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Classifieds Messaging System Sending Member Communications To "The Dump" ?

Sep 8, 2021 - 12:03:33 AM
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Dear Eric schlange,

I feel the Banjo Hanngout is one of the finer things about the Internet. You do a fine job running this excellent site. For many years I have enjoyed and benefited from the ability to buy and sell on the site. The commission charged for selling seems more than fair and I have often wondered why it isn't more!

I'm starting this thread, not to complain, but rather to ask for help or guidance.  

Lately I have been experiencing a significant number of messages passed through the Classified System being misdirected to my and other Member's Spam Folders. This had never happened to me in the past so I have interpreting this apparent "lack of communication" as a loss of interest, by other Members, in the transactions. This has caused a loss of a sale or two. Worse yet it has caused a couple of Members to miss out on items that they wished to purchase even though they had spoken up first and had received assurance from me that the item was "their's".

 I hope to benefit from your or other Member's comments as I don't discount the possibility that I many have created some situation on my end that is causing messages to be misdirected. Of course this thread may be of benefit to other Members reading it. Some of them may be having similar issues and our email settings, etc. may not be responsible.

Following is an example of a recent problem that I, admittedly, helped create. The event was particularly disturbing to me as It could have caused other Members to think that I may be involved in dirty dealing. This situation could have caused them significant consternation as I inadvertently had two Members both expecting to be buying the same item. In this case it wasn't a particularly costly item and fortunately neither Member seemed upset. I can imagine the result may have been quite different with a much higher priced item.

The event proceeded thusly ...

I'll call the Second Member "reserving" the Item "Member B". My first response to this Member's initial query ...

Hi "Member B",
The item is yours if you want it sir.
I'm glad it won't stay hidden in my banjo closet any longer.

Please send payment to:
BHAM Alabam

Send me your mailing address and I'll go ahead and look for some good packing materials.

Yours in "the 'HAM",

I'll call the First Member, who had actually posted payment for "his" Item, "Member A".  A more recent response to his multiple, "spammed" communications ...

Hello "Member A",
Well sir, I just found your last two messages in my spam folder. I had not heard anything since our initial communication of several days past. My imagination took over from there.
My apologies for relisting the Item. Given your excellent feedback on the Hangout, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me that you would just drop out of sight.
But sometime life gets in the way and people’s priorities change. I thought that could have been the case, so I relisted the item.

Lately I have had spam folder deliveries of messages trying to pass through the Hangout Classifieds System.
I feel more than a bit embarrassed that I didn’t think to look in the spam folder this time. I am definitely complicit in this situation as I could and should have been more attentive. I may have to make checking the spam folder part of my new M.O. when trying to buy and sell on the Hangout.

I just returned from the post office. Your Tracking Number is:   ############

Sorry again.

His kind response followed ...

"No worries Eddie!
I've had increasing issues with my spam filter catching BHO emails too....occasionally I forget to look there as well. :)
Thanks for the tracking number.
Have a good afternoon."

Getting back to the second gentleman  ...

Hi "Member B",
Sorry but I cannot sell you the Item after all.

Several days ago another Member ("A") asked to buy it.
I tried to send multiple responses to this Member but the Hangout Classified System seems to have sent our subsequent messages to Spam Folders. ?

It has taken me awhile to determine some of what is going on.
In the meantime he has finally gotten through to me and indicates he has already sent payment.
This is not the first transaction that I have had issues with lately.

So sorry. I wish I had another to sell you.
I hope no hard feelings.

Please let me know that you have received this message.


The gracious member's response ...

No worries Eddie, let me know if anything changes.


So Eric, in short ... "Help Please."


Sep 8, 2021 - 5:31:27 AM
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From my limited experience it sounds like maybe you will need to train your email program. I have sometimes had BHO messages sent to my spam folder (I am on Yahoo mail) but I check my spam folder often and when I see things in there incorrectly I select those emails and click the 'Not Spam' button which sends them to the inbox. After doing this a few times the email program figures out that BHO is a sender you want to receive mail from, and stops sending it to the spam folder. I don't know if all email programs work this way, but this is what I've found in my own case.

Sep 8, 2021 - 6:12:19 AM
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Virgin Islands (U.S.)

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I'll agree that this particular issue seems to be on the email client end.

