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“Tech/Electronika” for Song Sheet/Tab/Video Repository and Playback?

Oct 18, 2021 - 12:05:12 PM
469 posts since 10/21/2009


I have a “large question”…. parts of which have come up on this site many times but the posts/forums I see are from many years ago.

Since this stuff evolves greatly over time, I’m asking for your experience, positives and negatives, based on options that are available Today.

The reason for the question is I’d like to get one repository for all of my banjo learning music, in all the usual formats; and I’ll be choosing the hardware and software and/or subscription etc all at the same time.

So here’s the question:

** What is the tech hardware and software that has “risen to the top” of all the options for storing and using old format (paper copy, cd, dvd) to-be-transferred, and new format (downloading, various website formats) music, tabs, and lesson material that we use to learn and play?

(For indoors and outdoors; solo and share with a group.)

For example:

Hardware: Ipad, tablet, or other?
A couple questions…
1). What makes one type better, for this purpose?
2). What size screen is best for standing and playing?
3). Which ones have a Visible Screen in all lighting?
4). Do any of them work for several people to see the song lyrics etc at the same time? Paper song sheets work; most screens that I know of can’t be seen from an angle.

Software.. what do you recommend?
A couple questions also..
1). Is there any good freeware for editing/storing/using song sheets?
2). Among subscription services, are your “sheet music” files usable if you discontinue the subscription?
3). Which ones allow putting notes on a sheet with a stylus )mimicking pencil and paper)?

… And all the other questions I didn’t ask or didn’t know to ask :)

Thank you.


Oct 21, 2021 - 11:27:19 AM



469 posts since 10/21/2009

Wow! This question has obviously been a hit in responses! Crickets.

So I’ll add one more:
It would really be helpful if whatever “repository” I store a voluminous number of songs in, I could include a short RECORDING of, well, probably me, singing the melody (into my phone), and attach it to the song file.

It would be Much Easier than staring at the words and chords of a song (you know, another I, IV, V or very similar), and trying to remember how This particular song goes, where I pause, which words have to be bunched together, etc.

Maybe someone will chime in with a great setup for all this. Seems to be enough reading interest..


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