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Sep 11, 2023 - 7:49:34 AM



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Hello all folks in banjo land! Unless I am very mistaken, at some point several years ago I remember seeing a banjo strap that was described as a "back saver banjo strap." Seems to me to the best of my recollection this strap had TWO straps that went over the shoulders and onto the back, kind of like what one sees on a backpack. More or less like the baby carrying things that one sees today, only the baby (in this case, the banjo) is on the FRONT side of the wearer. Can anyone point me in the right direction to obtain one of these style straps, or remember who made them or carried them? I'm trying to help a buddy find one of these straps, - his back is giving him trouble and something to spread that weight of the banjo more evenly across his shoulders and back would be a huge help as opposed to the standard strap that puts all the weight on one shoulder! Thanks in advance for any help!

Sep 11, 2023 - 8:10:54 AM
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This one is for a guitar, but would something like that help? Go here:

Sep 11, 2023 - 11:40:05 AM

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It was probably the Slider banjo strap, which I believe went out of production. The other possibility is the Neotech, which is still in production: NEOTECH  I used one once.  It attaches with two clips like the ones used on backpacks, etc.  I just have a problem trusting my banjo to the integrity of those things.   Can't say it failed, but I would worry.  Nor would I superglue the clips shut because you need to remove the strap to fit the banjo in most cases.

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Sep 11, 2023 - 1:15:23 PM

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There was a gentleman advertising the kind of strap you’re talking about. I believe his name was Mike Rowe he was a member here I believe ? I’m not sure if that is the strap or if he still offers it . It’s with checking out though. Good luck

Sep 11, 2023 - 6:44:59 PM

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The late Paul Hawthorne had severe back problems and ended up making his own straps. They were interesting, but involved. He thought the solution to back and shoulder problems was to keep the banjo's center of gravity even with the center of your body, and to distribute the weight evenly across both shoulders.

Let's see if I can post a link. (I'm not sure how)

I grew up watching Doug Dillard and others who used narrow straps on just the right shoulder. I can't manage that myself, but it worked for them.

Sep 12, 2023 - 6:05:26 PM



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I can, and have years ago, used a smaller/thinner strap on just one shoulder, but I certainly don't use that method anymore. I found it to be uncomfortable and not banjo player friendly. Nowadays I generally use a wider (1 1/2" or so in width) strap, over/across both shoulders, that attaches to one hook at each end, but I actually run the ends of the strap underneath 2 or 3 other hooks before final attachment. I am sure I have actually seen the strap in use, that I was trying to help my friend find, but I suppose it's been years ago, and apparently it never was all that popular or widely available. The Hawthorne strap referred to in the last post by flange warp (by the way, thanks!) is very close or may in fact be about what I remember seeing. But regardless, thanks to all who chimed in! Sherry (Texas banjo) thanks for your info. I think my buddy is going to try that particular strap, and he may have to modify it just a bit, but that shouldn't be any problem, he's pretty handy!

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