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Tera Preta Revisited: 8 feet of Amazon Black Earth

Jan 29, 2023 - 3:42:13 AM
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Amazon Black Earth is only found in the Amazon and is a product of human habitation.

They can't grow crops in the Amazon because there's too much rain and it washes the nutrients away.

In the last 20 years or so researchers found these pits of black soil 8 feet deep.  
It seems two tribes fought a war over 40 acres of black soil.

They say it looks like a jungle frat party.
Trash, refuse, waste, broken bones, pottery  AND Charcoal.  That's the key.
Other organisms occur only when Charcoal is present. The black soil will not wash away with rain, nor can sun destroy it with UV.

It locks up tons of carbon.  They can't yet find the limit of how much carbon it can lock up.  No limit. 

I have a snail vine giving shade to the front of our home.

I found the banana peel hack on line.
Just banana peel alone is enough to get this going.
You cut the peel crossways into little pieces, add charcoal and you have a reconditioned miracle grow base. There is more carbon in banana peel.

In November, I started this and the vine went back into bloom with bigger flowers.  She "arranged" her leaves in perfect symmetry with the sun. Vines are curious.   And she calls the earthworms. 

Then we added the coffee grounds for iron.  So peels, charcoal and coffee made me 24" of Tera Preta right here in the desert where it's very dry.
It gets sun every day facing South.  Add a little water for a seething micro community.

The wagon wheel ruts in the prairie can be seen from outer space.  The reason is that iron wheels mash the earth and pack it under the weight of wagons to where it forms a kind of cement that lasts.

Jethro Tull was the king's botanist.  He required farmers to till in different directions instead of just one way all the time.  

Have you heard of this?
It provides food even up into colder climates.

I've seen the 18" of top soil up in Canada's wheat fields, and out in Oregon and Washington's breadbasket.

They are rotating crops in the Amazon, like corn and squash, they can grow any crop in Tera Preta anywhere on earth. 


Check out Siberia and what the Russians have done in melting the permafrost.  Anthrax was eradicated at the turn of the last century.  A Reindeer herder returned from town to find 200 of his reindeer now dead from 1200 year old Anthrax. 

The permafrost requires big herds of roaming grazers to disturb the surface with hooves.  That is enough to keep it frozen down deeper.

The Russians have subdued Siberia by building huge cities, towns, airports and industry on top of the permafrost with no roaming herds to chew it up.

The researchers are using Elephants, camels, horses, and other hardy types up North in the cold to stir up the permafrost in the first 200 acres. They borrowed a military tracked vehicle to go in and chew things up to get it started.   

But whole towns have sunken into the earth by being thawed out.  And METHANE IS A BY-PRODUCT OF THAWING. 

Yes, it's going to get really serious since the Russians have completely drained the Aral Sea beyond repair. 

We Americans did the same with Thule Lake in southern Oregon.  The Modoc National Americans and Captain Jack fought a 2 year war with the US. Cavalry.

Thule Lake had fish, fowl and Spadderdock which has more protein that White Man's  irrigated wheat.  We had to reintroduce the Desert Bighorn Sheep.

 In the 3rd world Big clay bowls infused with silver provide fresh clean drinking water which we all need every day for whole communities. 

What will you do during nuclear winter?  Eat mushrooms. Feed 'em Tera Preta and keep 'em in the dark.  

Even if you grow indoors, you can make your own Black Earth, grow really big food that is more nutritious than hot house, tasteless imported product and enjoy life for once. 

What say you?



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