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OKLAHOMA'S SMALLEST recent stampede

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Jun 19, 2020 - 3:48:30 PM
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Hey, buckaroos and buckarettes!
Here's a copy of today's e-mail from one of my many MANY sisters.

( I am NOT the MICHAEL in this story, as I am abouy 1,000 miles north and east of the activity)

Okay, I come home from 5:30 PM Mass. Turn into driveway, and see a little baby calf sitting underneath the shade of a tree on the north side of the drive. Last Saturday, a guy had knocked on my door to tell me that the people who live in the mobile home where Tammy and Doug used to live have lost 3 baby bull calves and ask if I'd seen them. I hadn't.

So, I immediately back out, drive to Chris' mobile home and tell him one of his calves is in my drive. I don't know these people. He tells me, "Gee, I just cracked a rib this morning, so I can't do anything. I'll call Michael and see if he can help. But why don't you just shoo him home?"

Now, I may be a city girl, but even I know one can't just "shoo" a baby calf 1.5 miles.

I drive back. Calf is still there, calmly chewing his cud. I sit in the car, watching. Thought about trying to coax him into the garage, but figure it's best not to get him moving. After 20 minutes, I go into the house. Call nephew Jeff, who's at home. Tells me this guy is always buying animals and then not taking care of them. Jeff is in the middle of doing something, but would come out after he finishes, if need be. I call Ricky (nephew-in-law). He'll come over.

In the meantime, Michael shows up, lariat in hand. Of course, the calf takes off. Heads down towards the 500 trees Larry, Fr. Deo and I planted all those years ago. Ricky shows up. Two men, two huge pick-ups and a lariat. Calf eludes them. After an hour or so, Ricky tells me that they're abandoning the project for the night, but he'll come back in the morning with his ATV and try to catch him. Ricky also tells me that this Chris guy doesn't take care of his animals. This calf had gotten out the day before, and they never have found the other two who went missing on Saturday.

It's now 11:30 AM and no sign of Ricky. Or the calf. So I now have a baby bull calf living with the deer. I hope he enjoys himself and his freedom. Maybe the other two are down there with him also? They've got shade, a pond, grass...what more could anyone want?



MY reply:

Well, OF COURSE, the calf got out, walked a mile and a half, rested up some, and then outran two guys in pickup trucks.

Like Mom told us, YEARS ago:

"A little bull goes a long way!"  cheeky

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