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Aug 3, 2019 - 4:09:51 AM
2134 posts since 10/12/2004

How is Arthur now, have not seen any post lately. Is he back working ?

Aug 3, 2019 - 4:34:58 AM
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Last I saw he is doing great and back to slinging some sawdust. Picked up my Buck Creek from him personally back in June and there are some recent videos of a BHO member picking his banjo up just days ago.

Aug 3, 2019 - 4:59:37 AM



4 posts since 8/3/2019

Also looking for help too

Aug 3, 2019 - 5:48:13 AM
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He was contracted by Back-to-Bean-Blossom to build a banjo for WarpDrive who is struggling with cancer. The banjo is completed and in Kevin’s possession. The banjo is showcased in WarpDrive’s thread.

Aug 3, 2019 - 6:48:26 AM
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5185 posts since 10/13/2007

Arthur is back with full vim and vigor. I heard him and his Buck Creek Band play two months ago and he did build a beautiful custom banjo for Kevin (Warpdrive) Hendrix.

Aug 3, 2019 - 7:35:59 AM
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2508 posts since 11/15/2003

Hey Guys,
Let me jump in Here!

Besides building one of the best banjo's i've ever had in my hands, Arthur is just a joy to be around....i had never met him till Ken and I drove down to pick up "Serena" and he is all things banjo...and his shop just reeks of old school traditions and enthusiasm for building a quality instrument that anybody would be proud to own....i know i certainly am!


Aug 3, 2019 - 8:00:50 AM
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3826 posts since 9/9/2010

How are you doing?

I have a banjo with a conversion neck that Arthur built. It's a great neck.

Hope you are doing better!

Aug 3, 2019 - 8:46:20 AM
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2508 posts since 11/15/2003

Hey Jen,

I am weathering the storm of events in my life....for the most part, i am doing well!

I am getting ready to start my 5th cycle of Chemo this wednesday the 7th.

Today....this evening actually, i am going to drive about a hour south of me and fill in with a band at the 7 mile Bluegrass festival in Greenfield Oh, i think our set starts at 8 pm.
I'm glad this came up a few days before the start of a new cycle, because i won't be fit to kill by this time next week...but i try to take advantage of the good days just before a cycle,....been catching some nice good breaks for a change, something that i've been wondering if they would ever happen again, so yeah, overall, in the grand scheme of things....i'm doing well now.....Thanks for asking...


Aug 3, 2019 - 10:09:48 AM
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90 posts since 10/10/2007

I have a great Hatfield Buck Creek for sale here on the Hangout. There's been interest but it's still available. Fine banjo complete with Keith tuners and more. Check it out!

Aug 3, 2019 - 8:18:06 PM
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1 posts since 1/2/2017

Author is doing great. Picked up my Celebrity at his place last week. Great man!

Aug 3, 2019 - 9:05:58 PM
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2508 posts since 11/15/2003

Saturday Night. 11:21 pm, Urbancrest Ohio.

Good evening.

Well ole warp just got back from helping a band out over at the 7 mile bluegrass festival in Greenfield Oh. The turnout was excellent, scattered pop up tents for all the have shade that wanted it, and there was a few decent shade trees, plenty of beverages to drink...soda, water,, adult beverages, and the occasional mason jar full of that stuff that really it's best mixed in a 55 gallon can of fruit punch or wine, cause drinking it straight, will put hair on your eye balls!

The big draw band there tonight was Hammertown...i didn't stick around for them, i was tried, and had done all the damage i could do.
I wasn't real feeling it tonight, could have been the heat, could have been just not enough practice with the band...(we just ran through the set list once) and that was it....truthfully, at a local festival like this....although the turn out was excellent, they are there to drink adult beverages till every band that gets up, sounds good to them, and then they'll have more adult beverages.
I was not really happy with my performance, i couldn't hear very well on stage, and my ears were ringing so bad, i had trouble hearing my banjo's pitch. And because the guys have not been playing very long (yes, i was doing them a solid by playing
with them) there timming and abilities were not at the front of the beat, and i am so far forward of the beat....for me it was like running in concrete boots, and i just fought it the entire set, but they enjoyed me helping them and they paid me well, and i was glad to do it....but i would need to reality take them back to school on there rhythm placement, and driving the beat forward.

I was glad to get out and do it....things will start moving in a intense sickly direction on monday. Tomorrow i must go pickup drugs to start pre-meds all week long with the meds they will give me on wednesday and thursday and friday....did i say by friday i won't be fit to kill....yeah...i'll be at the beginning of feeling bad by friday evening....and then until the next weekend, i will be lucky if i leave the apartment, i never knew you could develop feelings for a toliet....but i think of mine as my best friend! Sorry guys....TMI!

Ok gang...just thought id say the gig was good....first bluegrass festival i'd been to in 10years, and if i didn't need rest, and was a young man again....i could have found a good jam or two that would have worked. My Friends Ray and Beth Vining the "picking Pair" they were out in the audience , i'm sure ray will call me tomorrow and let me know just how bad it really was.....and it was bad..but i learned a long time ago...especially playing bluegrass festivals, and the sound problems and the filling in with bands you've never played with, and the drunk audience , and the heat...."sometimes you the windshield....sometimes your the bug.. tonight i was the bug! I left my guts up on the stage, but hey, i'm not missing the real point of this

Ok guys...bed time....lots of errands to run tomorrow, and i hope some of you will drop me a line next week, it means a lot...the " hey warp how ya doing"?, I really do like to hear from all of you, and especially ya'll that have been or are going through what i am, misery loves company don't you know? Seriously, i do like to hear from any of you, and we don't have to talk about banjo's and bluegrass, i'll talk about most anything, i was a semi-pro hand gunner for a few years, i was also a league billiard player and snooker. So don't feel if you want to pm me and talk, it doesn't have to be just about banjos and bluegrass, i just like to talk, and it gets my mind off of ....well you know.

Till the next time
Y'all have a gooderin

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