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Sep 23, 2021 - 9:22:19 PM


New Zealand

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I understood that there were two massive musical instrument factories in Northern China! One made all the entry level/low end instruments and the other the high end ones. They were connected to the Dalian Da Yuan Musical Instrument co in Dalian China.

I have heard over time that one of them closed down. I have their catalogue of 'Rally' branded instruments.

Can anyone advise the status of this company?

Sep 24, 2021 - 3:31:42 AM

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For all things Pacific Rim, ask desert rose. He has worked with and been in most of these places.

Sep 24, 2021 - 3:57:49 AM

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Recently, news reports tell of China cracking down on businesses they feel are not toeing the party line. Alibaba is being investigated. So is a Chinese real estate business.

Several US manufacturers are considering pulling out of China. In fact, the South China Sea is one of the sticky points for all this activity. Saber rattling unnerves every business.

Sep 24, 2021 - 6:07:31 AM

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As far as I know Dae Won closed down. They were a Korean company who made instruments in China in partnership with Dalian Da Yuan Musical Instrument co who were listed (both addresses appeared at the bottom of the page) on the Dae Won website.

Most of the main instrument suppliers in the UK had banjos made there often rebadges of the factory instruments like the Rally banjos sometimes with slightly different specs. These included Stentor with the Ozark brand and John Hornby Skewes with the Pilgrim brand. Others included Countryman (Hohner), Ashbury and Tonewood/Heartwood. I think Morgan Monroes came from the same factory and some early Recording King open backs (The California range) as well as Banjo Hut. Also Fenders and Gretsch resonator banjos. I think Goldtones came from there for a while and very similar banjos to the CC100 can be seen in other brands. They also made other instruments such as mandolins for these companies. You can see import notices for instance banjos and mandolins for Fender from Dalian Da Yuan Musical Instrument co.

Some brands disappeared even before the Dae Won closure and the guitar companies stopped having banjos made. I guess the remainder have found another facility.

Exactly what happened besides the closure I don't know and who makes stuff now is unclear.

Sep 24, 2021 - 8:37:35 AM
likes this

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I can thank Graham he posted correct details so I dont have to duplicate them.

I can add that no companies using the Dae Won banjo company did not find a replacement factory, they have just gone away. Morgan Monroe is one prime example their entire line up of signature instruments came from Dae Won, rebadged Rally instruments and they are gone, nobody has yet stepped into take up this level of instument making. Morgan Monroe now supplies only the bottom level instruments

The lower level instruments were not sourced from one supplier as Wayne suggested, there are multiple suppliers doing this market.

The Dae Won factory was formed when Sam Ick stopped all instrument manufacturing in Korea, the Korean connection was financing and personal from Sam Ick. Sam Ick instruments banjos mandolins guitars were made using Chinese made Korean managed subcontractor parts and labor long before Dae Won started, but it was conglomerated and formed after the close of Sam Ick


Sep 24, 2021 - 8:47:55 AM
like this

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The two brands least effected by this were Recording King and Gold Star.
Goldstar uses a network of subcontractors to make parts and components and they are finished and assembled in their Qingdao factory, that i helped set up about 2001.

Recording King makes virtually everything themselves including owning the tooling and processes for metal parts. much of what is subcontracted is done at Rk owned or controlled subcontractors

There is no one today that can supply the upper range instruments like Morgan Monroe Fender Washburn etc at this time no one has stepped into fill the void yet


Sep 24, 2021 - 10:20:15 AM

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Originally posted by desert rose

The lower level instruments were not sourced from one supplier as Wayne suggested, there are multiple suppliers doing this market.

This raises a question with me. Besides the really cheap end there are banjos which are a bit better with equivalent specs to the Goldtone CC100 perhaps even a bit better (My Pilgrim Jubilee for instance). There are versions in the Rally range in their California range. Were these made by Dae Won/ Dalian Da Yuan? They seem to still be around in the UK, although not so many, along with Ozark and Ashbury equivalents so I guess this tells me the answer might be no.

Sep 28, 2021 - 12:01:49 AM

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The rk California series openbacks were made at Dae Won and no this level of instrument is not available the limit is easy to check MM banjos now are int bottom feeders and sourced from the few suppliers still in this low range nothing higher than MM lineup on their site is available. As we discussed a while back off list these is one option but contact me off list for thyis

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