitting to have the drum in there.

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