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Dec 9, 2022 - 8:18:12 PM
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I know there are all sorts of active and passive pickups, but this is specifically in reference to small, omnidirectional condenser pickups.

For example, Meyers makes The Feather... a little rig with a small condenser capsule for banjo, dobro etc... but I could not find any technical specs like frequency response graph, max. SPL, sensitivity etc., whereas my earpiece mic for singling publishes their specs.

I have a decent, thin-line Samson earpiece mic. for singing, speaking etc.. it's not the $200 one, but it's about $100 and pretty good compared to a $35 speaking mic (I have the Samson SE10 earpiece mic). I was wondering if it might sound just as good as something, jury-rigged onto my banjo, like a Meyers Feather made for the purpose...? They both have a small, omnidirectional condenser capsule pickup/mic.

I like to tinker (run two or three types of pickups into a mixer and mix their differences to suit), so retrofitting something (if it works) is worth saving a couple hundred bucks for a redundant thing (esp. since I never use my mic for singing or speaking, anyway).

Frequency response looks fine but I guess my biggest concern would be my Samson SE10 lists Max SPL as being 140dB (the newer SE10x says 130dB and I bet it's the same capsule).
I have no idea how loud (in pressures or dB) it gets up close to the head.

I don't know if it's virtually the same 3mm or so omnidirectional condenser capsule in a Samson SE10 for speaking/singing as a Meyers Feather or if they are vastly different.

Sure would be convenient if they're very similar. I'd convert mine into a type of banjo pickup I don't already have, without spending redundant cash (I've made a couple different piezo types, a bridge one and a head disc, and I am even tinkering with a wooden head replacement with a cheap humbucker to put on an old banjo, but that's a whole different banjo conversion project).

Any thoughts on the possible differences between a thin-line speaking/singing condenser mic and an acoustic instrument condenser capsule of the same size? Are instrument condenser "pickups" meant to handle louder than 130 or 140dB?

Does anyone have any specs on an instrument model? The specs on my vocal mic are attached.

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