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Feb 27, 2021 - 5:24:41 PM
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Brian T


17987 posts since 6/5/2008

This can be reference for all things DF coatings.

> Beer batters have to be made with corn flour. Not corn meal, not corn starch.
Corn flour doesn't go soggy as fast as wheat flour so stays crispy for longer.

> All foods have to be flour dusted and dry so steam can't blow off any coatings.

> My DF crumb coating for pork schnitzel and wild ruffed grouse fingers:
- Plate #1 flour (corn or wheat) heavily seasoned with S&P Knock off the excess.
- Plate #2 egg wash of 2 eggs + equal volume of milk and mix well.
- Plate #3 crumb coating of 1/2 fine smashed corn flakes* and 1/2 raw sesame seeds
and LOTS of other seasonings. Up to you.
* you decide what you want: smashed BBQ potato chips, even crushed roasted pecans.

Anybody here double deep fry French Fries?

Edited by - Brian T on 02/27/2021 17:26:07

Feb 27, 2021 - 5:36:59 PM



32963 posts since 3/5/2008

We double dip fries ever since ....Mr. Eaglesisland has straitened us out on it.. :0)

One can learn a lot on the hangout... ;0)

Feb 28, 2021 - 12:52:38 AM

3239 posts since 4/22/2018

Originally posted by Brian T

Anybody here double deep fry French Fries?

Not French fries but I do double fry my chips.  My mum used to do it back in the 70's and I've always follows]d suit.  Makes them  really nice and fluffy in the middle.

Feb 28, 2021 - 12:55:29 AM

3239 posts since 4/22/2018

Also. on a personal taste point of view, cornflour with beer or soda water is grand for a light batter, but I think it’s way too light for a beer batter for fish & chips. Plain (all purpose?) flour every time for me.

Feb 28, 2021 - 2:04:36 AM

Brian T


17987 posts since 6/5/2008

Oooo semantics. I consider the terms French Fries and "chips" to be synonyms.

Just changing taste I suppose but I am drifting away from potatoes.
Deep fried, I like carrot, parsnip, beet root and yam. 3 mins 30 sec @ 380F.

McGee explains that corn flour starch does not hydrate quickly so the cooked batter coating stays crispy for far longer. Of course, there no reason not to blend the two flours.

Feb 28, 2021 - 3:57:45 AM

3382 posts since 4/29/2012
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I'm with the better London chippies (fish and chip shops) on this one. Matzo meal batter. And on chips I'm lazy. I know about double (or even triple) cooking. But dump the chips in cold oil and whack up the heat does it for me. Nigella taught me this. Only other thing I do is make sure the uncooked chips are well washed under running cold water to remove surface starch.

Feb 28, 2021 - 5:26:16 AM
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Players Union Member



13262 posts since 5/24/2005

We love fries, and chips, but don't make them much.
I was planning to do pork schnitzel next weekend. I will save your batter recommendation.
I was thinking about buying my pork at our favorite Mexican market. They have a great fresh meat case and butcher. Those folks are great at making thin cuts of meats. I would not have to pound them out. Brad

Feb 28, 2021 - 4:55:58 PM
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Brian T


17987 posts since 6/5/2008

The butcher shop in the back of our little grocery store has a mechanical meat tenderizer.
Looks like hundreds of little blades cut your meat into lace.
I order a dozen schnitzels done like that. Very uniform good quality, every time.
I get enough* fixin's to fry them all. Do maybe half a dozen, eat one or two then finish the batch for the freezer. Go then eat then go some more.

*by the time I'm done, probably 4 large eggs with the milk, 2C+flour dredge and 3C each smashed corn flakes and 3C raw sesame seed. Olive oil for frying? At least 1/2 C, a bit at a time.

Yippee! Pension payday last week. Tuna time for Heidi-cat and slurp for me. Get on the horn in the AM and order a few sets of d'Addario strings.

Feb 28, 2021 - 5:58:17 PM



14916 posts since 9/27/2007

I love deep fried everything. Chicken most of all. Potatoes next.  I would even eat deep fried zucchini if there was dip.

Green Zeppelin kills me!  I used to joke that I was going to grow a giant one & make a canoe out of it! Maybe a Canadjun pirogue.

I try to avoid salt, sugar, carbs, cholesterol & alcohol. Wait?! isn't that the 5 food groups?

Terry makes the best halibut with lemon dill sauce ever! She dips the fish in flour , then egg , then Panko crumbs & bakes it in the oven. Nice a crunchy & darn close to deep fried.

I still have my big deep fryer from my Outback Jack Bloomin' Onion phase!

My new trick is using that Pam olive oil spray on chicken thighs & wings after they're coated & baking them.

Nice & crispy! I figure if you cut back on some food groups you're allowed to have more of the others!

Mar 1, 2021 - 9:15:46 AM

Brian T


17987 posts since 6/5/2008

Buy a bottle, about 26oz size, of Rooster Brand Sweet Chili Chicken sauce for dipping.
That and a bottle of Hoi-sin. Those two can fix just about any drab food.

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