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Jun 19, 2024 - 7:44:25 PM
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I’ve been writing my own patterns and working to play them perfectly. I still alternate between index and ring finger and sometimes I switch during one of the patterns. I’ve been using an electronic metronome and practicing with volume using a decibel meter app.

I’m working to play 10 measures of the complex pattern that doesn’t repeat so that I can hit any string without thinking and then repeat faster then repeat slower with the index all the way through then the middle all the way through. And I’ve taught myself the G chord in open g tuning all the way down the neck and can find it anytime while playing to the metronome switching every four beats. I’m feeling prerty good at hitting a given string, strum and fifth in a bum diddy or any other pattern just by reading. I’m still going slow with only 60-80 bpm but it’s sounding good.

Jun 20, 2024 - 6:36:34 AM
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Awesome! I think you will see exponential growth over time. But don't be too surprised if you hit a plateau now and then.

Jun 20, 2024 - 5:51:52 PM

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Yeah! Sounds like you’re getting things into your subconscious; in other words, patterns are forming.

Jun 21, 2024 - 7:37:30 AM

34 posts since 4/19/2024

Ignore the top which is a song called Cluck old hen (which seems to be a popular beginner song and I used to learn the framework of tablature) I have been drawing exercises like the bottom four lines of tablature and playing them with a metronome starting a few weeks ago at 50 bpm hundreds of times with index and with middle finger (sometimes alternating between them when changing measures). I’ve been gradually increasing the tempo and I’m now up to 120 bpm l. I’m focused entirely on uniform tone and ensuring that my thumb rest securely impacts the fifth string and then spring up to either start the next hammer or chime the fifth string.

I’m not working on strumming yet although I will. I’m writing some short scripts that will help me write random patterns with an API to a tablature program I downloaded so that I can generate whole pages of these exercises for myself. I can definitely tell when I lose focus and stop reading the next lines but I can also tell as I’ve memorized a section.

I’ll obviously move to other techniques such as hammer or pull off or thumb drop or strums but one focus at a time.

Right now a practice consists of a 30 minute session of a set like this played backwards and forwards reacting to the randomness of the different strings and striving to have clear hammer sound and clear thump ring with uniform tempo.

I have only practiced the strum a few times but it’s next on my list. I read that getting into bum ditty as the principle starting point can limit you on randomness so I’m learning random patterns and the ability to read forward a measure or two and then learn to memorize measures to hit every string.

I also separately taught myself all of the major chords up and down the neck in G major so I practice those while calling them out with these patterns. That’s the part that’s actually been easy as I learned the shapes and what makes up each chord.

Love and appreciate your thoughts.


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