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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Band in Box Songs saved to Mass Storage Device

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R Fox - Posted - 03/13/2008:  09:24:11

Hey all, I was going to save my Band in the Box songs to the storage chip for my Zoom H2 recorder, and so I copied a few of them - they are .SGU files, to my chip and put it in my Zoom H2, but the Zoom H2 says there is no data on the display and nothing will play. I know that I can play the BB songs thru the speakers on my computer and record them with my Zoom H2, but I was wondering how I can just transfer them instead of having to record them. It would save time to just transfer the music. Ross

Ross Fox

leftcoastbanjer - Posted - 03/13/2008:  10:40:57

Hi Ross, the H2 will not recognize .SGU files, just audio files like MP3 and WAV. If you want the Band in a Box songs on your H2, you will have to record them to an audio file (MP3 or WAV) in order to play them on your H2.

Chief #141

R Fox - Posted - 03/13/2008:  11:22:46

Thanks Larry for the info. Question: Can I convert the .SGU files to a MP3 or WAV file within my computer and then transfer them?? Ross

Ross Fox

leftcoastbanjer - Posted - 03/13/2008:  11:29:42

The .SGU files are only used by Band in a Box and can't be converted directly to an MP3 or WAV file. The .SGU files are not actually audio files but instead include information about midi events and midi instruments that are within Band in a Box. You would have to record the audio Band in a Box plays with an audio program like Audacity or directly with your H2.

Chief #141

Woolpersteve - Posted - 03/13/2008:  11:50:17

Great bit of infromation, having just purchased an H2 .Thanks for asking the ? Ross and thanks to Larry for nailing the answer.

"The Dude abides"

R Fox - Posted - 03/13/2008:  12:54:23

Thanks Larry! Ross

Ross Fox

pgboyd - Posted - 03/13/2008:  13:36:30

In the Windows version, you can render to a WAV or MP3 from within BIAB. There is a menu selection from AUDIO - RENDER AUDIO TO STEREO WAV. You may also be able to convert to MP3, depending on whether or not you have the Windows audio codecs installed (they don't come with BIAB because of licensing issues.) There is some detail on how to do this on the website->

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