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Apr 17, 2021 - 9:31:56 AM
2630 posts since 2/10/2013

All of a sudden I am receiving a lot of "tags" emails. Some are from postings I never even opened and/or read. Is there an option for an individual to remove all subscriptions ? I very seldom if ever subscribe to a post.

Apr 17, 2021 - 9:34:40 AM

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same here

Apr 17, 2021 - 9:57:49 AM
likes this

Texasbanjo (Moderator)


25829 posts since 8/3/2003

Look on the left hand side of the page under Forums, click on subscriptions and see what you are subscribed to. If you wish to unsubscribe, you can. I don't know if there's a way to unsubscribe to all topics at once since I'm not subscribed to a bunch of them, but if not, just unsub. one at a time.

Apr 17, 2021 - 5:33:35 PM

2463 posts since 5/2/2012

As I understand it, getting tagged and getting a notification to a post you've subsribed to are 2 different things.

If I want to follow a post, and get notifications when someone responds to it, I would "subscribe" to it by clicking on the box. That said, sometimes I've subscribed to a post by accident. Then I go back and unsubscribe.

If I want to get the attention of a specific member, thinking they would be interested in the post or I thought they could offer some good advice, then I might "tag" them using @membername in plain text. For example, if I wanted to get Sherry's attention to a post (like to suggest a post belongs in a different forum), I would type in something like "Texasbanjo does this post belong in the" So Sherry would get an email, even though she may have never read the post before, much less subscribed to it.

Hope I didn't muddy the waters.

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Apr 18, 2021 - 4:45:04 AM

Texasbanjo (Moderator)


25829 posts since 8/3/2003

thisoldman is correct. Getting tagged and receiving e-mails for subscriptions you have requested are 2 different things.

If you are tagged, someone is requesting that you read what they have to say about what you said on a certain thread or what they want you to know about a certain thread. I know of no way you can stop people from tagging you. As I understand it (and I'm not a computer guru at all) it's built into the system and there's no way for you to change/stop it.

Subscriptions are when you are interested in a topic and click on the underlined subscribe at the bottom of a post or at the top of the thread. Subscriptions can be canceled if you are no longer interested or just don't want to be bothered with them any more.

I hope this helps and, as thisoldman said, doesn't muddy the waters or make it more confusing.

Apr 18, 2021 - 3:37:09 PM

4068 posts since 11/29/2005

I'm just keeping a running account of times I've been tagged. The only way to do that is to NOT click on the red number by the Notifications on the right-hand column.

Now, if I could just find out how to remove that item, I wouldn't have to even keep a running count. (grin)

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