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Oct 19, 2020 - 7:42:50 AM
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I have a 1928, as near as I can pin it down, conversion 5-string. It has the bracket type hexagonal flange. I think the rim is 3/4.
It was turned for a Clayton Pyramid ring in 2011.
I don't recall what the original model designation was.
I've never really played it much. Sounded very bright, almost shrill. I got to fooling with it over the weekend.
There was something good in there, I could tell.
I swapped out the bridge with a taller bridge. Suddenly,it roared to life.
Still almost too bright, so I put an old calfskinkin head on it.
Reminds me of hearing JD Crowe. The banjo itself, not my playing.
Amazing old Gibson sound.
This is kind of a relative low budget type banjo. Has Schaller D-tuners and a plain neck with just dot inlays.
Still, it's incredible to me just how good this sounds.

I know there are some serious Pyramid players.
Also, I have never heard anything but good about them, especially the originals.

Oct 19, 2020 - 7:54:49 AM
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2396 posts since 11/29/2005

It is true in banjos just like real estate: set-up, set-up, set-up.
Just joking around but it’s true. I can take a mediocre banjo and spend lots of time with it and fitting and maybe few different parts and it’s amazing.
Heel fitment, head tension, coordinator rod tensions, truss rod tension, and then ensuring you get the right sustain and decay for YOUR ear. It takes a lot of patience and deliberate changes. Like tuning a carb...set up is almost mystical. But it’s really just some basic knowledge and superhuman patience to dial one in.
But, some are just harder to dial in than others. And, the thing is, you might get it dialed in, and your hearing may change through the weather cycles and mess with you some also.
Still enjoy the Vega I bought from you Leslie.

Oct 19, 2020 - 7:55:46 AM
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2396 posts since 11/29/2005

Leslie, you’re is likely a style 2.

Oct 19, 2020 - 8:07:25 AM
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Eric A


869 posts since 10/15/2019

There's a pyramid conversion in the BHO classifieds right now, but if I were to buy one more banjo at this time the wife would have my hide.  frown

Oct 19, 2020 - 9:18:59 AM

5494 posts since 12/20/2005

Don't do as I do, do as I say.

Stay away as far as you can from getting that Pyramid !

Oct 19, 2020 - 7:29:36 PM

3 posts since 7/1/2007

Hi Leslie, I am a Pyramid banjo owner! It’s a 5-string conversion. The neck is mahogany. I have no idea who made the neck but it’s a very nice sounding and playing neck. The pot is original and has the original prewar tone ring! This banjo sounds absolutely amazing! It has incredible vibe and depth. It doesn’t sound bright or shrill as you’ve described yours.

I also have a 1937 original RB-00 that someone cut the rim and put an original Pyramid tone ring on and let me tell you it’s also an amazing sounding and playing banjo!! Killer banjo! Anyhow I just thought I’d chime in and say hey. Glad you got your Pyramid sounding good! They are great banjos!

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