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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Deering = Mastercraft Packages?

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Strollmaster - Posted - 03/04/2010:  16:33:46

I'm looking for a good Banjo Package and want to only buy American. I've found these two options but I cant tell the difference.

Same Cost, Both heads have the same "Made In America" star.
But looking into Mastercraft = says MasterCraft is made in China and Korea.

They just look way to similar to be made by a different manufacture.

If you know of a better American Made Banjo package deal, please post.

What are your thoughts please?

David Pittman Sr - Posted - 03/04/2010:  16:48:31

I bought the mastercraft as a package price point. The people at banjo hut set it up for me and tuned it. It sounds good and very easy to fret. I would like to move up to an american made instrument as I learn to play better

SharBee - Posted - 03/04/2010:  17:03:09

Helix...made in Arizona

Jesse C - Posted - 03/04/2010:  17:22:40

That particular Mastercraft (which is the Banjo Hut house brand) is made by Deering for the Banjo Hut. So it is made in the U.S.A. The other Mastercraft models are made in Asia.

1four5 - Posted - 03/04/2010:  17:23:18

Same banjo, if you look closer at the pictures, the mastercraft headstock says "mastercraft by Goodtime" on it, the Deering logo on the head is under the tailpiece, and the tailpiece also has the Deering logo.

Another vote for Helix! I LOVE mine!

And don't discount the used banjos in the classifieds here. They are settled in, the kinks worked out of them, more banjo for your money, usually set up and stable, and often nice extras at no costs like case, strap etc...

Edited by - 1four5 on 03/04/2010 17:27:08

Strollmaster - Posted - 03/04/2010:  17:29:15

Thanks, I did notice that the Tailpiece had some similar etching on it but couldnt make out what it said. Thanks for all the help!

1four5 - Posted - 03/04/2010:  17:43:40

I like the Mastercraft inlay better than the Deering's inlay.

churtgo - Posted - 03/04/2010:  18:09:37

I also like the Mastercraft inlay. Do yourself a favor and buy the Deering not the one made in china!!!!!

Janet Deering - Posted - 03/11/2010:  06:40:54

It is the real deal. Made in the U.S.A. We made both of those banjos here in Spring Valley.

"Master Craft" is Banjo Hut's own brand. We agreed to do a special run of Goodtime banjos for him and so both of those banjo choices are made here by Deering.

When business is slow, new options arise. This helped us keep our crew working in the Fall last year when things were so slow and we really needed to boost sales.

Martin Guitars made the Ditson Guitars for a department store chain in Boston way back. Just Google Ditson Guitar by Martin and you'll find the history of that.

This has been a practice that has kept companies working in other slow downs. The Silvertone banjos sold by Sears were made by Harmony or Kay.

Some stores have their own brand of products made specifically for them so that they have something unique to sell. Usually these days they go to Asia makers for that. But, isn't it great when they will have an American factory make it.

The Master Craft Goodtime banjos we made for Banjo Hut were done as a limited run. I don't know if we will have room in our schedule to continue making these banjos for Banjo Hut in the future. We will see....

Edited by - Janet Deering on 03/11/2010 06:48:16

1four5 - Posted - 03/11/2010:  07:58:18

Thanks for the explination!
Looks like the American made Mastercraft might be a collectors item ... especialy with the cool inlay

Strollmaster - Posted - 03/11/2010:  11:32:53

Thanks Janet for the help. I went ahead and got the Goodtime 2. I didnt want the Mastercraft name, nothing against the Banjo Hut. I did like the inlay of the mastercraft also, however I do like the new inlay of the Goodtime 2 compared to the older style. Just need to pick up a strap for it and i'm good to go. I was hoping my Banjo would come in the awesome Deering Box but instead it came in some cardboard that said Fragile. Big whoop, I love the Banjo and am glad I went with Deering! Thanks

Janet Deering - Posted - 03/12/2010:  07:59:24

You're most welcome.

I'm pleased that you like the new bow tie inlays on the Goodtime 2.
Greg had fun designing them. I'll pass your compliment along to Greg.

We offer straps to fit the Goodtime banjos on our newly revised website at

Soon we will have it set up so you can register your warranty on line.

I'm glad that you love your new Goodtime 2 banjo. Thanks for choosing a Deering.

We wish you many years of enjoyment playing your banjo.

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