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I need help "modifying" song lyrics

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Jan 11, 2019 - 4:48:01 PM



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This might be an oddball request, but please bear with me.

Overall, I really like the song "When You Go Walking After Midnight. "  I can't find who wrote it, but I understand it's a commonly performed song.  Here's the version I'm referring to:

When You Go Walking After Midnight

   When you go walking after midnight
   Over on the wrong side of town
   Walk down any street many lost souls you’ll meet
   Whose lives are broken like mine

You’ll find souls wandering out in darkness
Whose place in life they’ll never find
Wandering so aimless and hopelessly
Whose lives are broken like mine

Thank God you’ve got a home to go to
And a woman’s love to keep you warm
You won’t find the stars in the honky-tonks and bars
Go home to your woman’s loving arms


I want to make  minor changes in V2 line 3 and completely replace V2 line 4.   I've been mulling over various options for a few months, and what I've come up with so far is:   

  "Wandering so forlorn and hopeless   /   abandoned by (to?)  life's uncaring grind."

My take is that the idea/mood/message is one of abandonment, or trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, so I'd like to keep that intact.   Instead of the the word "abandoned,"  I've tried shoved aside / left behind.  

Any comments and suggestions are appreciated... either here or via PM.

P.S.  Since I only sing (?) in private, for my own pleasure, I'm assuming no copyright laws will be broken.  In any event, don't hold your breath waiting for a royalty cheque.    Thanks.

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Jan 11, 2019 - 5:11:02 PM
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From what I can find, it looks like Lowell Varney and Landon Messer wrote it and recorded it with Ralph Stanley and are attributed as writers. Check out the back of a Ralph Stanley LP

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Jan 11, 2019 - 7:37:41 PM
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Oh, dang!
You're looking for help with CLEAN lyrics!

Well, I'll think it over for a while.

Meanwhile, your suggestions from YOU seem to be just fine.

Jan 12, 2019 - 8:47:17 AM



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why do you want to change it?

Jan 12, 2019 - 9:40:13 AM



2873 posts since 6/5/2011

I find it easier to remember songs, and like them better, and will [try to] play them more if they make sense to me.  Line 4 / Verse 1  "whose lives are broken like mine" isn't my absolute favo(u)rite, because I'm not sure how many guys with broken lives are farting around with $XX banjos, but it flows nicely off the tongue, so it's okay.    But to then repeat it to end the second verse sounds to me like the writer(s) must have been suffering "writers' block"  .... kinda like I am... and just decided... "ah... what the h***!"

For some time I considered something using "__?____  ___?___  ___?___, out of sight and out of mind" but couldn't figure out the "___?___" words to get the correct number of syllables(?) to match the beats(?).... so had to consider other options.

Then I'm thinking: are these guys with broken lives cast aside by society?... or are they caught up in a snowball/tsunami effect?    Still haven't solved that one, but while lying awake in the middle of last nite I came up with:  "...swept aside by life's uncaring grind."   

So you can see this ain't cast in stone.... and like I say, any/all comments and suggestions are welcome.

P.S. As a dude who's not convinced of the existence of that entity we can't discuss on BHO, I changed the opening line of Verse 3 to:  Be thankful you've got a home to go to....   to make align better with my thinking.   

[ were forewarned that this might be an oddball request.]   wink   

Edit:   ... or I suppose I could change it in V1 and leave it in V2 ?!?    aaarrgghhhh!!   indecision

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Jan 16, 2019 - 3:05:31 PM



2873 posts since 6/5/2011

...still working on it... for now (?) it's "...swept aside by life's uncaring grind."   .... but like I say "...for now."

An interesting observation.... at least in my mind... is how "Mike" was the only person to reply. Thank you Mike.  Thank you Mike.   Thank you Mike.

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