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Dec 4, 2020 - 4:31:10 PM



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When I was a kid (aged about 4 up until I was a teenager) I had a recurring dream that was in 2D consisting of black lines randomly crossing a white space. Quite mesmeric and not unpleasant at all. When I was an art student I met one other person who also described a similar abstract graphic dream in pure black and white, though the arrangement of lines on the white space was different to mine.

Did anyone here have similar abstract two-tone b/w graphic dreams as a kid?

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Dec 4, 2020 - 9:09:53 PM
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When I was 8 years old [1955] I had to go a hospital and have my tonsils removed. They carefully explained to me about having to inhale a strange gas so that I could be asleep during the operation. I distinctly remember a moving series of lines intersecting in artistic geometric patterns. The last thing I remember was a monster looking face coming close to me and retreating at rhythmic intervals. I never discussed it with anyone since then because I've never had it happen again. When people started using LSD in the 1960's I heard similar stories of the weird stuff they remembered. The gas at the hospital was enough to keep me away from any sort of chemical experiments.

Dec 5, 2020 - 5:28:31 AM



9531 posts since 10/5/2006

My recurring dream was quite calm and peaceful, not hallucinogenic or distorting at all.

The 'white space' was the entirety of my mind's eye not a white 'page' in a scene. The black line crossed that white space from beyond the margin to beyond the margin. As if made by an ink roller, but the roller itself was invisible and all that was visible was the extending black line.

Part of the fascination while experiencing that dream was that the black line was independent of my will. As the white space gradually became inked in there were shapes where the intersecting lines had left white space. The willful instinct is to select and fill that white space in 'efficiently' . But in the dream the black area could be almost complete, and with a sense that the black line was still cross-crossing that space but randomly; it might take minutes before the corner was taken off one of those remaining white shapes or covered completely.

The friend who described a similar graphic dream did not experience the black line gradually covering the white space. She experienced differing thickness of black line appearing adjacent to one another within that white space.

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