At the same time I think the root cause here is the wonky messaging system that BHO uses. This is the only website I've ever seen, including all the old school forums, that doesn't save PMs in a folder on the website for later viewing. It seems strange that PMs on the website only last 15 minutes and then they disappear. Using a messaging system similar to literally every other website on the internet would solve this issue. Of course I'm not a computer programmer, so maybe it's more complicated than I understand.

Sep 8, 2021 - 8:08:48 AM

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Like Zachary and YSBS it seems to me that it could be an email issue on Eddie's end. Perhaps you could let us know what email system you use and someone who is familiar with that system might be able to suggest a solution. I also agree that the PM system seems wonky, but maybe there is a reason it has to be that way.

Sep 8, 2021 - 11:52:35 AM
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Not sure that the email on Eddie's end is the entire problem; it's the other folks he's talking to as well. For example, if he replies to a message that I send him via BHO, that message is going to my spam folder and don't necessarily check there. Meaning I might miss out on something and be annoyed at Eddie(I wouldn't be). Full disclosure: I could be Member A, not sure; but I did buy something from Eddie and it was delayed a week because I didn't check my spam folder.

I am a programmer, I'm not sure what software is being used, but I suspect something very custom. Also suspect messages are deleted to conserve space in the database. I'm curious though if it would be possible to extend the 15 minute rule to maybe 2 weeks.

Sep 8, 2021 - 2:37:26 PM

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Email spam filters.

Most email providers now have a "Not spam" option that can be selected when a legitimate email goes to the spam folder.

Not a BHO issue.

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Sep 8, 2021 - 5:27:22 PM

4745 posts since 5/9/2007

I appreciate all of you folks jumping in.

In my original message I indicated that this is a New phenomenon (the last month or so).

I may not have made it clear but It does happen in Both directions. Seller and Buyer Spam Folders are sometimes, but not always, invoked.

I didn't indicate originally but it Sometimes happens when We use the Classified Ad response feature but does not happen when I Send messages via the Hangout PM feature.

I have not recently changed, updated or otherwise modified my email service. I use Yahoo and I do "Teach" my email by redirecting mislabeled "spam" to my inbox. It has always been my practice. The curious thing now is that I had not had this problem with past buying and selling on the Hangout.

A few other members have shared their recent and similar experiences with me via PMs.

My work-around is to use every email avenue available to me and to treat my spam folder as a second inbox when using the Classifides.


Sep 8, 2021 - 5:41:33 PM
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Sounds like Yahoo made changes on their end.

Contact them.

Sep 8, 2021 - 9:15:12 PM

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I really do appreciate your expertise and suspect you may be correct in your assessment.

However, me being a physicist in an applied field, I much prefer using workarounds to "solve" problems when technical widgets, such as computer software, are involved. After finding a work-around  (in this case three such solutions) to IT problems I generally move on.

I realize my solutions may not be so very elegant. Furthermore, I do nothing to increase my understanding of the innermost workings of the widget. That, definitely, is my loss.

But, LOL! I would rather have my eyes pecked out by crows than to try and navigate a so called "Help Desk" in an, ultimately doomed, attempt to locate an unknown individual in an unknown location, totally outside of my element, not possessing adequate IT language or personal IT skills to make my problem discernible to some, eventual, person at Yahoo who, most likely, will sidetrack me to a 21st century equivalent of a MUZAK hold-hell to then not have my problem adequately addressed by an actual IT approach and once I am throughly, no utterly, flummoxed, only then to be transferred back to the "Help Desk" and hear the reassuring message telling me, "Your phone call is very important to us .... please listen closely to the following choices as they may have have recently changed ... to hear these choices in Russian press 7 .... press 19 if you would rather have your eyes pecked out by crows."

MrPrefers Work-Arounds

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Sep 8, 2021 - 9:25:01 PM

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Sep 8, 2021 - 9:57:35 PM
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Originally posted by mrphysics55


Whatever works for you.

Sep 9, 2021 - 6:33:32 AM

4745 posts since 5/9/2007

Thanks again Mr. Jim,

I was shootin' for a relatively long run-on sentence. Looks like I achieved that.

I think I'll skip the extra typing for now, take one of my wife's mood elevators .... and maybe, just maybe give Yahoo a holler.

Now where did I put those safety glasses?

MrProtect the Eyes

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Sep 9, 2021 - 6:39:04 AM

4745 posts since 5/9/2007

Mr. Jim,

Could there be something on my end that may duplicate my difficulties on the part of the receiver of my intended messages?
This seems more than a little confusing.


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