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Jun 19, 2020 - 4:55:49 PM
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OK, folks!
The 150 CC scooter just makes CLICKS when I hit the starter button.
Thought it might be a weak battery, so I replaced the battery.
Problem continues.
Took my jump start device out, hooked it up.

Supposed to be strong enough to start a 6-cylinder CAR, and yet, same rapid clicks!

So I put jumper cables from the Chevy to the scooter battery, turn the Chevy key to ON, but not running, same clicks.

Same clicks.

But when I turn ON the Chevy, engine running, THEN the scooter starts.

So, what's YOUR best guess?

Starter bad, or solenoid bad?


And if it helps to be specific, it's a CF 150T-51 E-Charm Chinese scooter.

Ran just fine LAST year!

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Jun 19, 2020 - 6:23:13 PM
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New Zealand

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If it was my problem....the first thing I would do, is see if there is a relay in the starter circuit, if there is, I would suspect that as being kaput. If no relay, then I would look at the starter solenoid....and if I was having a good day, I would find oily grunge inside of it, and once it was cleaned, there's a chance it will work. On a bad day, I would find teeth munched off the starter motor gear....and on a really bad day I would find teeth on the flywheel munched.....After that I would just throw it in my pile of stuff, that one day if I live long enough, I'll get around to looking at....and go and work on my hot rod.

Jun 19, 2020 - 6:30:58 PM
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9478 posts since 8/22/2006

With the car running the electrical system is producing more amps then the battery of the scooter is on it's own. Something might be draining your battery maybe a bare positive wire touching the frame could cause a battery to drain. I would check all wiring where there maybe tape and check to see if all tape is not deteriorated and exposing bare wire. Use an ohm meter and check amperage at the solenoid.

Jun 19, 2020 - 6:38:44 PM

55098 posts since 12/14/2005

Oh, I hate taking the sleek outer parts off a scooter.
But the innards are where the problem is, so, what choice HAVE I got?

Thanks for the solid advice.

Jun 19, 2020 - 7:10:13 PM
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499 posts since 5/29/2018

You could have oxidized battery terminals. The posts are lead alloy and corrode easily. If they look white, that's oxide. Even if the battery is new you may have oxidized terminals.

Lead is actually a poor electrical conductor. Corrosion at the connectors aggravates this problem. The jumper clamps don't make very good contact.

A new battery is supposed to be charged after it is filled. Not all dealers do this. Yours may not be fully charged. Batteries that are not fully charged within a few days after filling have a short life.

The battery in your car (and your scooter) has a theoretical 13.2 volts at rest. When charging the terminal voltage can reach 15.5 volts. When you started your car the voltage at the jumper cables was high enough to overcome the resistance of your scooter battery terminal.

Clean the terminals, posts, and screws with a skotchbrite pad, put a little petroleum jelly on the connecting surfaces, and reconnect. Finally, charge the battery at about two amps for 4-6 hours. Get back to me if that doesn't fix it.

Jun 19, 2020 - 7:19:52 PM
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New Zealand

5118 posts since 5/16/2012
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Mike...Over the years I have noticed people's reluctance to do this kind of thing themselves, and I always offer this simple advice, after my life time of doing stuff like this...... It can be concerning for people to see parts piling up as they disassemble things, and the thought of... "how the hell am I going to put all this back together", comes to mind the more parts they take off. Surprisingly not many people do this simple can be helpful.....

Clear yourself a good uncluttered work area, have a bench or table handy, and it helps to put an old sheet ( or something ) over it, so parts don't roll around and get lost. As you dissemble parts off, put them in order on your bench, along with their fasteners and any tool you use. This helps greatly with self confidence.

Jun 19, 2020 - 8:34:36 PM
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55098 posts since 12/14/2005

Thanks for the advice, Mr. Grass.
Also, planning to whip out the digital camera and take photos of which bit connects where.
Am FIRST going to try cleaning the terminals, as per Mr. H.
ALWAYS a good idea to try the LEAST strenuous and complicated solution FIRST.

Kind of like adjusting head tension, before buying a different tone ring.

Jun 20, 2020 - 6:30:57 AM



2731 posts since 11/29/2007

"Kind of like adjusting head tension,"

Think you've figured it out Mike, your head hasn't got enough tension.


Jun 20, 2020 - 6:39:37 AM
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55098 posts since 12/14/2005

It's protected with , not just a tin foil HAT, but with a brass HELMET!

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