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Feb 23, 2021 - 3:10:04 PM
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This idea is not new, but has a few good features, and it's unusually cheap and easy to make. No substitute for a real drum sander, but it doesn't cost $800 bucks either. 

All you need is a spindle sander with a cast iron bed. To make the fence I used one of those bar magnetic knife holders you can screw to the wall. I simply super glued a scrap piece of plexiglass  to the side of the knife holder to act as a moveable fence. ( plywood, masonite, etc. would work just as well ) Adjust the position of the fence so that when you feed the workpiece between the fence and the sanding drum, you can shave off a few thousanths at a pass. Use a push stick to guide it through the gap. Adjust how much you want to take off with a few light taps with a small hammer to bring the fence in or out from the sanding drum. 

Will only accept wood up to the height of your spindle, but usefull for small items, such as peghead laminations, guitar bridges, saddles, fretboards, etc. Makes precise cuts, and the magnet grabs the work plate very tightly, with little chance of slipping if you take normal cuts. And keeps both sides of the workpiece perfectly parallel. With a bit of practice you can make smooth, even surfaces. 

I haven't tried it yet, but I suppose you could flip the workpiece over to double the width of the cut. 

By the way, the magnetic fence will stick just as well to the table on your bandsaw for doing some small re-saw work. 


Feb 23, 2021 - 3:59:28 PM

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nice, thanks !!! were there is a will there is a way

Feb 23, 2021 - 7:06:44 PM

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Very nice, I like the magnet. I use a similar concept with a wooden fence clamped to the laminate table on my spindle sander to do the final thickness pass on the backs of banjo pegheads. If I ever end up with a sander with a steel table I'll look for a suitable magnet to do like you did here. I bought a regular drum sander almost 3 years ago now and it makes my life much easier, especially for flattening rings to make rims, but it's not able to do the backs of pegheads, only things that go all the way through.

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