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HeliX Cyclone #005 Mahogany rim changeout.

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Sep 20, 2019 - 2:35:04 PM
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Here is an entry level Rover with a plastic rim.
I re used the head, and hardware. New RK hooks.


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Sep 20, 2019 - 3:10:49 PM

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Helix--does the banjo have a tone ring?
I'd guess your mahogany rim would be superior to the original. It would be good to hear a 'before and after' comparison recording if you have one.


Sep 20, 2019 - 6:16:59 PM
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447 posts since 4/17/2019

Thanks Dan. All my banjos have tone rings. I have made a few woodies, both archtop and flat.

There will be another thread showing the old Bakelite rim next to the New Rover composite rim with NO tone ring.

No comparison recording, Rover = four flat tires on a muddy road. Helix = sincere and parental care for each and every one, the voice is in each tree.
This my first Black Walnut flange. I usually make tube open backs. RK hooks, same entry tailpiece, same frosted head, new class bridge.
With the rolled brass, this banjo weighs 5.6 lbs. , 74% solid wood with 8 blocks, 3" deep rim cut on a 45 degree bias makes the virtual depth @ C squared = 4.24" with Fresnel ledges.

It's not me, it's the owners in the helix league. Thanks to everyone who gives this a read.

Please note the octagonal optical illusion on the lathe, it's characteristic of a Helix type rim, The chatoyance is optical, but is related to the hydraulic of the little wooden straws of the grain, and of course the acoustic production of sound. My opinion is, they are all related like Ohms, volts and resistance.

Thanks again, Dan.
 5.6 lbs. 

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Sep 21, 2019 - 9:06:15 AM

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Nice looking rim with the wood flange. I have an idea I'm anxious to try, incorporating the flange directly into the rim. It's going to have to wait for my next build of a rim - I've got another couple of jobs to finish up first.

Did you use the Rover neck also? That inlay looks a lot more fancy than usual for Rovers.

Have you ever tried Sissoo rosewood for your rims?  My friend in Gilbert AZ says it grows like weeds down there.  He gave me a bunch and I made a complete banjo with Helix rim from it, which sounds great.

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Sep 22, 2019 - 12:17:18 AM
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447 posts since 4/17/2019

Jonnycake White, thanks. the flange on yours looks perfectly substantial and proportional.

that's the original neck in the photos. I scraped the peghead black lacquer and tiny thin inlay off and installed Sedona Red after a base coat of Espresso Minwax, then a low bling 12mm star and Pau Abalone letters.

The inlays on the fingerboard show how good I'm getting with my inlay skills. NOT. They're $8 stickers, great quality, I have them on my longneck with Jatoba fingerboard, the Ruby goes perfect with the blue and silver aluminum stickers.

I've never used Sissoo Rosewood, glad to contact your friend, sounds sonic. Stellar.

I also support and build with rolled flatbar tension hoops with Long round hooks instead of flat hooks.

When using rolled flatbar the same dimensions as my tone ring, then the two make a perfect sandwich out of the bead on the head. It's like having TWO tonerings. Things vibrate, so a wooden connection to the music from the flange is a great idea and it vibrates the rest of the rim. Vibrations are what make these strings and rims line up their molecules and keep them there. The Helix type rims vintage nicely because of usage.

I have taken at least four busted old zinc flanges and cut them off on the bandsaw to make short-shouldered flanges, no holes, but still able to mount a resonator. I could restore a bluegrass cut rim to tube and plate easily with my little 8 pc. U-channel flange.

Good work , Jon.

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