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Mar 6, 2021 - 4:53:21 AM
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Well here is the link to the article:

Doesn't mention banjo in the article. Just don't get no respect. But will be a welcome addition to a town that has done a great job of developing itself out of that old rustbelt stereotype.

Mar 6, 2021 - 6:03:49 AM

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pretty darn groovy I think, being Hard Rock it is certain to be stuffed with Gibson memorabilia, lets us hope it is not just flying Vs and Les Pauls.

Mar 6, 2021 - 8:55:35 AM

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Lots of instrument collectors around, some of whom are not even musicians. Getting those old highly desired instruments will be very expensive. Some places maintain a list of people wanting certain instruments so they will be sold at some as the music store or whatever gets their hands on them. I once sold guitar through Elderly. I thought it bordered on unplayable and though it was junk. Stan Werbin, the owner, informed me he had someone waiting for that type of guitar and gave me heck of a lot more than the $50 I paid for it.

BTW, this was must dumb luck, not shrewd purchasing and selling.

Mar 6, 2021 - 2:16:18 PM
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5450 posts since 10/12/2009

The article says nothing about any partnership or collaboration with the current Gibson Brands, Inc. corporation, so I really wonder just how much leeway that Reverb/Hard Rock will have playing off of the "Gibson" name.

Mar 6, 2021 - 6:05:30 PM
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561 posts since 3/5/2009

So this is a new hotel in an old shell (building) in Kalamazoo, MI that will have "historic" Gibson memorabilia hanging on the walls. Sounds like it will have a small museum room and whatever the "signing" room will turn out to be. Doesn't seem like a real destination to me.

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Mar 7, 2021 - 5:43:17 AM

15134 posts since 12/2/2005

In fairness, the chain is called HARD ROCK, not Hard Bluegrass. So I wouldn't expect to see much in the way of acoustic instruments.

From the article - or should I say the press release (and the link provided therein) it appears that this particular project is for a new line extension of the Hard Rock brand - a new series called "Reverb." How that differs from a standard Hard Rock hotel is a little hard to figure out.

I will say this about Hard Rock's hotels. Several years ago I was at a convention/trade show out in San Diego (the only city in California that I actually like). The convention hotel was jeezly expensive so I went onto Expedia and found a room at the Hard Rock, which was an easy walk away, for a LOT less money.

I really enjoyed it and would happily book into a Hard Rock hotel again. The room layout was different and not that of your typical business traveler hotel. The staff was pleasant and there was a reasonable amount of of rock memorabilia hanging in the lobby, along with lots of fun photography (the designer of that particular hotel seemed to have a thing for The Ramones, who had more images plastered about than anyone else). Most of the instruments on display were nothing special - basically, instruments that had been used on tour by known artists, rather than holy grail stuff. Acoustic instruments were pretty much limited to one standup bass (can't remember whose).

I think re-purposing the old Gibson factory for this is a wonderful idea. But we should all remember the branding of the company. It's rock - not country and its derivations.

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