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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

7087 reviews in the archive.

Picks: Hook's Profesional Banjo Thimbles

Submitted by charles grimm on 6/25/2016

Where Purchased: Joel

Overall Comments

I just received a couple of Joel Hooks Banjo Thimbles, they are really nice. You have a choice of aluminum or brass. I bought a couple of each. They slip on a finger, then you adjust them, simple. Reasonably priced and Joel delivers them quick. I haven't figured out if I like the aluminum or brass, They both have different qualities. I think they will both work great, it will come down the tone. 

Overall Rating: 10

Bridges: Purcell Bridge

Submitted by charles grimm on 11/18/2015

Where Purchased: From Tim

Overall Comments

I just received a Locust bridge topped with ebony, really nice. This is the second bridge from Tim, they are always top notch! I wasn't sure what to expect out of Locust, but what I got was something new almost haunting in G minor tuning. It's real,even across the strings with a real hollow airy quality. It sounds equally well in C tuning, and G. But for right now I'll play some more in Gm. The Banjo that I am playing on is a Bob Flesher "Tarantella". Thanks Tim!

Overall Rating: 10

Bridges: Tim Purcells Banjo Bridge

Submitted by charles grimm on 3/16/2015

Where Purchased: Online

Overall Comments

Tim received some maple from Town and Country Bowling Alley in Flint Michigan. In case you don't know Flint is the only city tougher than Detroit, and that's saying a lot. Being a native Detroiter I had to have one of these Bridges. So I gave Tim a shout. I didn't really need a bridge for sound, I needed one for height. This bridge is going on a Ome Deluxe Jubilee, and right from Ome it sounded great. Believe it or not the first bridge Tim sent me, our puppy Frida bit the envelope and broke one of the legs off. Bummer! So I E-mailed Tim and he sent me another one. Tim is such a nice guy he sent me the second bridge  even though I accidentally stiffed him on the shipping charge. Well on the second bridge I made things right and Tim sent me another bridge. It sounds Great! The sound is fuller and it really chimes. You could'nt deal with a nicer guy than Tim and he has a nice selection of different woods, he'll make them whatever height you want, Crowe spacing, Radius top and bottom, and his workmanship is beautiful. O.K. I'm about out of wind. Thanks Tim!

Overall Rating: 10

Ome: Deluxe Jubilee

Submitted by charles grimm on 9/25/2014

Where Purchased: Ome Banjos

Year Purchased: 2014
Price Paid: 2800 ($US)


This 11' Jubillee sounds Fantastic! My concern with the 11' pot was that it might be too bright, but it is not. I'm thrilled with with how it sounds.

Sound Rating: 10


It is set up perfect. I wanted a 5/8 bridge and that is what it has The only thing I had to do was tune it. My banjo teacher is pretty particular about setup, and he liked it right off.

Setup Rating: 10


It is a beautiful banjo! One thing I had done special was add a Ivoriod binding on the neck and rim. I think it really sets it off. This Jubilee has a really nice reddish satin finish that I like.

Appearance Rating: 10


It is typical Ome Quality,top notch!

Reliability Rating: 10

Customer Service

Tanya was excellent to work with. I was pretty particular about how I wanted this banjo. Tanya was really helpful in helping make decisions. such as tone ring (Rolled Brass), size and finish.

Customer Service: 10


Like I said everything is top notch Quality!

Components Rating: 10

Overall Comments

I could not be happier.

Overall Rating: 10

tuner adapter: Snark tuner adapter

Submitted by charles grimm on 5/7/2014

Where Purchased: Jts Pix

Overall Comments

Jim Thomas has come up with a simply brilliant idea for holding a Snark tuner. The Snark comes with a clamp that clamps on the headstock. Although this works,it has the possibility of marring the surface of the headstock, plus it's kind of unsightly hanging out there! Many of our banjos have beautiful inlays on our headstocks  and who would want to ruin the finish of theirs? Jim's adapter is made to clamp onto the brackets of the rim. This not only takes it off the headstock, it puts the tuner in an area that is easy to see, and will not ruin the finish of any part of the banjo! The adapter is made to fit  banjos with 24 brackets. My banjo happened to have 28, with Jim's help I was able to modify mine slightly to fit in about 5 minutes. The Adapter was 5$ plus 4$ shipping for a total of 10 bucks! Jim is great to work with answering any questions promptly. His website is at Oh, and by the way the Snark adapter is made by Jim in Westerville, Ohio, good old U.S.A!

Overall Rating: 10

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