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Sep 17, 2021 - 2:40:11 AM
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Hello Carlo,

Would there be any tuning Sean Moyses cannot play? Just like the other Plectrum Banjo Cardinals that Omeboy mentions. We are talking about people who earn there living with it and are probably practicing for hours each day. The only person in the Netherlands who plays plectrum tuning and, as far as I know, earns his living with it is Tom Stuip. Find him on youtube, if you're interested.

After playing CGDA-tuning on a tenor for over 30 years, I wanted to convert to plectrum, as I always liked the different sound. Tom advised me to completely abandon the tenor and stick to plectrum tuning, as otherwise I would not never get the chords in my fingers. He was right. It took me over two years, and now, when I get a tenor in my hands, I can hardly get the other fingering right. So all my four instrument (one top class, another nearly as good, my faithful tenor and my 50-year self built bantaar) are all in CGBD-tuning.

Had I been a guitar player originally, I might have prefered DGBE, the four highest strings of the guitar. Soundwise, there is not too much difference with plectrum tuning (for my old ears anyway).

So my advise, Carlo: take on the standard CGBD, stick to it and follow the advise of Eddie Smith, banjo player in the Chris Barber band in 1956: "get yourself a decent banjo and practice like mad". Having seen and played both the Deering and the Goldtone, I would go for a Goldtone. And if you're getting the hang of it, go for the next level. There are enough Vega's around to choose from if the time has come. Or the odd Leedy, maybe?.

Good luck with it and join in with the Boschstraat Banjo Band, if you happen to be around and The Virus is permitting it:

Someone once remarked: "yes, a group like that can do a lot of damage.....". But great atmosphere.


P.S. sorry for not being able to write in Italian, hope my English will do.

Sep 18, 2021 - 6:49:48 AM

craig wood


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Alright..St. Louis blues. So well done.
Im beginning to understand that i could show up anywhere and find a band like this..
Might be time..

Sep 19, 2021 - 9:09:10 AM

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A thought; try GDAD ADAD or even GDAE and capo to other keys. Yes those are "fiddle" tunings. The first; GDAD is also Irish bouzouki tuning (the ADAD is a variation of that and fiddle).

Think of this: as long as the instrument can be played in a group with other instruments (and in the key that is the most appropriate) does it matter what the tuning is? I'm not making a point, that is a real concern of mine. I find myself constantly "experimenting" with other tunings than the standard for an instrument. I have acquired a plectrum banjo and have tuned it to ADAD. BUT I have tuned my bouzouki to that also and I have been attempting to play more Irish tunes, especially the classic airs, so I am focused on a specific genre and what I have learned and experienced might not be useful for others.

My choice for brand would be Goldtone. I am of the opinion that Deering is overrated and over priced.

Sep 20, 2021 - 1:36:03 AM



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Thanks to all for the valuable advice. now I'll try to understand !!

Sep 20, 2021 - 1:42:37 AM



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Postato originariamente da jazzman_NP

Ciao Carlo,

ci sarebbe qualche accordatura che Sean Moyses non può suonare? Proprio come gli altri cardinali a plettro Banjo menzionati da Omeboy. Stiamo parlando di persone che ci guadagnano vivendo con esso e che probabilmente si esercitano per ore ogni giorno. L'unica persona nei Paesi Bassi che suona l'accordatura a plettro e, per quanto ne so, si guadagna da vivere con essa è Tom Stuip. Se ti interessa trovalo su youtube.

Dopo aver suonato l'accordatura CGDA su un tenore per oltre 30 anni, ho voluto convertire al plettro, poiché mi è sempre piaciuto il suono diverso. Tom mi ha consigliato di abbandonare completamente il tenore e attenermi all'accordatura a plettro, altrimenti non avrei mai avuto gli accordi tra le dita. Lui aveva ragione. Mi ci sono voluti più di due anni, e ora, quando ho tra le mani un tenore, faccio fatica a diteggiare bene l'altra. Quindi tutti i miei quattro strumenti (uno di prima classe, un altro quasi altrettanto buono, il mio fedele tenore e il mio bantaar autocostruito da 50 anni) sono tutti accordati CGBD.

Se fossi stato un chitarrista in origine, avrei preferito DGBE, le quattro corde più alte della chitarra. Dal punto di vista del suono, non c'è troppa differenza con l'accordatura a plettro (per le mie vecchie orecchie comunque).

Quindi il mio consiglio, Carlo: prendi il CGBD standard, attieniti ad esso e segui il consiglio di Eddie Smith, suonatore di banjo nella band di Chris Barber nel 1956: "prenditi un banjo decente e pratica come un matto". Avendo visto e suonato sia il Deering che il Goldtone, opterei per un Goldtone. E se ci stai imparando, passa al livello successivo. Ci sono abbastanza Vega in giro tra cui scegliere se è arrivato il momento. O lo strano Leedy, forse?.

Buona fortuna e unisciti alla Boschstraat Banjo Band, se ti capita di essere in giro e The Virus lo consente:

Qualcuno una volta ha osservato: "sì , un gruppo così può fare molti danni.....". Ma ottima atmosfera.


PS scusa per non essere in grado di scrivere in italiano, spero che il mio inglese vada bene.

hey Nico, thanks for the links. if I go through the Nederland I'll look for them. Bert nice

Oct 19, 2021 - 10:22:49 AM



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good Evening friends, I 'm happy!!! here in Italy I bought a Boston Deering Plectrum. Thanks you all for your council!!! I have to study

Edited by - carlo60 on 10/19/2021 10:23:56

Oct 21, 2021 - 6:34:58 PM

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Congratulations, Carlo!

I wish you many happy hours with your new banjo.

Let us know how you are doing every now and then.

Your banjo buddy,


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