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Apr 21, 2024 - 9:54:07 AM
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Was given this Goya GB35 5 string without case. Don't know how much to list it for.

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Apr 21, 2024 - 10:21:58 AM
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There seems to be some confusion on naming. I've seen something called a GB35 with better specs and something called a GB55 more similar to this.

Anyway it appears to be an Asian made cheapie rebadged for whoever owned the the Goya name at the time. I'd say $100. It is missing the resonator.

Apr 21, 2024 - 10:25:56 AM

2 posts since 4/21/2024

That’s what it says on the back: GB35

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Apr 21, 2024 - 11:08:25 AM
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I agree with Gra-Hawk but only if critical parts (neck, rim, tuners, head) are not damaged (twisted, misaligned, stripped, split) and that it only needs tuning - not a pay-out-pocket setup. (A freebie setup might be OK depending on the do-er.)

Personally, if any of the above needs work you would likely find the fix(es) w-a-a-y more expensive than the banjo is worth. And personally, if any of this work needs to be done, to even make it playable, then whoever owns it now should simply give it to you as a token of friendship or banjo pity (huh ?...wha ?..).

If money involved .....worth it ? careful what shop you ask. .....or, if REALLY, REALLY wanna play banjo, save the $100 for a better one next time around. Of course my opinion only.

Apr 21, 2024 - 11:33:17 AM
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I used to run the POSITIVE NOTE MUSIC store on Oakland Avenue, east side of Milwaukee.

POSITIVE NOTE MUSIC (The Best Folking Music Store in Town)

That's a low-end Asian import, and with the resonator missing, but NO OTHER significant flaws, it's going to be hard to get a hundred for it.

You COULD tell us where you ARE, and, with thousands of OutHangers in at least 50 nations around the world, maybe somebody could be close enough to give it a good evaluation.

Shipping's a bummer, based on the SIZE of such a long item.
But, it's fairly easy to take the neck off, make it smaller.

Maybe one of us would want it to loan out to beginners who we take on as students.

Calculate United States Postal shipping to ZIP code 53080 and PM me with the lowest amount you'd be willing to take.

I've taken apart and re-assembled several similar over the past half century, and it hold no terror.

Or, just PM me with your ZIP code, and I'll calculate postage and give you my bid.

Somebody, somewhere always needs an inexpensive but playable banjo.

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Apr 21, 2024 - 1:47:56 PM

1676 posts since 11/10/2022

Theres a couple GB55 Goyas in my local cl for 150. Theyve been on awhile. 75 is a good sellable price since its missing parts.

Apr 21, 2024 - 4:29:07 PM

15219 posts since 6/2/2008

I saw an Aria version of this type of banjo in my neighborhood shop this afternoon with an asking price of $239. Only difference in construction I could see is where the resonator attachment plates on yours have three holes for wood screws, the one in the shop had single thumbscrews as you'd see on a slightly higher instrument.

I think they were asking too much. But it's a shop that needs to make a profit and the instrument could well have been on consignment.

So I agree with others that with the resonator missing from yours it may be tough to get even $100.

HOWEVER . . . I think you would greatly help your cause by removing the resonator plates and selling this as an open back. That way there'd be no indication the resonator is missing. You could put the plates in a plastic bag and throw them in the case or gig bag (if there is one). Or just offer them at the time of sale. "Here's some other parts that came with this. I think it's for adding a resonator if you want to do that."

Apr 21, 2024 - 5:06:45 PM

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If you take off the resonator plates, the banjo will look like this one that was just posted:

Apr 22, 2024 - 5:29:37 AM
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3002 posts since 8/30/2012

Playable used no-name openback: $75-100 at the very most. The cost of shipping likely exceeds the value of the banjo.

You can get one brand new on Amazon for $150 shipped, and that includes a case, strap, tuner, and extra set of strings.

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